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Whitelabel Launchpad Development Solutions

Upgrade your business entity to the next level with our launchpad development services.

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Launchpad Development Service Providers

The demand and creation of crypto-based projects are rising in the digital era due to the benefits, security, transparency, and other benefits offered by them. Several projects have been launched in the market and they are running successfully with the immense traffic towards the industry. The super high values of the cryptocurrencies and other benefits are the main reason for the success of these businesses or projects. The other powerful technologies such as the blockchain and smart contracts are blessing the online platforms with high speed and smooth processes.

We have been working in the software development company for several years and we have developed the most successful projects in the market. Our Launchpad development services can help you be a frontrunner in the market. We are offering robust launchpad services to help you make a powerful presence in the market.

Different fundraising techniques

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Individuals who wish to launch their currency or start a new project can take advantage of one of the most popular and extensively utilized fundraising strategies available today: the initial coin offering (ICO). Cash is perhaps the most important necessity when starting a business, and this approach makes it simple to get funds, particularly for crypto-related enterprises. This form of fundraising allows the owner to issue and sell tokens or coins to investors in order to raise funds.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)

Offering the ability to create tokens through the use of an exchange platform is a common fundraising method in the crypto sector. There is an agreement between the business that provides IEO and exchanges like Binance and others. The agreement assures that the money is adequately protected, making this one of the safest methods of collecting payments. The IEO's safe atmosphere aids in recruiting several investors to the project.

Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Individuals interested in starting a DEX project might benefit from the profitable funding potential. This one-of-a-kind technique has overcome the problems that traditional platforms have encountered. The adoption of blockchain technology speeds up and secures the entire process. IDO is a significantly more effective fundraising technique that can help you increase the amount of money you raise.

Initial Farming Offering(IFO)

The initial Farming offering is a new type of fundraising model popularized by the DEX platforms. This model generates funds for the project with farming events. This IFO fundraising model supports the users to participate in the “pre-sales” hosted through DEX. The DEX platforms will thoroughly test the projects before hosting official IFO’s The IFO Fundraising model benefits both project owners and users by incentivizing liquidity pools

Initial Liquidity Offering

It is another popular fundraising technique in the crypto industry. This technique includes raising the funds using the power of farming events. The participants are allowed to take apart before the sale with different exchange platforms. The users and the admin got the benefits through this technique.

Initial Insurance offering

This method of fundraising is as popular as others in the industry. DeFi based exchanges are used in this method to distribute the tokens to the investors in the program. The owner gets the privilege of the existing customer base of the exchange platform and the investors can be attracted with ease.



Latest features of the Launchpad development

Connecting the Wallet

We offer the services of integrating the wallets to the platforms with full security and accuracy to make your crypto project protected.


We develop a platform that allows the users to invest the tokens in the exchange platforms. They can buy or hold the tokens there if needed.

Staking Module

Our platform has a diversity of tiers that can be built by the admin of the platform to offer to the investors.

KYC Compliance

You can verify the identity of your users with the help of KYC. After the confirmation, the users will be able to have access to the platform.

The Filters On the platform

New Listed

You can find the projects that have been listed recently

Future projects

The list of projects that are going to be listed


The most expensive project’s list

Lowest Price

The projects with the lowest price on the platform

Most popular

The projects that have been viewed by the users the most times

Trending projects

The projects are trendy on the platform

The abilities of our launchpad platform

The Launchpad developed by our experts has the features to support cross-chain functionalities. We use Polkadot’s features to get the functionality in the platform to make it work precisely. You will be able to drive more traffic to the platform with these services.

We also develop launchpad like



Platforms like Polkastarter are among the most efficient and frequently utilized because they offer expert solutions for quickly generating cash. We, at Zeligz web store, design successful fundraising platforms, such as the Polkastarter. Polkastarter is quickly expanding by utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the best solutions in the market.

BSC pad

Using the power of smart contracts, the finance smart chain is utilized to construct high-performance decentralized apps. It allows Dapp users to enjoy seamless functionality and quick transactions. Binance's original blockchain did not support these functionalities.

Secured pad

It is an exclusive invention in the industry that will be able to grab better opportunities to launch projects with the help of industry experts. The entire system will be enhanced using this launchpad. A connection among different industry players will help in achieving flawless results.

Our Listing Services for you:

The benefits of the Launchpad offered

The Launchpad we offer is robust, secured, and built using all the advanced features. The team of experts at Zeligz web store ensures world-class results for our clients. Using different marketing techniques, we make your business’s reach to a higher level.

The development process we use

Our services for a robust launchpad

The Zeligz web store offers the development of a launchpad by understanding the requirements in-depth to ensure high-quality output. We safeguard the smart contract's security by evaluating the code, finding issues, and correcting them. In a world where hackers abound, the need for a highly secure platform grows. We develop the entire platform to be more secure and efficient. We work meticulously on every aspect of the platform to ensure that it is safe and devoid of flaws.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years