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NFT Layer 2 Development Solutions

Use NFT Layer 2 protocol to make the transactions in your NFT space rapid and free of gas charges.

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NFT With Ethereum Layer 2

In the last few years, blockchain has gained massive growth in the world of cryptocurrency. The finance sector has witnessed the launch of several new techniques and technologies that revolutionized the entire finance market. NFTs have attracted several crypto users to it soon after they were introduced. NFTs are facing a huge development and therefore immense investments that have slowed down the transaction times.

Consequently, the cost of transactions has been quite high in the NFT domain. That brings difficulties for the crypto users in buying and trading NFTs. However, the NFT Layer 2 protocol is helping rectify this situation. Our development team is using NFT Layer 2 to build a faster and secure platform.

Nft in Layer 2

NFT Layer 2 is merely used to scale the application and make it capable to manage the transactions of Layer 1 resulting in faster transactions.

Reason for Implementing NFT in Layer 2

Slower transactions are being faced by the customers that make it complicated for them to make transactions. This makes the entire user experience terrible. When there are transactions in bulk, the network gets busier, which results in the rise of gas fees. The senders in order to outbid others make the Ethereum expensive to use. Using NFT layer 2 can resolve these issues to make the transaction process affordable as well as faster.

The Business Benefits from our services:

The users are allowed to decide the trading fee

No gas fee for P2P trading

The system can handle up to 9000 transactions per second.

Users are allowed to keep their private keys.

It is not a centralized side chain

It supports the standards ERC-20 and ERC-721


It is secured with Ethereum

The NFT Marketplace Development Service In Ethereum Layer 2 Protocol

NFT marketplace will develop in a way to inherit the functionalities offered by the layer 2 protocol. Our NFT development team offers a platform with layer 2 that gives a superior user experience by enhancing the transaction speed with lower gas fees.

Our NFT development in layer 2 services makes the NFT market scalable by properly managing transactions on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT development in layer 2 elevates the number of transactions to a higher level. It makes sure that the users can withdraw instantly without a hassle.

Why choose Zeligz web store for Integrating Layer 2 Protocol with Nft Marketplace?

Zeligz web store can direct you towards the right path for your business in the blockchain platform. The expert techniques of blockchain technology used by our professionals can help our clients to outshine their competitors. Using the NFT layer 2 protocol, we can provide a completely user-friendly, secure, and robust platform to ensure your growth in the crypto world. We understand every requirement of our clients deeply and ensure the best possible result for them.