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NFT Marketing Agency

Significance Of NFT Development Service In The Marketplace

NFTs are the digital contract made over distinct tangible and intangible assets. The Non-Fungible token marketplace is capable enough to assist the creators with their products. Art and games are the two main contributors that help the Non-Fungible token development to grow together. Fantasy lovers and indies find are highly interested to invest in such extravaganza. This variety of unique assets in a virtual world can set them in ecstasy digitally. It was the year 2012 when the first Non-Fungible Token was introduced. Games and collectible space helps NFT to gain popularity initially. The unique characteristics of NFTs and high demand attract gamers, collectors, and investors that gained $174 million.

Ethereum tokens standards were used to build NFTs.

Ethereum provides blueprints to the software developers to use NFTs and includes exchanges and wallet solutions. The popularity of NFT is expanding for providing ownership and reliability of intellectual property like original artworks and tokens in games. Moreover, NFT permits the representation of real-world assets like shares and real estate in the market.

Non-Fungible Token (NFTs) Standards


ERC721, the first-ever standard that represented non-fungible virtual assets. It is a driven reliable smart contract standard that allows the transfer of these assets. ERC721 offers access to the distinct addresses of different identities representing the owner of the identifier.


This standard comes up with an exclusive method of semi-fungible tokens in the market. With this, classes of assets are represented rather than single assets. Its transferable nature makes it different from the rest. The platform's users are not required to choose the token's address every time while buying assets in bulk. To exemplify: A digital character in games. It makes the entire process faster and uncomplicated.

TRC 721 Token

It is used when non-fungible tokens have to be issued on the TRON network. Using TRC-721, additional uniqueness can be added while digitizing the collectibles into NFTs. TRC-721 tokens are designed to represent distinct digital assets. Due to the incredible features of TRC-721, experts have predicted a huge growth of this protocol and a rise in interest of the masses due to the rapid process and reasonable prices.

Functionalities of Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are utilized for unique digital assets. NFT represents and offers digital acceptance for tangible and intangible assets.

  • Non-fungible tokens are not made to be exchanged. Each NFT varies from other NFT, which has its own unique specifications.

  • You cannot buy non-fungible tokens exchange markets due to their unexchangeable nature. One can create, purchase, and trade it in their market places.

Functionalities of Non-Fungible Tokens

Characteristics of Non-Fungible tokens

  • Using NFT tools, NFTs are created on contract-enabled blockchain.

  • Deatiled information such as owner's identity can be added as permitted by NFTs and their smart contracts.

  • One of the common NFTs is Ethereum's standard protocol ERC-721.

  • NFTs give proof of the an asset's digital ownership such as shares or real estate assets.

Functionalities of Non-Fungible Tokens

Features Accumulated By ERC 721 Token Development

  • Non-interchangeable: Non-fungible tokens are not interchangeable as well as non-interoperable. One game's NFT are not allowed to be used in another game.

  • Indivisible: Division of NFts into small portions is not possible as they have a unique protocol specifications.

  • Recoverable: Data of NFTs is stored in blockchain through smart contract which make it recoverable. You can track the transactions and recover them anytime.

  • Verifiable: Ownership data is also stored on blockchain which allows verifying the creators without third party authentication.

Functionalities of Non-Fungible Tokens

NFT Development Empowers The Future Of Creativity

Artists and content creators are getting previliged with NFT token development as they digitize their products. The products such as music, art pieces and other content are among the most traffic driven virtual assesets. These products are already popular and have huge following in the market that lets them to top the chart of NFT development industry.

Games have a special place in NFT industry. By providing collectibles like an exclusive character or other special features, users get an unmatchable experience. The upcoming time of Art, music or games can be highly profitable with spectacular features of NFT.

DeFi and NFTs

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Platform Use Cases


Art tokens have a special place and popularity in NFT marketp due to the increasing demand of digital art as well as the unique creation.


Art in form of AR and VR provides uniqueness in features of NFTs.

Trading cards

Crypto collectibles covers a considerable segment of NFT for example, Axies or sport trading cards.

Music & videos

Tokenization of content such as videos and music is being done by several individuals. They have gained immense popularity in NFT market.


Crypto domains are reprented by the NFTs that are used as blockchain domains.

Land ownership

Land or property is also being tokenized under NFT. Anyone can monetize their property and gain visibility throughout the world.


Gaming experience is being enhanced by using special characters and their unique features. One of the famous games like cryptokitties have exclusive functionalities under NFT. These virtual assets have a great significance in NFT tokenization.

Benefits Of NFT Development

  • It provides complete security to protect the collectibles.
  • Your virtual assets can have an exceptional value through NFT.
  • Use of blockchain technology makes it feasible to recover the tokens easily.
  • Development of NFTs improves visibility in the market as there are several industries being served.
  • The charactristic of transparancy helps in tracking various transactions of the community.

Zeligz web store's NFT Marketing services

We offer personalized marketing strategies for every different project to standout in the market. We assist our clients in every aspect to make it easy for them to accomplish their target of reaching at the top.

Developing Idea and implementation

A creative and unique idea is the first step towards a successful business and we make sure that your idea is innovative enough to be successful. By analysing the type of the business and its requirements, we develop the methdology to advertise the product on various platform to reach maximum crowd.

Social media marketing

Social media is a definitely a place where attention of a large number of individuals can be grabbed. Speading awareness through different social media platforms may drastically grow a product's reach.

Building Community

Growing community is essential for any business as it will contributor to the overall development of the business. They are the ones who will are going to invest and buy your NFTs.

We assist with

Robust platform

We offer a robust tokenization development platform that enables high traffic and catastrophic failures.


Blockchain App Factory offers military-grade security for your development platform.


our development service offers 24/7 security support to manage uninterrupted services.


We offer a customization service that can be tailored for the users’ requirements.


Our development team offers API and external wallet integration facilities to provide the best user experience for customers

Hassle-free delivery

We launch your platform on time without any complexities and delay effectively.


As blockchain technology is named for its transparency, we inherit the same features in our ecosystem. Each process in the development lifecycle will be clear and transparent.

Design and planning

Our proficient team analyses your requirements and designs an interactive UI for a better user experience. The project will be planned by our as per your requirement specification.


Non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique assets in the decentralized environment.
Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other since each token holds the same value that does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to its unique standards and specifications.
NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalization of unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world
The cost to create an NFT depends on the type of assets, platform wealth and its gas fee.
Our NFT top services are NFT minting, NFT marketplace development, NFT auction portal development, NFT exchange platform development
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years