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NFT Development company, providing the best NFT solutions in the industry

Using Robust technology, our NFT development company offers services to develop a flawless NFT platform. We provide customization of the NFT platform as required by the clients to deliver the results that match their expectations. We ensure including all necessary features necessary to outshine the NFT industry.

NFT Marketing Agency

Our inventory for NFT Development

Non-Fungible tokens have become popular among the masses due to their unique features as well as the fantasy which boosts creativity. The curiosity in collectibles results in alluring enormous individuals to the NFT market for its signature formation. The interest of individuals in the collectibles is increasing at a rapid pace which directly contributes to the overall progress of the NFT field.

The development of the NFT tokenization has uplifted to another level with the attention-seeking industries such as Art and games. Being capable of grabbing individuals' attention by creating, selling, and exchanging different digital items, such as games, art, sculptures, land, video, music, and characters, the NFT market on Ethereum had immense growth at beginning of the year 2021.

Our NFT Development Company Offers

NFT Development Company

NFT Development Platform

The collectibles of various types can be tokenized to digital form. The most essential property of every NFT is that it has unique specifications that cannot be exchanged and are non-interoperable. One of the common Ethereum standards is the ERC-721 protocol for NFT that is non-exchangeable. The ERC-721 protocol enables the users to create semi-fungible tokens and release them smoothly.

NFT Art Tokenization Platform

NFT Art Tokenization

Artists have a huge contribution to NFT art tokenization as they make stunning creations. With the creation of AR/VR, digital art has become trendy in NFT's market. Using this technology, a piece of art can attain uniqueness and therefore, a recognizable position in the market. Digital art is becoming more and more popular with time, providing growth to the NFT market simultaneously.

NFT Marketplace Development

NFT Marketplace

NFT marketplace provides reliable opportunities for the development of several businesses in the crypto world. Uniqueness in the features and specifications of NFTs support numerous industries to attain success. NFT market provides NFT tokens for unique collectibles such as virtual land, art, and games assets to bring traffic to a virtual environment. People interested in art and games are the major audience for this market.

NFT Gaming Platform Development

NFT for Games

Digital assets in the games provide a better experience by involving the usage of assets in form of NFTs. Such assets are considered to be non-interoperable as when used in one game, cannot be used in another one. Game developers decide which of the listed NFT assets will be included in the game. A unique character can be listed in the NFT by the developers that help the developers to gain revenues.

NFT Fashion Development

NFT for the Fashion industry

NFT has massive popularity in the fashion industry, where unique accessories are being tokenized. When the ownership rights of the digital assets are stored on the distributed ledger, no space is left for fraud. Consumers will have an access to all the details like creation place, ownership of the asset, and much more.

NFT Lending Development

NFT Lending Platform

Through this platform, individuals can borrow money by keeping tokens as an assurance to return the money. When the customer receives a loan from this platform, it holds the NFT token. According to the smart contract, soon after payment of the borrowed money, the NFT token is released. One can get funds effortlessly with this phenomenal feature of NFT.

NFT Exchange Development

NFT Exchange

A range of options is available on the NFT exchange platform for the users to conveniently trade and exchange NFT tokens. Blockchain technology makes this platform secure to be used confidently. Third parties can be integrated as allowed by this platform for diverse tokens popular in the market.

NFT Sports Platform Development

NFT for Sports

Among the most attractive collectibles, sports memorabilia tops the chart in the market. All the rare assets such as an autograph, a player card, or a rare photograph, can be tokenized under NFTs.The admirers from all across the world will be interested in purchasing such assets.

NFT Fantasy Sports Platform

NFT for Fantasy Sports

There is a huge following for fantasy games where people bid on players and play a game to earn real money. It is a huge source for bringing enormous revenue as well as traffic from the market. NFTs in these sports bring a new sight by tokenizing players and teams. Now, the users will place a bid for tokenized assets and win profits by participating in the game.

Develop NFT for Real Estate

NFT for the Real Estate

The picture of real estate has reached another height after digitalizing the properties. This approach enables your land to reach a large audience in the market that will bid on your virtual land. Interior designing digitized using NFT can bring numerous people to your platform.

NFT Infrastructure Solutions

NFT for Infrastructure Development

It is one of the types of real estate that gives you an option to tokenize your uniquely developed infrastructure for the property. Infrastructure development, architecture, and interior designing are included in our NFT infrastructure development. Basically, you can tokenize your infrastructure or property and convert it to a digital asset. Therefore, you can gain the attention of several industries that may participate in your platform for NFT token's growth.

NFTs P2P Exchange

P2P Exchange for NFT’s

Trading of NFTs is profitable and easy to buy and sell with our NFT p2p platform. The security and user-friendly design offered by our platform helps the owner of NFT to attract a larger community. The enormous audience in the NFT exchange motivates to provide a P2P exchange platform along by integrating the third-party wallets to trade numerous NFTs.

Non- Fungible Tokens in Music

NFT for Music

Musicians get an opportunity to grow with non-fungible tokens. After making tokens of their creation, they can list them in the market. The music industry is an industry with a massive fan following throughout the globe. When a musician converts his work into tokens, his unique composition in the market can bring excessive admirers.

Non- Fungible Token Decentralized Domain Name Services

NFT for Domains

The decentralized domain name from our services will enable a business to shine differently. A user is allowed by the Ethereum naming system to exchange his address with his token. This will create a different domain name as well as it will give the user a friendly experience.

Non- Fungible Tokens in Videos

NFT of Videos

Unique and interesting video content such as a famous music video, occasional moments, sports-related clips is all ideal to tokenize with NFT. Sports tokens and NBA clips can gain fame in the NFT industry easily.

Non- Fungible Tokens Content Subscriptions

NFT for Content Subscriptions

Celebrities gain immense benefit by converting their work permanently into a digital assets. Afterward, you can offer a subscription to their followers to watch the content by paying a certain amount. Through their existing followers, you can gain massive followers for your platform.

Initial Poster Offering (IPO) Development

It is one of the most popular methods in the NFT platform to raise funds for your new business. Through this, you can offer an NFT poster and tokens to buy a poster. After developing the token to buy a poster, it is possible to use tokens for raising funds. NFT posters are in the form of a QR code or a sticker that is connected to the Ethereum blockchain.

Cross-chain NFT development

We include cross-chain capabilities in your NFT marketplace for impeccable trading of NFTs throughout various blockchain networks. Its significant feature allows your market to list and trade a range of NFT among a wide audience.

Decentralized Finance and Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs are the trendiest platform expanding at a fast pace in the world of decentralized finance. A fortunate amount was collected by NFTs in the first week of their sale. Defi helps improve the liquidity of Non-fungible tokens. From being an expensive proposition, NFTs become tradable funds. Additionally, the dimensions of collaterals were expanded with help of Defi. NFTs can be represented as collateral for exchange. Defi has the goal to contribute to the growth of the finance market.

Non-fungible tokens can be used as collateral for exchanges. In the insurance field, every contract becomes an NFT for secondary market transactions. In the insurance industry, every contract becomes an NFT for secondary market transactions. Thus the upcoming development elevated due to the thrilling trade investment in the market.

The NFT assets such as real estate, decentralized land, and collectibles are converted by the Defi ecosystem into perfectly priced and extensively accepted cryptocurrency assets in the Defi.

NFT E-Commerce

Technical developments have influenced several businesses to adopt one of the most valuable digital assets in the blockchain network. As NFC and its business transactions have a huge following, it shifted the focus of the eCommerce industry towards blockchain technology to sell NFC. Several companies have realized the benefits of NFTs and thus started selling NFTs on their platform. The experts in blockchain business development at our NFT development company, consider using advanced technology and customized NFts to grow your eCommerce business.

NFT Launchpad Development

With the growth in technology, networks have to gain more traffic and have become costly as well. Content creators and artists are moving towards advanced technology. Our NFT launchpad solutions provide an exclusive page for such artists along with their domain names. This platform offers transparency and credibility to the artists to gain business traction at affordable prices.

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Zeligz Web Store's NFT Platform development Service

Our experts ensure a flawless token development platform that can gain enormous traffic with a robust design. Our services prioritize including all the necessary features to achieve high security. Our team is readily available 24/7 support for our clients. We include some features of blockchain technology in our ecosystem.

We give our best to analyze our client's expectations to deliver admirable results with engaging UI and the latest features. The option of customization gives a privilege to alter the features according to the requirements. We plan the project by considering every detail as an important part of it.

We provide API as well as integration of wallet features for a better user experience. Our hassle-free and rapid process help you get desired results within the given time.

Our NFT Development Service Packages

NFT Based ICO Development

Investors and business owners are striving to build an NFT platform to reap the benefits of NFTs. We understand our customers and offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching ICOs for the startups.

NFT Development: ICO + Marketplace

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for your marketplace development. This offers instant financial support to develop your NFT marketplace.

NFT Development: ICO + MarketPlace + Governance Token

Our development assists your platform’s with the community by offering governance tokens to the community. where the token holders can vote their suggestion for the empowerment of Marketplace

NFT Development: ICO + Exchange Platform

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for the NFT exchange platform development. The platform offers immediate liquidity for your NFTs.

Custom NFT Development

As the NFTs unlock the possibilities of digital representation of unique assets with crazy innovation, building a customised NFT marketplace for your business requirements is the right choice to adapt the evolution of NFTs in all aspects.


Non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique assets in the decentralized environment.
Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other since each token holds the same value that does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to its unique standards and specifications.
NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalization of unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world
The cost to create an NFT depends on the type of assets, platform wealth and its gas fee.
Our NFT top services are NFT minting, NFT marketplace development, NFT auction portal development, NFT exchange platform development
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years