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Auction portal development

Make your brand or products recognizable to the entire world using Blockchain technology.

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Auction portals help people to trade, sell, or bid on their assets. You can avail the opportunity to trade a range of assets worldwide. Not only the visibility of the products is elevated to a new level, but their value can also increase according to the interest of the audience. In today’s time, more and more processes are turning to a digital form including the systems such as bill paying, ordering food, buying tickets, and many others. Auctions are no exception while opting for digital form.

We believe in adopting the change and growing rapidly with the ever-growing technologies. We use robust blockchain technology to develop in a decentralized environment. We are familiar with all the trends and latest tools in the market, therefore, we can offer you the most suitable solution for your business. Blockchain technology with its crypto products such as NFTs attracts a huge audience and visibility to earn massive revenues. A result-oriented auction portal can be provided using such technologies.

Considering Auction platforms a reliable investment opportunity

Similarly, to other online services, Auction portals have also begun their services on the web to take an advantage of the internet. With the online services, the platform can gain more security, flexibility, and accessibility for a wide audience. This platform is a blessing for the startups to list their products on the portal to gain enormous benefits from the decentralized world.

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An Auction Portal

An auction portal is a platform where the users can bid, sell or trade on a variety of products that are listed on the marketplace. This platform enables the products to reach consumers globally. The startups or small businesses can use this opportunity to list their products in the auction and gain enormous visibility that will result in profits for the business. After listing on the marketplace, the products gain additional value that kept increasing when the competitors bid on the products. We provide a reliable platform that is capable to grab the attention of the customers and investors effectively.

Dutch Auction

In the Dutch auctions, the bidders bid on the product and all the bids are collected to finalize the bid with the most value. The investors consider the product they want to buy and place the bid by analyzing the quality of that item.

English Auction

This is a useful auction type, using which various products can be distributed effortlessly. The bidders place a bid of the lowest price initially that keeps increasing when others start to bid on the item. The new bid has to be of a higher amount than the previous one and in this way, the highest bid is finalized and the product is sold.

Some Advantages of Online Auction Portal

  • Get the chance to grab the attention of the worldwide audience
  • Improves visibility for the product
  • A smooth way to trade and bid
  • A market opportunity to improve engagement
  • All the details of the products are listed clearly
  • More revenue
  • Bidding opportunity for a wide customer base

The Auction Platforms Offered by us:

Compact and unique bid Auction

We can provide you with a small and exclusive bid auction rapidly. Sell your product at the lowest bid to a huge audience.


The basic e-commerce Auction

The regular auction platforms have the capacity of selling multiple products. In the platform, all the sellers will have a separate shop with the options of user ratings, shipping, cart, and much more.


Seat Auction

You can launch a platform with a seat auction. This type of auction has the option to purchase a seat to participate in the auction. They will have to pay the fee for bidding on a certain product.


Reverse Auction

This method of bidding contradicts the one that is used popularly. In this type, the bid starts with the highest price determined by the owner of the product. Now, the users will bid on the item with a price lower than the previous one. The winning bid is the one that has the maximum price.


Significant features of Our Portal

  • Some essential files are uploaded for the auction participants including vital information.
  • Option to select the participants of the auction
  • Invitation through email to the participants
  • Analyzing the statistics of acceptance rates
  • Setting the parameters such as currency type, category, title, publication time, and much more
  • Describing product details such as category, price, etc.
  • Analyzing invitation acceptance.

Role of the users in the Auction Portal


Co-hosts build a bridge of communication between the Hosts and the participants using online chat.


There is a particular area on the platform for the bidders to place a bid that lets them participate in the auction.


They keep an eye on the auctions and chat with other users.


They supervise the customer’s portal having complete control of the settings on the system.


They are the one that decides the rules and structure of the auction and invites participants to bid on the listed products. They are also responsible to select the winners by analyzing the bidder’s activities.

Auction Management techiques

The auction management feature by oue experts consists of:

  • Allowing online chats for both the hosts and the participants.
  • Receive and accept the bid then, refresh the system.
  • Showcasing details of a certain product.
  • Inspect the history of bidding.
  • The statistics of the variation in the price.
  • The decision of the winner of the auction with a variety of rules and structures.

Features of Zeligz web stores’ services:


We keep sharing the details of the development cycle.


This platform offers protection to the details and other data stored on the platform.


Our expert team ensures a robust platform that can handle catastrophic failures.

Decentralized ecosystem

Our services of Blockchain offer the option to trace the transactions easily. Blockchain’s potential enables the users to trace the transactions that offers reliability.


We offer customization to deliver an ideal result to the clients.

Marketing strategies

The expert market techniques by our team can help a business to rise to another level.


Non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique assets in the decentralized environment.
Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other since each token holds the same value that does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to its unique standards and specifications.
NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalization of unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world
The cost to create an NFT depends on the type of assets, platform wealth and its gas fee.
Our NFT top services are NFT minting, NFT marketplace development, NFT auction portal development, NFT exchange platform development