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Ethereum Dapps Development Services

Get through the sphere of the decentralized application with us

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Explanation of DApps

Decentralized applications are the new trends in the market due to the incomparable features they offers. The decentralized platforms do not need to be managed by a central authority. Most of them are based on a peer-to-peer network. Using blockchain technology, they provide several commendable features to the users.

To exemplify, Whatsapp, Twitter and most of the social media applications are centralized and managed by a single authority whereas, the decentralized apps are not controlled by a central authority, thus, provides a more transparent process. Popcorn times and Uniswap are an example of the most popular P2P platforms in the decentralized sphere.

The number of users of these decentralized applications is being increased rapidly. Its popularity and adoption are expected to rise even more in the future. The decentralized applications with their admirable features such as transparency, distributed data, and better security are modernizing the digital world.

DApps Development service

We provide a command-line interface kit to manage the lifecycle of the blockchain and maintain the database of people in the ecosystem. We supplement a workflow to boost the performance of the blockchain with the help of smart contracts. With Zeligz Webstore, you can have best Decentralized Applications with following features :

  • Secured collaborations
  • Reduction in operational costs
  • Management of the entire system becomes easier with help of our software.
  • Managing and tracking of the documents according to the requirements of the clients.

Ethereum DApps Development

Zeligz web store provides services for creating Dapps based on Ethereum along with the customization options to get a platform you desire. The users also get a peer-to-peer transparency along with high quality programming.


At Zeligz Webstore, we have the best ethereum Dapp Developers who create applications with the following features :

  • Immutability of Data
    • No tampering of data by third party.
  • Secured
    • Since the data is decentralized, there is a higher resistance security breach
  • Zero downtime
    • Applications cannot be turned off or non-functional

Customization of the blockchain technology

Get a technology that fulfills your business needs effectively. One can develop an application by deploying smart contracts on it. We utilize the potential of our experts to customize the smart contracts according to the requirements.smart contract development solution, always!

Customized blockchain offers


  • A rapid process of transactions
  • A free mining process
  • Participants need the approval of the authorities
  • Better control
    • You can make certain rules
    • No risk of loss for the users in case of losing the private keys
    • Better features for the verified customers
  • Highly-grade security
    • A technology that fits your needs perfectly
    • No loss to the end users, in case of any theft of private keys


Open Source

The alteration or updates are finalized with either a voting system or a consensus. This will help in the development and growth of the system. The optimism from the massive community helps in the enhancement of the platform and the services.


The data and information is stored on a public ledger that is distributed among all the participants. The data stored on the blockchain gains security with the help of immutable property. Thus, all the users can have access to the information stored on the blockchain.


There will be a system in the Dapps where the users of the platform will be able to earn rewards. The participants who validate the certain process of the blockchain will get some rewards in form of a crypto token. These tokens may be used as purchasing some of the products or services from the application itself.

Consensus Mechanism

The finalization of the crucial decisions related to the Dapps is done using a certain protocol. Consensus can be achieved through this autonomous nature of the Dapp. The consensus mechanism plays a major role in making such important decisions.

Functions of the Dapps

Introduction of the token

The process of generating the idea of launching a token in the market includes the steps such as functions, network access, and the distribution of the profit. For security purposes, the AML, KYC, and GDPR should be considered as an essential parts.


Profit can be gained after the completion of every auction sale. A particular amount can be decided for offering the commission to the users. Considering the competitive prices in the market, the right service fee must be set.

Free service

It has become a new trend of offering the users two different versions of the same application. The free version contains fewer benefits and a premium version has benefits. In a Dapp, the users will pay and choose a premium version to have an ad-free experience and many other features according to the requirements.


Another way of earning is by offering a subscription or membership which is paid. The users will be able to join the services or have access to better facilities only after successful payment for the membership of the platform.


Advertisements are the least common approach, but you will be able to give a variety of spaces for firms to promote in the smart contract. In the front end of your Decentralized apps, they are represented as pixels. Pixels may be used by businesses to promote their brand.


When an update or alteration of the platform is required, you can ask the users to donate and contribute to the enhancement of the platform performance. This is a trick that helps in the modification of the Dapp without spending a large sum.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years