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Smart Contract Audit

In simple words, a smart contract is a set of rules and conditions integrated into blockchain technology to automate the transaction process on a platform. This eliminates the need for the middleman in the process which also facilitates neglecting human errors. Upon fulfillment of all the requirements determined in the smart contracts, the transaction is automatically processed.

The decentralized industry has adopted smart contracts for making the transactions secured and the process faster as well as secure. Smart contract auditing provides the assurance of the process of effective, functionally smooth, and secured.

Our services for Smart Contract Audit

In the process of smart contract auditing with our services, make sure an error-free, quality smart contract is used on your platform. We are offering our solutions to a range of different industries. Our team ensures that the technology is secured and can handle cyberattacks easily.

ICO Smart Contract Audit

Our ICO Smart contracts audit services make sure a high-performance platform that can help in token distribution easily.

STO Audit

Because of the compliance requirements contained in Security Tokens, such as legislation for various countries, a smart contract audit is required.

Security Audit

When it comes to security, no one wants to compromise. We analyze and rectify all the issues to make the smart contract achieve the finest security to get protection from security threats.

DEFI Audit

We go through the code to make sure that the functionality and the performance are working effectively.

Smart Contract Audit of Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum, not to mention, is the ruler of the decentralized and blockchain industry. Enormous applications have been built using this blockchain technology due to the superior benefits it provides. We offer the customization of the smart contracts to be used in the blockchain. The skilled team at Zeligz web store works in-depth for auditing the Ethereum smart contract to make sure high-quality output. From analyzing the code to detecting the problems and rectifying them, we ensure the smart contract is secure. In an era full of hackers, the necessity of a highly secured platform increases. A smart contract audit helps in making the entire process safe and superior. We work on every part of the smart contract with full precision to make sure every part is free of vulnerabilities and completely secured.

What we offer

Our precision in your work helps us to become one of the best smart contract audit service providers.

We use our expert methodology to analyze the below-mentioned parts:

  • In-depth code analysis
  • Accuracy in the documentation
  • All the functionalities working appropriately.

Need of the Smart contract and blockchain audit?

Provide reliable services to Investors

A trustable platform provides the confidence to the investors to use it stress-free. It benefits both the traders as they trade on a secured platform and the service providers, due to high traffic.

Faster Exchange review

The exchange platforms consume huge time while auditing the tokens to be listed on the platform. However, the tokens that are already audited take less time to be listed.

Reducing vulnerability

To reduce the cyber attacks, the individuals want to make use of the cryptocurrency that is audited before which makes the process faster and removes the security breaches.

STO needs

The growing popularity of the STO makes it mandatory for smart contracts to be audited accurately to regulate the processes.


Manual Evaluation

The manual review of the smart contracts includes evaluating the code line by line to figure out the parts of the defective contract. The defects are divided into different segments according to the level of the issue. The logic in the code, the functionality, and other affected areas are analyzed.

Manual Security Audit

The skilled team of the security department uses effective methods to ensure the effectiveness of the results. The issue such as the wrong statistics, calculations, and invested funds are resolved by our expert team.

The Statistics Analysis

Another useful method of auditing that is used to find the errors in the process is separately treated into different segments such as a low-level issue or a high-level problem. The issues such as the sequencing of the transactions, overflow of bugs, and some other problems are resolved.

Dynamic Analysis

With the dynamic evaluation, an automatic process is used for auditing smart contracts. Some of the logic of the business, related to certain parts of the blockchain and smart contracts are assessed.

Smart contract auditing involves



We will discuss with the clients to get the code to be audited.



We share the strategy, after its confirmation, we step forward.



Different methods are used to audit smart contracts.


Final report

Now when the auditing is completed, we can share the report with the clients.



All the issues that are figured out are fixed in this step.


Second Audit

After resolving issues, we do the audit again to ensure quality checks.



Now, the smart contract can be published.

Smart contract audit for different sectors

As the Industries are moving towards a decentralized environment and blockchain technology, smart contracts are being used widely as well. Thus, the requirement for auditing and ensuring quality and security has become a need for organizations. We understand the requirement and provide superior results to our clients that are secured, faster, and bug-free.

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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years