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STO - Security Token Marketing Agency

Get expert marketing services from the Zeligz web store.

NFT Marketing Agency

Security Token Marketing services

The fundraising process needs to have the benefits of the marketing services to make sure that you achieve your goal of reaching the maximum number of customers. We offer our expert STO marketing services that will help you grow and gain popularity in the market.

We understand your goal and vision that needs to be fulfilled by our services. We discuss in detail the requirement or expectations of our clients and accurately offer them the services that will ensure a bigger presence in the market. We offer guidance on every step to make sure you are moving on the right path to achieve what you desire.

Describe General Solicitation

This is the technique in which offers the issuers the ability to promote the project effectively.

  • A middleman is used that acts as a broker in the system.

  • With the help of questionnaires, we verify the financial status of the customers.

  • A secured environment is offered to the community to make it reliable for them.

Our marketing techniques

We are offering our marketing techniques that are unique and super effective for all the clients. We analyze the project, develop a strategy and implement it precisely. Being well-versed with the advanced trends in the market, we are offering unbeatable services.

We are dedicated to offering the best in the industry with our expertise and proficiency in the field. Our specialists in our team will help you get amazing results that will make sure your success in the industry. We have helped several businesses to grow and achieve success.


Our experienced consultants who are well-versed with the dos and don’ts of the industry will guide you with the best solutions.

Accurate research

Our talented team has expertise in the field and they will offer solutions that are precise according to the industry trends.

The strategies

We plan and execute our foolproof strategies to ensure your growth.

Community Marketing

We let you connect with your community and get the best out of them to promote your services.

Proxy Marketing

We offer you to get the advice of industry experts that know about the growth-oriented approach for your project.

The STO marketing consultation

The security token consulting experts offer our clients the best consultation in the industry. We are dedicated to offering the solutions that are proven and tested.


  • Customized solutions

  • Effective strategies to ensure success

  • Making communication easy with the audience

STO Marketing Strategy

We are strategizing with the best industry standards that will make your website grow effectively. We are offering the services that are being used widely to gain good results.

The marketing strategies:

  • A clear description of the idea and strategy·

  • Using efforts of a skilled team.

  • Execution of the strategies according to the requirement.

Deal Marketing

This marketing technique becomes a success when the project or company has a clear record. This trick needs to be executed precisely to ensure good results out it. Zeligz web store allows you to get advice from experts to make sure that your services are getting adequate results. We do the planning and execution perfectly.

Before the Pitch

  • Making the customers get aware about your services

  • Interaction with the decision-makers

  • Sending messages


  • Planning the pitchbook

  • Making the project compatible with the business

  • Managing the events

After the Pitch

  • Advertisement of the project

  • Enhancement in the strategies

  • Ensuring privacy and security

Reaching the Investor

  • The details of the project sent to the investors

  • Using appropriate marketing techniques

  • Making sure the results are as required

Authority Marketing

We will ensure that the marketing techniques and strategies are proven and able to drive the results required. The potential of a commendable strategy will help you gain the benefits you are seeking.

  • Press Releases

  • Blogs & other content marketing

  • Social Media marketing

  • Community Engagement tricks·

  • Youtube Vlogs and Reviews

Security Token Marketing Services


The planning of the marketing is done with a whitepaper that is written ad optimized by the owner with certain details and information of the project.


Using different techniques of marketing, we make sure to promote your project on several platforms and using various unique methodologies for it.

Reputation Management

Along with promoting your project and services to a global audience, we make sure that the reputation of your brand is rising. We remove all the negativity around your project.

Influencer Marketing

Collaboration with the influencers or well-known personalities makes it possible to reach a wide audience in minimum time.

Content marketing

It is a widely used and effective process of promoting a business. Different content such as article posting, blogs, videos, and many other methods are included.

E-mail Marketing

This is a technique by which you can personalize the promotion strategy and engage them with your services. You can get immediate attention with the help of email marketing techniques.

Social Media Management

To make sure that you reach maximum individuals in a small period, we offer social media marketing techniques to promote your services on bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Press Release

Press releases help you get attention of individuals using the effective methods. The PR distribution companies helps a lot in marketing the project with ease.

Social Media marketing

To make sure that you reach maximum individuals in a small period, we offer social media marketing techniques to promote your services on bigger platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

Our services

Zeligz Web Store aims to create an optimal strategy for penetration into the minds of the investors. We help Security Token Offerings reach their goals through effective marketing strategy, by analyzing the brand message and perception in the communities.

Marketing Strategy
  • Until date, we've completed a number of blockchain development projects.

  • The emergence of a variety of blockchain technologies has familiarised us with various features of those technologies.

  • Our expertise and creativity can assist you in obtaining the right solution for your needs.

  • Our open development method allows our clients to see every stage of the process, ensuring accuracy.

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