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DeFi Crypto Synthetic Assets Development Services

Expand your business by introducing an engaging Crypto synthetic asset protocol in the market.

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Development of DeFi Crypto Synthetic Assets

Immensely popular and widely used decentralized platforms have brought an exclusive way of finance including trading, investments, betting, and much more. It has been figured out that approximately 20 million dollars have been locked in the DeFi world. Individuals are being assured of this platform to be a reliable path of earning profits through its exceptionally lucrative services.

The synthetic assets are built using smart contracts having exact value as the underlying assets. The use of synthetic assets has less probability of risks. Moreover, the price of such assets is stable which provides no fluctuations stress to the users. Users can avail massive features offered by these assets.

The experts at the Zeligz web store have been working on the development of DeFi platform for years and gain immense knowledge regarding providing accuracy in the solutions. We offer expertise in developing DeFi protocols. Some of the examples of our platforms are DeFi smart contract development, DeFi staking pool development, DeFi tokenization development, and many more.

Crypto Synthetic Assets

The synthetic assets are the copy of the original assets with the same value. The synthetic assets are built on the derivations which are the smart contracts. These smart contracts get their values from the assets like currencies, indices, interest rates, and many more. Different synthetic assets are developed using distinct types of derivations. Synthetic assets make a fusion of the derivations such as swaps, options, and others that are similar to the original assets.

The tokens like stablecoins are supported by the crypto synthetic assets. The main goal of the synthetic assets is to get the replications of real-life assets like silver, gold, fiat currency, and others to the decentralized world. The synthetic assets provide a privilege for the users to hold the tokens staying in the crypto world. These assets act as cryptocurrency tokens in the decentralized digital world.

The services offered by crypto synthetic assets:

  • Liquidity - Synthetic assets help in offering liquidity to the decentralized environment. With the increase in liquidity, the process of buying and selling becomes convenient as the stability of the value of the assets is achieved. Investors get profit due to this scenario.
  • Financing - The holders of the synthetic assets can deposit their assets to the pools to get a loan in return.
  • Low funding costs - The users can elevate the price and visibility of their assets with no need to change the interest rates. The cash flow in the protocol will enable the investors to gain profit and lower the interest rates.
  • The investors get the chance to trade and invest a variety of assets without any complications.
  • It is an opportunity to avail of commendable services of the decentralized sector.
  • The use of smart contracts provides security.
  • The essential data is kept on blockchain technology.
  • A chance to go through several assets without purchasing them
  • Elimination of the risks involved in trading other crypto assets.
  • Derivatives vanish the problem of volatility on the price.
  • Investors get a chance to earn huge profits.

The leader of synthetic asset protocol- synthetix

Synthetix is a widely used protocol in the decentralized ecosystem that has been developed using the Ethereum network. There are several services and features to trade, stake, and govern with the currency SNX that is used in the platform. Below are the functions that are performed by the users of the platform:

Get the synthetic assets that represent real-world assets such as fiat currency, gold, or crypto assets with the staking of the SNX tokens.

The users are also allowed to swap their assets with the SNX tokens. The proportion of the collaterals is balanced with this process.

There is a part of the protocol with Escrow arrangement. IN the process, the protocols hold the assets that are earned as a reward.

Synth - The assets that are built on the platform are named Synths. They have their real value getting on the blockchain technology. The users can integrate their wallets to the platform to get the real-life assets tokenized. The platform offers a diverse range of assets.

Governance within the Synthetix protocol - The token holders are privileged with certain rights on the platform such as the voting right or other governance rights.

We at Zeligz web store, offer several unique and useful features for the DeFi synthetic asset development.

Some other widely used Synthetic asset protocols



It is among the early developed platforms for synthetic assets. The platform provides the services to convert any kind of funds to Bitcoin which is pegged to US Dollar. Abra manages the peg ratio of BTC and USD. The platform ensures the investors that the fluctuation of the Bitcoin or USD price cannot impact the value of the deposits when redeemed.



Another protocol is built on the Ethereum network offering several finance-related services. This platform offers services that resemble the traditional finance system with an addition of a smart contract on the blockchain network.


Market protocol

The synthetic assets are treated as collaterals on the platform. The tokens in the protocol are known as long and short positions tokens and when connected, they are called pairs. The users of the platform are able to be cryptocurrency holders to explore real-life assets along with digital assets.


Maker Dao

It is another widely used protocol that utilizes stablecoins and pegs them to the USD.


Rainbow Network

The decentralized exchange platform offering the services of lending, borrowing, trading, and much more.

Alternative Use Cases And Opportunities Of Crypto Synthetic Assets

  • DeFi lending and borrowing services

  • DeFi derivatives

  • Asset management tools

  • Scaling liquidity

  • Scaling assets

  • Scaling technology

  • Scaling participation

Get Crypto synthetic assets development services by Zeligz web store

The unstoppable decentralized industry is being developed day by day with the introduction of exclusive features, services, and concepts in the market. Crypto synthetic assets are the new trend in the DeFi market grabbing the attention of several crypto investors. Several investors are interested in grabbing the benefit of owning assets whose value does not fluctuate. Launching such an amazing platform can turn out to be a profitable investment.

The solutions provided by the Zeligz web store are unbeatable in the crypto industry. The platform developed by our developers lacks nothing to top the chart of the decentralized finance world. The high quality, secured platform, robust functionality, innovation in designs, and much more combine to result in a flawless DeFi synthetic assets platform. We have already worked on several different kinds of projects that have given us considerable experience in the field.

Get in touch with us and avail of our services at the earliest.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years