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Solutions for Ethereum Token Development

We are empowering the industry with Ethereum based projects build using smart contracts and blockchain technology.

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Ethereum Token Development Services

We provide development services for a range of distinct tokens. Below are some of them:

Building a token

Using the Ethereum blockchain technology, we can develop both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

ICO Development

Our services include offering smart tokens to interested investors that will effectively help in raising funds for the exclusive project.

Token Migration

Our skilled team of developers ensures the smooth migration of the tokens from Betanet to Mainnet. The ERC-20 token wallet converts to better token standards.

Listing of Token

We do not only provide the services for developing the ERC tokens but we also offer assistance for listing your tokens on the appropriate crypto exchanges. This will contribute to gathering more investors.

Cold Storage

We offer cold storage for the coins in a highly secured environment. We ensure adequate hardware security for it.

ERC token wallet

We provide customized solutions for developing a secured ERC Token wallet that matches your requirements.

Wallet development solutions for ERC 20 token

By understanding the requirement of distinct types of services by the users, we ensure offering the solutions that are suitable to the needs of every individual.

Types of various ERC token development

ERC 20 Development

ERC 20 simplifies the connection to the blockchain wallets as well as exchange platforms. The network is enhanced with the help of this token development.

ERC 721 Development

This token is a bit more complicated than any other token as it cannot be exchanged with other tokens. These types of tokens are unique and interchangeable.

ERC 777 Development

The token is a commonly used security token that is utilized on the Ethereum token network. It is being used as securities for the debt including bonds, Stocks, and others.

ERC 223 Development

ERC 20 and ERC 223 are compatible since their functions are comparable. These tokens offer the convenience of managing incoming token transactions.

The ICO token development process we follow

Our skilled developers are knowledgeable with all the necessary tools and technologies required for developing a powerful platform.

Here are the steps we follow to develop our expert services using the proficiency of Solidity.

Analyze requirements

  • The first step involves the discussion of the requirements of the client.

Idea generation

  • Generating innovative and appropriate ideas for the quality development process.


  • Next step includes the development of the platform.

Token development

  • Afterward, we create the tokens and strategies its distribution.


  • We prepare a clear and informative Whitepaper.


  • Then we develop the ICO and begin the marketing of tokens.


  • The last step is the launch of the ICO

Why choose Zeligz web store for Ethereum token development services?

We offer services that lack nothing to outshine the competitors in the market. Our proficient team develops high-performance Ethereum based tokens.

The support we offer during the development process is unmatchable with our competitors. Our team is readily available to resolve an issue or alter anything whenever required by the clients.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years