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Real Estate Tokenization

Offer the opportunity to digitize the physical assets with our robust tokenization services.

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Convert your Real estate property to a digital asset

The real state has reached the next level as the masses are using these services immensely. The digitization of real estate properties is reaching a new level with the power of blockchain technology. The tokenization of the real properties makes them available to a wide audience and gets better benefits out of it.

The tokenization of real estate properties is a process of converting the value of real properties into equivalent digital assets. The simple concept is that the real property gets digitized and is secured by the power of blockchain technology.

Zeligz web store is serving tremendous services to the industry for years. We are well-versed with the trends and the latest technologies in the market. We can offer the best solutions for a smooth tokenization process.

Our Strategy For Real Estate Tokenization

The way of investment has been changed with the launch of technologies such as blockchain, smart contracts, and decentralization. The system has become more secure, transparent, and faster.

The finance industry has faced a big change in way of investment, trading, and several other aspects.

What do we offer?

Smart Contracts
Type of Interest
Legal Entity
Securities Regulations
Corporate Code
Asset Type
Location of the Asset
Ratio of Tokenization
Mortgages on the Asset
Investor Traceability
Automated KYC/AML
Accredited Investor Verification
International Fundraising
Legal & Regulatory Frameworks
Numerous Jurisdictions

STO for Real Estate Asset

Security token offering is a unique popular token offering technique that is extensively utilized in the crypto business to raise cash. The token is being developed by following federal security legislation. The methodology is considerably more reliable than other methods of fundraising.

When an individual purchases a token, he gets the ownership part in a certain property. Moreover, they will be getting returns on their assets in the property.

The owners are free to decide the plan and the strategy of promoting their assets. Tokenization of the properties will make sure that your property gains

We, at Zeligz web store, offer expert services to our clients ensuring favorable results. We help you grow in the industry with our effective solutions with ease.

Real Estate Tokenization Platform

Real Estate Tokenization Platform

The platform we offer is facilitated with modern technology features. The users can issue the tokens with ease using the platform. You can become a frontrunner in the industry by availing of our services.

  • P2P transactions
  • Management of properties
  • No third parties
  • Use of KYC/AML
  • Token exchange with OTC
  • Payment gateways
  • A voting system
  • Essential stock certificates
  • NFTs for real estate
  • Smooth payment
  • Ease of recovering data
  • Interaction with investors

Advantages of tokenization

Digital assets help both the investors and owner to avail benefits.

Better Liquidity

When the property is converted to digital assets, they give high liquidity that will make selling and purchasing easier.


The tokenization of the real property offers the privilege to the owners can do a partition of the ownership of a part of the property.


There is no barrier for investors all around the world to take part in purchasing the tokens.

Free from middlemen

The process becomes faster and economical when there are no middlemen in the entire process. Also, it safeguards the process.


BLockchain is known for its benefits such as security, transparency, reliability, and speedy processing. The transactions cannot be changed when once done.

Speedy transactions

The removal of the middleman in the process makes it super fast and reliable for the investors.

Reduced entry cost

As the tokens are split into parts, they can be sold at economical prices. This allows all types of investors to take advantage.

Highly secure

The process is secured as it is not managed or controlled by a central authority. The blockchain adds its features to achieve high-grade security.

Easy management

The investors can maintain or manage their rights and the tokens with ease. The transactions can be traced whenever required and are completely secured and irreversible.

Converting assets to digital form

Several issues are faced by the tokenization process. Here are those:

  • Precision in the type of token bought
  • Certain security laws are required
  • The enhanced quality of code
  • Legal issues and compliance of the properties
  • Different types of guidelines are required to be followed
Digitize Real Estate Asset
How to Digitize Real Estate Asset

The legal priorities

Laws and regulations need to be fulfilled according to the region or nation it is launching in.

  • Token distribution laws
  • Verification of the users with the KYC
  • The token must be considered as the shares of the properties or the right to vote
  • No need to carry out the Real estate tokenization according to one’s regulations which may act as a centralized process

Future trend of these tokens

The current popularity and use of tokenization can determine the growth of tokenization in the future.

  • Deploying blockchain and smart contracts
  • High security for the tokens
  • The advanced structure for the tokens
  • Development according to market practices
  • An expert team for offering superior solutions.
The scope of Real Estate Investment Tokens


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