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Offer Remittance services with benefits of Stellar Blockchain

We are offering secured Remittance services with the capability of the Stellar network.

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Grow yourself with a robust remittance payment service based on Stellar blockchain

Remittance is a renowned name when it comes to the payment gateway for a platform in the crypto sphere. The issues such as high expense on the transactions and slow processing have been resolved using this technology. It has been recorded that the remittance payment option is transferring approximately $500 million every year.

Remittance payment services have provided several options to individuals for transferring funds with ease. Most of the major drawbacks have been rectified with the help of stellar blockchain technology.

Our team at Zeligz web store has achieved proficiency in the development of a Remittance gateway for convenience in the transactions in your platform. The benefits of Stellar technology cannot be denied due to the growing popularity and usage of the services. We ensure offering the best possible security and enhanced performance in our development services.

What makes Steller superior to others?

The most essential properties that make Stellar blockchain outshine other blockchain technologies are the lower expense and high transactional speed. The traditional blockchain technologies were not able to achieve these properties. Stellar blockchain also offers the option of transferring different types of cryptocurrencies.

The stellar, just like other blockchain technologies is a distributed ledger technology that stores the information in a ledger that can be accessed by everyone in the community. However, the main difference comes while processing the transaction in which it uses its own method that makes the transactions faster. Thus, the transactions are smooth, rapid, and economical. A huge number of transactions can be handled by technology with ease.

Stellar blockchain characteristics

Below is the list of features of the Stellar blockchain that makes it desirable:

  • The high-speed transactions are the most admirable part of this technology.
  • Stellar is open-source along with being decentralized.
  • It can handle thousands of transactions in a second.
  • Smart contracts can be used easily.
  • Multi-signature feature is enabled using Stellar blockchain.

Our team of experts can help you build a platform that may offer remittance services with all the above-mentioned features.

How does the Remittance using Stellar blockchain works

Here is how the process works:

  • Firstly, it collects
  • Then, the deposit phase
  • The last step is the settlement

The detail of the entire process of the Remittance payment including the Stellar blockchain is discussed below:


Collection of funds

The first step involves the collection of the funds from the users of the platform. After collecting the money, it is converted into the digital form to be able to transfer easily.


Deposit of money

The next step involves the deposit of the money or funds. Now the currency deposited will be converted to another country’s currency where it is being sent. Stellar exchange is responsible for transferring or exchanging the funds.



After completion of the above process, the money will be received by the receiver. The money can be stored in the wallet, account, or anywhere else. The process is super fast and can be done with minimum charges.

The three-step process is as easy and faster as it seems to be. It makes it highly convenient for the users to send and receive money effortlessly.

Offerings of Remittance network

Below are the Remittance Network's benefits:

High-speed transactions - The transaction on the Stellar blockchain is able to be completed only in 3 to 5 seconds.

Supports several currencies - The users can transfer the funds in several currencies and cryptocurrencies as well.

No pre-funding - The transactions in the platform using Stellar do not require pre-funding to initiate the transaction.

Availability - the stellar blockchain has its availability all across the world that facilitates the users globally.

Several Features - The features such as KYC and AML are used in the process for better authenticity.

Lower cost - The process offers the privilege of lower fees.

Open - source - The funds deposited in the platform are transferred in real-time.

Traceability - the users are able to track their transactions whenever required.

Why is Zeligz web store the best choice for development services?

The remittance services can be enhanced and empowered with the help of Stellar technology that provides several benefits over traditional blockchain technologies. The complexity of processing the transactions is resolved by the power of Stellar blockchain technology.

We are offering high-quality services for developing a highly secured and robust platform. Our experts have proficiency in offering advanced features using the latest trends and technologies in the current digital era. Get in touch with us to avail of our services and get a robust platform.

Connect with us so we can discuss how your venture in this lucrative industry can propel you to great heights!

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years