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Important Features That Should Be In Your HYIP Script

This is a Digital era, and everyone want to earn digitally, so the HYIP business is very useful to earn a good income and you can make it regular if you runing your HYIP legally and honestly with a strong business idea. You need a full featured HYIP script to run a good online investment business. So here we will talk about the features that should be in your script to run and manage the business smoothly. 

Auto withdrawal and Deposit :- This is a very important feature for your HYIP business. With the help of this feature you investors can deposit and withdrawal automatically. You don't need to approve/reject every request. It is time-saving, and you can use this time in other tasks. 

Transaction Records:- Every transaction should be recorded in your database so, you can check and analyze it anytime. 

Unlimited and Custom Investment Plans:- This feature helps you to create custom investment plans as per your users and business strategy. You can create Hourly, Daily, Weekly, monthly or yearly based plans with desired profit percentage. It will help you to reach every type of investor. 

Multiple payment Gateways :- Your script should have multiple payment gateways so, the investors can deposit/withdrawal with their trusted and used payment gateway. 

Script language and Framework :- You script should be written in good programming language which allows you to make it secure and customizable. Zeligz HYIP script written in PHP using Laravel framework which more secure than others. 

CMS :- Your script should have CMS feature. You can manage your website content from the admin backend and will be very helpful for you. 

Customizability :- You can add the custom feature with the help of development team because, sometime you need to build a custom functions which are not available in default script. 

We have covered the most important features that should be in your HYIP script. You can buy the Zeligz HYIP Script, all the features are already in this script and our development team will help you to add custom functionality too.