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Security Token Offering (STO)

Get easy access to enormous investors with security token offering

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About Security Token Offering

STO is an effective method of collecting funds to initiate a new project or business in the market. This technique is a secured and profitable fundraising trick that has been adopted by several entrepreneurs.

Blockchain technology plays a vital role in offering security, transparency, and reliability to the process. Transferring the data and storing it becomes easier with the use of this technology.

Security tokens are a virtual currency treated as a share of the company to act as a security patch for the invested money.

Security tokens empower investors with financial rights such as:

  • Dividends

  • Profit sharing

  • Equity

  • Buy-back rights

Different STO

Equity Token

When the investors are assigned the equity tokens, they get the right to vote and finalize a decision for the company.

Debt Token

Raising funds is easier with the dept token. You can offer the users a security token with an assurance of repayment of the invested funds.

Asset Tokenization

Physical assets such as gold or art can be used for offering security tokens to investors. They will be backing up the STO.

Different Asset tokens

Stable Coins

Stable coin maintains their value around one USD and is one of the secured trading coins.


The artists can get benefitted from the tokenization of their unique art pieces by converting them to digital assets and availing complete ownership over them.


The commercial properties after tokenization become easily accessible and effortless investment opportunities.

Illiquid Asset

All the assets are not able to be converted to fiat money the illiquid assets can raise the value and volume of the assets.

Mining Repository

It is an appropriate token for the industry offering the features of physical assets in it.

Venture Capital Funds

The holders are offered to track the funds they have invested with ease without contacting the third party.

STO services by Zeligz web store

Our team of developers put their proficiency in developing the most prominent STO services for our clients.

Blockchain technology has offered an enhancement to tokenization as they are now able to provide liquidity that was not previously available.

We offer support to our clients throughout and after the development process has been completed. It helps them to launch their platform with precision.

STO Development

The Ethereum blockchain technology offers the benefits with the ERC-20 technology using which several benefits can be availed. The higher expense on the gas fee and the network congestions makes the system slower and costly.

We are offering the development of blockchain and smart contracts that can overcome these issues faced by using traditional blockchain technologies.

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STO Exchange Platform

Our team of developers offers expert services for developing exchange platforms using essential security features and advanced functionalities.

Development of secured and easily exchangeable tokens is possible with the help of advanced technologies being introduced in the market.

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STO Marketing

To ensure the success of your crowdfunding system, a result-driven marketing strategy is a must-have. The more people your campaign reaches, the more investors will be able to participate and help you in gathering funds.

Our team of experts in marketing and blockchain technology will work together to create the best strategy to help you achieve your goals.

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Tokenized Asset Offerings (TAO) Development

The options of automated KYC and AML, authentications, and transparency by the tokenized asset help in the adoption of blockchain technology.

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Equity Token Offering (ETO) Development

Equity Token Offering offers the benefits for the organizations to convert their assets to digital forms to raise funds with the crowdfunding technique. ETO funding provides the right for voting in the system.

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Characteristics of tokenization

Programmable Equity

Fractionalization of larger assets

Increase in Liquidity

Automated SEC Compliant

Secure Wallet

Global Capital Investment

Greater market efficiency

No Intermediaries

Customized Blockchain

Tailored Smart Contracts

Advantages offered by Tokenization

Automated Dividends
Voting Rights
Profit Share Rights
Buyback Rights
Cash Flow
Holdings in another fund