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DeFi Crowdfunding Platform Development Solutions

We are directing you towards the successful establishment of your exclusive project with a magnificent DeFi crowdfunding platform.

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Financial support to begin your new project

Crowdfunding is serving several individuals in the industry to strengthen the investment required for launching a project or a start-up. Entrepreneurs or businessmen can conveniently collect a certain amount of money to introduce their dream project in the market. Crowdfunding can be utilized to collect money in small proportions from the people willing to invest money. Crowdfunding platforms are being used commonly by the masses to initiate a project without worrying about the investments. This platform helps in gaining buyers easily without losing control over the investors. Numerous businessmen have already taken an advantage of this platform and are leading a successful life, besides many are ready to get one to fulfill their aspirations of a successful launch of a project.

Where various creative individuals got the benefit to launch their ideas in the market, several others have misused this platform by raising funds and not launching the business idea in the market, unfortunately. Such inappropriate incidents have created a fear among the people for trusting such a platform. DeFi crowdfunding platforms are being a savior by providing transparency and enhanced security features to raise the funds. The traditional crowdfunding platform has been modified with such superior features that develop trust among the masses to invest without fearing losing their money. Now the startups can use the platform to get enough funds to launch their project in a decentralized environment.

How do Defi Crowdfunding works?

DeFi crowdfunding platform has been developed to assist individuals to raise funds for the fulfillment of their dream projects along with guaranteed financial security and transparency to the investors in the DeFi world.

Several startups are initiating the creation of Defi crowdfunding platforms to avail its benefits. Attempts are underway to improve and make the crowdfunding platform more decentralized in order to attract large investors from the crypto industry. No other authority is connected with the platform keeping the platform anonymous. This platform is being admired by several startup owners as it helps in the fulfillment of their economical goals by establishing a trustable bond with a large community.

Types of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding using rewards

This strategy involves rewarding the investors who will be a part of this Crowdfunding program. It depends on the plan of the company they want their reward to be a service from their company or any other assets. It is a widely used technique for raising funds.

Equity-Based Crowdfunding

In this type of crowdfunding method, the investors get the shares of the company upon investing an amount in the program. The more the investment amount the higher the proportion of the share awarded to the investors. The shares are equivalent to the stakes bought.

Donation-Based Crowdfunding

This technique is one of the most profitable techniques used for Crowdfunding. The company that wants to launch this campaign firstly educates the audience regarding their upcoming projects and plans to be executed using various marketing tools. The individuals supporting this program are called donors. Every donor who is willing to participate can freely invest in the campaign.

Peer-to-Peer to Crowdfunding

This technique as its name suggests connects the pair of investors in the digital environment offering lucrative investment opportunities. As compared to the banking system, the lenders are benefited from higher returns. On the other hand, the borrowers get an advantage of borrowing money at lower interest rates.

Advantages you get with DeFi Crowdfunding

Financial Support

The Crowdfunding platforms permit the startups to acquire their financial goals in the decentralized exchanges for the tangible items or other services they provide. It is an ideal platform to replace the technique of funding a venture which is completed by not letting the equity and debt away.

Eliminates Risks

Crowdfunding makes the process of raising funds uncomplicated. Certainly, collecting funds from the public is much safer than taking a loan and being into debt. The individuals who are investing in the growth of your project are willing to pay a share.

Serves as a Marketing Tool

Through a crowdfunding campaign, not only the funds can be raised but it is a wonderful technique to expand the reach of your business. This campaign acts as an effective marketing technique to gain organic traffic for the platform.

Proof of Concept

Everyone in the current era wants to have a proof for everything. Through this campaign, you can show the concept and plan of the business and gain the credibility and trust of the individuals.

Blockchain’s Top Fundraising Models

Initial Coin Offering

It is one of the most popular fundraising techniques. Most startups and businesses prefer this model to raise funds. This technique is similar to the traditional IPO model. While initiating a startup or a project, this technique can be used to get the money required for their setup. The individuals interested in the program can invest the money and can get a token in return offered by the company. The investors may use fiat money or digital currency to pay for the tokens from the company.

Significance of Zeligz Webstore in Business Development

Hybrid Platform development

We develop a platform that can use different types of blockchain networks to satisfy the integration of advanced technologies.

Futuristic Technology

To provide a great user experience and an advanced platform, we use the latest technologies and blockchain technologies in the platform.

Cross Chain Connectivity

The platform developed by our professional team has cross-chain compatibility to provide limitless transactions among different blockchain networks.

Layer 2 Solutions

We develop solutions that reduce the gas fees using the second layer solutions to enhance the speed of the transactions.

Multichain Development

Different blockchains can be used in the platform developed by our expert team.

Complete Personalization

We offer customization and modification of the platforms as required by the clients.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years