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Unbeatable DeFi Marketing Service Providers

Our Defi Marketing strategies are foolproof to provide a high engagement rate along with driving massive traffic to the platform

NFT Marketing Agency

DeFi Marketing solutions by Zeligz Web Store

We have worked on several projects in the crypto industry

Our marketing services include several types of techniques that merge to provide effective results by making the reach of your business to a wide audience. From social media marketing to reputation management, we work with all the distinct types of methods that can be proficient for the platform.

We customize the strategies for every business according to the requirement. We analyze the platform, the target audience, and the competition to come up with a strategy that can help our client to top the charts. Monitoring everyday performance, we alter or update the strategies to make them even more effective for the platform.

The customization of our services and the competitive prices make our solutions stand out in the market. The engagement rate is increased by creating certain promotional campaigns are done.

We don't just develop your digital identity; we also take steps to establish your credibility in a competitive field and provide you an advantage over your competitors. This will assist you in maintaining long-term success and progressing to greater heights.

You can simply attract global investors and boost your profit margins by using our world-class Defi coin marketing techniques.

Boost the engagement rate with a DeFi marketing campaign

Below are the DeFi marketing services we provide

Management of audience and marketing

We ensure the growth of your platform for the long run by efficiently managing the connected audience.

Influencer Marketing

Hiring influencers for the promotions can bring massive organic traffic to the platform along with building brand value.

Legal Suggestions

We provide legal advice to our clients as it is essential for a business to stay on the correct path by making every decision considering the laws, rules, and regulations.


Through the DeFi token marketing, we develop a project with high levels of liquidity to attract a large number of investors.

Social Media Marketing

We effectively take advantage of social media platforms to promote the exchange platform among a global audience. We analyze and target the right audience to generate appropriate traffic.

Bounty Programs

By conducting bounty programs, we offer certain rewards to the community that helps in connecting more people to the platform.

Website Development

We manage the home page of your website to make it engaging and attractive for the users. The landing page must make a wonderful impact on the users to engage them.

White Papers

White papers play a vital role in educating the audience about the technical aspects and goals of the company.

Enhanced Online Presence

We encourage several programs that help in improving the interaction with the audience to spread awareness using different platforms.

Video Marketing

Some impactful videos with certain knowledge help in sending messages regarding some features of the exchange platform or any other update.

Airdrop Programs

With the free DeFi token listing services, you can escalate enthusiasm about your project.

Content Marketing

Content marketing includes using blogs, infographics, videos, and article sharing to drive traffic as well as making the website reach the top in the search results.

Product Marketing

It is crucial to let everyone know about the details of your plans and the goals of your business. This will help the customers to know why they must choose you instead of others.

Telegram Marketing

You can instantly share a message or a significant update to your community by using Telegram as a messenger app.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a professional way to stay in touch with your audience by sending frequent emails regarding important notices.

Affiliate Networking

An affiliate network may help in immensely boosting the engagement rate without wasting a lot of effort.

Advertising Technique

Using the features like Google Ads, the users get an advantage of the tools like pay per click strategy.

The expert techniques used by our professionals

The increasing adoption and incredible features of the Ethereum blockchain make this protocol worth the usage. Before beginning the process, we create an impactful strategy that will work to drive results for your business. We manage the overall performance of your business by indicating the strengths and weaknesses of your services. Our team makes sure that the consumers are aware of your services on a large scale.

DeFi marketing services by Zeligz Web Store

We help you get an advantage over your competition by leveraging our superior technical experience as a key participant in the rapidly increasing DeFi market.

We are extremely dependable because you can track every stage of our job at all times. By signing an NDA, we guarantee your project's complete privacy and confidentiality. With a well-organized plan and a growth-oriented approach, we hope to achieve your targeted objectives.

To gain more traction, use knowledgeable professionals.

When it comes to the execution of DeFi-based initiatives, the Zeligz web store has a track record. We are well-versed in the ever-evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. We will ensure that your business receives the most possible traffic.

Initial Coin Offerings


Non-fungible tokens are the digital representation of unique assets in the decentralized environment.
Fungible tokens can be exchanged with each other since each token holds the same value that does not differ from one another. Non-Fungible tokens cannot be exchanged due to its unique standards and specifications.
NFT are the unique tokens that represent the digitalization of unique physical assets like arts, sculptures, and other collectibles in the crypto world
The cost to create an NFT depends on the type of assets, platform wealth and its gas fee.
Our NFT top services are NFT minting, NFT marketplace development, NFT auction portal development, NFT exchange platform development
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years