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Achieve automation for your smart home

We are utilizing various AI and loT solutions to build a smart home. Get a better command over various appliances in your home.

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Get smarter in this technologically advanced world with a smart home

The introduction of new technologies and tools in today’s world has become a norm. Frequently, a new invention or device with better features is introduced to make our lives easier. The concept of smart homes is a new trend in society. To manage the home and to access the appliances with ease, smart homes are the right solution. Switching from a traditional home to a smart home has become convenient with the power of AI and loT. There is a range of smart devices that can be used to make your home smart.

We have worked on several projects related to smart homes. Our expert suggestions and solutions can help our clients to have a home of their dream where they can manage and maintain their homes effortlessly. We are dedicated to achieving accuracy in the home by merging our superior solutions with the requirements of the clients.

The innovative tools for a smart home

One Node Switch

This type of switch gives you the control of the devices that runs on heavy electricity such as geyser or other electric devices. By using this switch, the electricity consumption can be accessed. Moreover, the functions of the device can also be adjusted, for instance, setting the action at a certain time.

  • Anytime access
  • Control with Wifi
  • Setting operations
  • Automation

Two Node Switch

This type of switch having two nodes can be fit with the switchboard easily. As its name suggests, the nodes can be connected to two devices such as a light tube and a fan. You will be able to supervise the devices according to your wish. You can use the switch using the Wifi and adding on your smartphones that lets you carry it anywhere you want.

  • Switch using Wifi
  • Supervise anytime
  • Schedule operations
  • Plug and play switch

Four Node Switch

This is another type of switch that can be attached to the switchboard effortlessly. Just as other switches, the 4 node switch can be used just by having a Wifi connection and a smartphone. This switch provides the privilege of accessing and controlling 4 devices at a time.

  • Control with Wifi
  • Schedule for on and off
  • Used by different users
  • Plug and play switch

Infrared Remote

This is a type of remote that can be used to have a command over different devices such as Air conditioners, set-top boxes, TV, and many other devices using one remote only. This is the most convenient type of smart tool as it requires no wiring and is easier to install on the smartphone.

  • Control via Wifi
  • IR-based devices can be controlled
  • Voice control
  • Elevates energy efficiency

Motion Sensor

The motion sensors detect the motion across the room and switch the device on and off accordingly. The solutions provided by our experts include a motion sensor that observes the presence of humans in the room and then works on basis of that. This is a trick to save electricity in the home as the switches are automatic.

  • Wireless motion sensor
  • Video capability feature
  • Field of view
  • Hassle-free setup

Energy Meter

The energy or electricity consumption can be calculated using the energy meter. For every individual device, energy consumption can be accessed. This will help you in managing the consumption and plan for the saving tricks if the value is higher. Wastage can also be prevented using this method.

  • Solution using IoT
  • Easy consumption monitoring
  • Management of energy
  • Convenience in installation

Robust smart home solution

Energy Meter Dashboard

As part of the energy meter solution, a user-friendly online dashboard is included. The data on all appliances' energy usage collected from the IoT energy metres is presented here. It also provides additional data for your reference, such as cost comparisons, overall energy usage, and so on. You can properly manage your appliances, optimizing their energy productivity.

Smart Application

We provide a simple smart home app that allows you to control your gadgets from anywhere, at any time, making your life easier. You may use our smart app to keep track of their status, plan operations, create scenarios, and much more while on the road. Both Android and iOS smartphones can be used.

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Enhance the comfort of your home with smart home automation tools

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Superior characteristics of the smart home solutions

Switch On / Off

Have a better command over different gadgets at your home by accessing them using your mobile device. The best part is that there is no inconvenience while having control from anywhere.

Set Scenes

You can change or customize the scene of your smart home by setting an appropriate scene according to the occasion or change in the emotions.


Make schedules for the device you want to control and monitor according to your needs. Use your handset to make changes and fix the timings of off and on operations.

Monitoring energy usage

Monitor and analyze the total or individual energy consumption of all the devices at your home using the tracking system. This helps in managing consumption and stopping wastage.

Voice commands

The users do not even have to type or click on the smartphone. The users can give a command using the voice input system.

Statistical reports

The homeowners can analyze the report of all the appliances accurately. This will help in the maintenance of the devices at the home.

Advantages of smart home

Hassle-free management

The devices at your home can be managed easily just with one click on the smartphone.

Control with the remote

You are able to have access to all the appliances at your home just with the smartphone from anywhere and anytime.

Energy efficiency

Our expert solutions make the use of appliances along with saving of the energy or the electricity effectively. Monitoring and controlling the appliances make it easy to stop wastage.

Detecting Errors

You will get the information about a malfunctioning appliance of your home if occurs.

Effective management

There is an option of maintenance that can be used when there is a fault or functioning error in a device. This will keep your gadgets faultless.

Home management insights

The solutions by our company provide data-driven reports on a regular basis to keep you up to date on your smart home's overall performance. You may also learn a lot from the reports that are given, which will help you manage your house better.

Our unmatchable services

Unified control

With our smart home kits on board, you can remotely control all of your home appliances using the smart home app on your smartphone. Control anything with ease, whether it's on or off!

Customization is a breeze

With our smart home solutions, you can create scenarios, control your appliances with smart motion-sensing technology, geofence, and much more.

Exceptionally safe

Our smart home solutions encrypt all data sent to your smartphone using TLS/SSL internet security standards, providing the highest level of protection against hacking assaults.

Decreased latency

Our solutions are powered by the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, which allows for flawless connectivity even in low-bandwidth environments. In addition, the complete system uses less data to collect and distribute real-time data.


With the advent of new technology, our systems are easily upgradeable. Upgrade services are also available from us.

Wishing to upgrade your traditional home to a smart home?

Look no further. We provide the best AI and IoT based solutions that give life to your dream of building a smart home right away.

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