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IDO Token Launchpad Services

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What is an IDO launchPad?

IDO launchpad is a platform that offers the services of creating a decentralized token marketplace with personalization. These platforms are a place for the investors where they can explore the environment and figure out the superior projects on which they can fund. They are privileged to purchase those tokens even before the actual distribution occurs. The best part about the Initial DEX offering is that it facilitates to development of a decentralized IDO with additional features.

How does it work?

To get listed, the owners are required to place a request on the IDO launchpad. When all the formalities such as the verifications and authentications are processed completely, your tokens will be listed on the platform. The entire collection of the projects listed are available to the users, where the users can find the best that suits their requirement and begin their investment process to earn profit out of it. The users get a token that is the main motive of the project while offering the distribution services. Get your own IDO launchpad and earn profit with it effortlessly.

Decentralization of the LaunchPad

The investors are able to get benefits by investing in projects that have not been launched in the market. The decentralized nature of the process makes it highly effective along with the features such as customization, flexibility, and many others. The decentralized platform resolves enormous deficiencies of the obsolete process. With better security features, reliability, and other features, it has become the widely used technique in the crypto industry.

Advantages offered by IDO Launchpad

Here are a number of benefits offered by IDO LaunchPad

Blockchain Technology

We make our IDO LaunchPad supported by diverse popularly used blockchain technologies.

Multi-Tiered staking module

Using our IDO platform development services, administrators can create multiple tiers for investors to participate in the funding rounds which are dependent on the tokens that are staked on the platform.

The Wallet's Connection

We provide full security and accuracy when connecting wallets with platforms, ensuring that your crypto project is safe.


We're working on a platform that will allow users to invest their tokens on exchange platforms. If necessary, they can buy or store the tokens there.


We offer the facility of KYC to ensure that the user’s identity is verified to eliminate fraud.

Listing services

We have a connection with several exchange platforms in the industry that will help in fulfilling the requirements of listing and getting attention.

Token distribution

Our strategies for token distribution are tested and proven to be effective.

Characteristics Of IDO Model

Instant Trading

When the project gets introduced in the market, the investors are allowed to begin their trading. When the users buy the token in beginning, they can earn huge profits by selling them at high rates.

Better liquidity

Liquidity is a necessary aspect when it comes to the crypto industry. The tokens must be able to generate more liquidity. The tokens are required to have some value initially to be able to get swapped in the pool.

Fundraising technique

IDO is an advanced fundraising technique that can help you raise a considerable sum with ease. There are several benefits offered by the technique that was not present in the older versions.

Lower Costs

The cost of the gas fee will be lower when integrating the smart contract with it. It will automate and safeguard the process.

Future scope of IDO

The main reason why the IDO fundraising was launched and introduced was to eliminate the drawbacks of the previous methods. It is a decentralized way of raising funds with full effectiveness.

IDO has resolved the issues faced by other models and has become one of the most used fundraising methods in the industry. The project owners are able to raise funds to initiate their exchange projects with ease.

Certainly, as the IDO is being used immensely, its bright future can be predicted clearly. The decentralization, KYC, and other features make it desirable to be used.

The projects of IDO LaunchPad

Here are the popular projects initiated with the potential of IDO LaunchPad



It is a multi-chain decentralized exchange platform that offers the feature of no fee for transactions. This is the unique and most attractive feature of the platform. The users can avail themselves of the benefits of the economical process.


DAO Maker

It is a LaunPad system that has been developed to offer the benefits of investing in equity tokens. The risks are eliminated in the platform offering a secured platform for trading and funds.



Trustswap is another LaunchPad platform that serves the finance industry with several benefits. The LaunchPad offers the investors an opportunity to get the transactions done in a reliable environment.

Offerings of Initial Uniswap

It is a well-known Decentralized crypto exchange currently being used widely in the crypto industry. It is one of the platforms that have adopted the decentralization sphere at the earliest. P2P transactions are enabled by the platform by using the power of AMM and liquidity pools.

Initial Dex offering by Uniswap has revolutionized the industry with its commendable offerings. AMM is the main tool that enables the platform to offer the facilities of automation and a secured environment to the system. Upon processing of the IDO Uniswap, the price or value of the token is finalized.

Zeligz Web store‘s IDO LaunchPad services

The Zeligz web store, as one of the market's leading firms, is recognized for providing high-quality solutions to clients all over the world. They've been servicing the industry for a long time and have helped a number of initiatives succeed in the digital age. We provide platforms that are designed with advanced features. If a problem arises, our team is always there to help and support our clients. As a top IDO services provider, Zeligz web store can assist you in establishing a strong market presence by utilizing Zeligz web store's creative digital marketing techniques. We not only assist in the development of a very appealing, engaging, and high-quality platform but also in its effective market debut.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years