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Gain the desired audience with our ICO Marketing services.

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Services for ICO Marketing

Initial coin offering (ICO) is a popular fundraising method for collecting funds for the launching of a new project in the market. This technique has been using widely by the crypto market.

ICO marketing is a necessary aspect required for the success of the campaign. The sale of the coins can be successfully done only with the help of a full-proof strategy of marketing. An expert strategy can show the path to success if implemented appropriately. Our experts make sure to customize the marketing tricks and strategies for achieving the goal of a certain project.

Zeligz web store has been delivering ICO marketing for several years and has successfully delivered result-driving strategies according to the need of every individual. Using various result-driven tricks and tools such as PPC, social media marketing, email advertisements, and many others, we ensure your success.

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Initial Coin Offerings

Why is ICO being used widely?

Initial Coin Offerings is offering a range of benefits to entrepreneurs and businessmen to begin their new projects with ease. They can collect the money to be invested using this trick. A reach to the global audience can be made through the ICO. By offering coins that are equivalent to an amount, can investors are gathered.

Blockchain technology has revolutionized the trading fundraising method with an advanced and more lucrative one. Now, the process is more secure, faster, and reliable for investors. To achieve your dream of a new business or project, opting for the ICO method is a reliable method to fulfill the requirement of money to initiate with ease.

Opt for Zeligz Web Store, the Top-Rated ICO Marketing Company in town, to make your job easier & a lot quicker with its profound team of experts.

Significance of ICO marketing

ICO marketing is undeniably an integral part of the project. It ensures that your coin and idea of the project can reach the maximum audience throughout the world. You will gain recognition among global investors when the marketing campaign will be performed with full precision.

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Initial Coin Offerings

ICO marketing strategy

The competition in the market is at its peak which raises the need of putting enormous efforts to outshine others. An increasing amount of ICO’s is being launched in the crypto industry, nowadays. Thus, the right strategy is a need of the hour.

Step 1

A good relation with the customers

Step 2

An engaging platform

Step 3

Delivering your idea precisely

Step 4

Attract more investors

Step 5

A reliable token distribution

Step 6

Illustration of your goals

Step 7

Choosing an influencer for marketing

Step 8

Initiating trust-building strategies

The solutions for the marketing process

The adoption of blockchain technology does not only provides several benefits to the system but has is being considered as a secured and faster method for enhancing the user experience. It can play a significant role in enhancing the system.

  • Conceptualize strategyConceptualize strategy

  • Implement strategy Implement strategy

  • Analyze results Analyze results

  • Re-Strategize strategy Re-Strategize strategy

Our services of ICO marketing

Our team at Zeligz web store has considerable experience in offering world-class solutions that can help you achieve the desired results. Here are the services we offer:


Privacy & Security

Considering the importance of security in today’s world, we make the results that provide security to the data.

Privacy & Security

Expert strategies

After working on several projects, we have acquired expertise in offering strategies that work perfectly.


The talented team

As our team has worked on different projects, the knowledge and innovation offered in the projects are commendable.

Highly Skilled Players


Our team is readily available for every error, bug, or any other issue to be resolved anytime.

Project Manager

Project Manager

To ensure a smooth process of building the project, we assign a manager that can handle the work and make sure on-time delivery of the project.

24*7 Support


We ensure offering strategies and work with a transparent process that helps in building trust with the customers.

Why Zeligz web store is an ideal choice for ICO services

Several ICO platforms are currently available in the industry. To make their reach to a wide audience, it is essential to launch the platform with a result-driving marketing strategy.

Zeligz web store being a leading ICO services provider can help you in strengthening your presence in the market with the brilliant digital marketing strategies we offer. We do not only help in developing a highly attractive, engaging, and high-quality platform but also help in launching it effectively in the market with suitable.

ICO Marketing Services Pricing

Service PACKAGES Basic Package Standard Package Premium Package
ICO Marketing Activites $63,000 $104,000 $261,000
Community Marketing
Bitcointalk yes yes yes
Cryptocurrencytalk yes yes yes
Bitcoinforum yes yes yes
Bitcoingarden yes yes yes
Icoexaminer yes yes yes
Cryptointalk yes yes yes
Cryptojunction yes yes yes
ICO Bench yes yes yes
Coin Rating yes yes yes
Coingecko yes yes yes
CoinLink yes yes yes
Best Coins yes yes yes
Found ICO yes yes yes
Coin Launcher yes yes yes
Track ICO yes yes yes
ICOLink yes yes yes
ICO Light House yes yes yes
ICO Bazaar yes yes yes
ICO Slot yes yes yes
ICO Champs yes yes yes
Find ICO yes yes yes
ICO Data yes yes yes
Foxico yes yes yes
CoinHills no yes yes
ICO Glory
ICO Holder
Case Studies
Google Adwords
Display Networks
In Top Crypto Websites
Organic Link Building
Content Optimization
Onsite Optimizations
Yahoo Finance
In 500+ Crypto Websites
Video Creation
Youtube Channel Creation
Youtube Video Promotion
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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

Marketing of your ICO campaign

ICO (Initial coin offering), a fundraising technique is popularly being used to raise funds for the establishment of a new crypto project, by distributing crypto coins or tokens to the investors. The startup projects are being benefited by collecting required funds for the successful establishment of their upcoming projects.

The success of an ICO campaign depends massively on the ICO marketing that spreads awareness and recognition of the project and the ICO campaign. The team at Zeligz web store, being an expert at ICO promotion offers your project a chance to gain recognition among a global audience. The exceptional techniques used by our experts encourage the investors to invest in your project. We deliver your project’s description with complete precision by highlighting your project’s strengths. 

Using various effective marketing techniques, our ICO marketing agency maximizes your coin’s sale resulting in the accomplishment of your campaign’s fundraising goals. We consider our creativity and innovation as a major part of our services that help us engage your target audience with your project. With in-depth analysis of the market, the audience and the requirements of the project, we customized a suitable plan for promoting your campaign among your audience. We have already helped several ICO campaigns to make a mark in the industry. Our considerable experience in marketing services makes us one of the leading services providers in the market.

ICO marketing services

Before initiating the marketing for your project, we consider planning as a crucial step in the entire process. Here are some of the essential steps involved in our ICO digital marketing services:

ICO listing

We have worked on several ICO projects till now, thus, we have collected information about potential listing platforms where your campaign will gain attention from huge investors. We list your coin on well-known exchanges to gain attention from the existing users.

ICO development

To mark success in this competitive era, your first need is to have a robust website. Our ICO launch agency can help you develop and launch a powerful website embedded with modern features and trendy designs. 

Market research

Adequate research on the market norms, trends, business needs, target audience and other crucial aspects help us tailor an appropriate ICO marketing strategy to achieve desired results for our clients. 

Social media marketing

To boost the sales, engagement rate, visibility and reach of your ICO campaign, we promote your ICO campaign on all the leading social media platforms. Our social media experts are well-versed with the latest trends that are useful to easily attract customers. 

Email Marketing

To spread information about your project, we send direct or target emails to the target audience. We use innovation to make the emails creative enough to encourage the receivers to check out the details and even make an investment. 

Influence marketing

We help your business to gain recognition among a large group of people. The influencers will help your campaign to get rapid popularity among the masses. We have a connection with several well-known influencers that will promote your project to a global audience. 

ICO bounty marketing

The potential contributors of the project are encouraged to perform a promotional activity in return for a reward or discount. This inexpensive method of promotion brings huge benefits for the ICO campaign.

ICO bounty marketing

The potential contributors of the project are encouraged to perform a promotional activity in return for a reward or discount. This inexpensive method of promotion brings huge benefits for the ICO campaign.

Pay per click (PPC)

The services by our ICO agency include paid advertisements such as PPC. We set your campaign in the market to get the desired number of clicks to enhance your sales.

Search engine optimization

To help your website rank on the top of the search results, we customize the effective SEO strategies for your project. Our efficient methodology will increase your website’s visibility by uplifting its ranking to the top results.

Content development

By creating effective, relevant and superior quality content, we publish blogs, articles and videos to make your campaign’s reach to a wider audience. 

ICO Community Marketing

Stand as a well-established business by engaging an enormous community with your project. We ensure efficient results by implementing the strategies such as Brand loyalty, Social media groups, publishing regular content, Group activities and others.

ICO affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is helpful in boosting the sales of your ICO campaign gradually. The existing members or investors of your campaign will be inspired to bring more buyers in return for a commission, reward or discount.

ICO telegram marketing

Telegram, a cross-platform messaging application is a potential platform to advertise your business and ICO. Our team gets the best results out of this powerful platform. We guarantee to offer result-driven strategies to be used for marketing on Telegram at unbeatable prices.

ICO PR company

Our marketing team comes up with superior PR techniques that will gain recognition for your ICO along with flaunting your powerful points in front of them.

Serving our clients with the most effective services

Being the best ICO marketing agency, we have helped numerous companies to achieve their goals by raising required funds. We do not just promote your project but we dedicatedly make efforts for building a trustable relationship between you and your customers. 

We help your project connect with your audience to secure maximum profit through our ICO b2b marketing services. The requirements of support from the public along with the estimated funds are fulfilled with our team’s expertise. 

Establish yourself as a trustable brand in the market

One of the mandatory requirements for an ICO project is the development of trust with the customers. Only when your audience trusts your project, campaign or the entire concept, they will be motivated to make an investment. Recognizing the importance of trust in the entire process, our experts come up with an ideal ICO marketing plan that outlines your positive points and the future growth of your project in front of your customers.

By creating the perfect whitepaper, we make sure that your audience considers your project as a genuine and profitable investment option. One of the techniques we offer to build trust with your customers is by offering complete transparency about the details and other processes involved in the entire process. We make appropriate plans to communicate your idea precisely to your customers.

Best ICO marketing services that reflect your needs precisely

Over the past few years, with popularity in the crypto industry, an increasing number of ICO campaigns are being launched in the market. With the increase in the competition, it has become hard to gain attention from the audience and stand out in the market in presence of several other competitors. Our team of professionals understands your business needs and offers you a solution that fits your needs the most. 

How do we achieve the required results for you?

Consider your audience’s requirements

Different types of people get influenced by different techniques depending on various factors such as age group, gender, varying interests and several others. We customize our strategies considering your customers’ interests. As a result, we implement a strategy that can effectively engage users with your services resulting in the growth of your campaign.

We are among the best ICO marketing companies in the industry providing unique and innovative solutions to our clients.

Ensure authenticity

Authenticity is the key to the foundation of a project. By uncovering the story and idea behind your project, we help your customers to connect with your campaign strongly. 

Flexible Support

Our work is not done just by executing the strategies for your ICO. We consistently monitor the outcome out of our implementation methods. If the results are not as expected, we reshape our technique to make them effective for your project.

Expert methodology

After experimenting and analyzing different techniques, we come up with the most effective ways to be used for your project. We adopt the latest technologies and trends that can benefit your ICO campaign. Our unique approach to marketing services makes us the top ICO marketing agency in the industry.

Why do you need to build a community for your ICO campaign?

ICO campaigns are nothing without the support from a large group of community. The community for the ICO campaign may include the participants such as investors, the blockchain community, and developers. Here is how your community will help your campaign grow: Feedback: If you want your product or services to be trusted in the market, feedback from your audience can help you improve and grow. Feedback works as a testing system for your upcoming product or services. While connecting and communicating with your ICO community, you can get your token, coin or whitepaper tested. According to the feedback or suggestions provided by the people, you can make alternations and improvements in your services.

In-depth information about your target audience: Your target audience can make or break your ICO campaign, thus, considering their interest is essential. They can understand your story and the services only when the details are being communicated precisely. Treating the audience as a major part of your project can motivate them to bring other investors to the campaign. Cost-less PR: Community building is a cost-effective way of publicity for your ICO campaign. Along with being economical, this method is an effective way of gaining attention from a global audience. 

Get connected with the largest influencers in the world

Developing a robust platform cannot get you connections with your audience. To get connected to a large group of individuals, you need to achieve precision in your marketing services. To excite and attract customers towards your website, an innovative approach is essential to be used. After implementing our strategies, we monitor the conversion rate, traffic generation, sales and engagement rate to ensure that our marketing services are effective for your business.

After executing your marketing strategy, analyzing the results and recording the progress, we share weekly reports with our clients. These reports are helpful for the clients to determine the accuracy of the results being derived. Our ICO advertising agency promotes your campaign using interesting content that grabs customers’ attention easily. Our team strategizes the marketing techniques highly useful for uplifting your status in the market.

We build a bridge between you and your audience

We excel expertise in initial coin offering marketing to remove the difference between you and your potential audience. We customize our methodology considering the target of your crowdfunding campaign as a major concern. 

Along with making your campaign’s reach to a wider audience, we influence them to take part in your campaign. The influential strategies are developed considering the interest of your audience or customers. As a result, you get a strong and trustable bond with your audience.

How do our marketing services work?

Tell your story

Using different techniques such as videos, blogs, articles and others, we tell your story to the target audience. Telling a story is one of the best methods of grabbing the interest of individuals.

Pre-launch services

To guarantee your ICO’s success on the first day of the launch, we spread awareness about your ICO’ beforehand. By sending texts, emails, press releases, and various other useful means, we ensure that you successfully make a huge sale on the first day.

Live campaign

After a victorious launch of the ICO, in order to maintain the consistency of the sales as well as engagement with the audience, our team actively implements effective strategies that keep your campaign uplifted in the market.

Why choose the Zeligz web store?

A leading service provider

Our team has years of experience in which they have worked on several different projects. They have helped several firms, businesses, ICO campaigns to achieve their goals in the industry. With our custom-made strategies, they have acquired the topmost position in the market.

Long-term support

From the planning of the launch of ICO till you achieve your desired funding from the campaign, we offer our support with a transparent process of marketing. Our professionals are readily available to execute a strategy you require.

Experienced ICO Promotion Company

Being one of the pioneers in ICO marketing, our team has years of experience. We have secured success for a number of projects. With considerable experience, our team is well-versed with the techniques and strategies that are effective to make an ICO campaign a success.