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Ensure your growth with an advanced Decentralized Exchange platform

A step towards success with a decentralized exchange platform similar to PancakeSwap developed by Zeligz web store.

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Cryptocurrency has transformed the digital environment with its uniqueness and power. An increasing number of industries or companies are adopting this technique as a payment method for their services which is contributing to the popularity of the decentralized currency. Decentralized exchange platforms are usually used as a mode of transactions for cryptocurrency. Several types of cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin can be traded on those platforms. The use of blockchain technology makes the process of transactions transparent and secured. A decentralized environment does not include interference of a third party, therefore, the process is entirely controlled by the users. The decentralized platforms are not dependent only on certain blockchain technology but numerous other blockchain protocols can be used in the development. Decentralized exchange platforms are in huge demand in the current scenario as cryptocurrency is attracting several people to invest and gain massive benefits.

PancakeSwap is among the widely used decentralized exchange platforms available in the market. They have an enormous number of individuals connected to the platform that trade cryptocurrency regularly. Our professional team can develop a platform that resembles PancakeSwap using superior techniques and with complete precision.

About the PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap, the decentralized exchange platform is admired by a considerable number of individuals to trade, earn and win. Currently, it tops the list of the most used platform in the crypto industry. The platform is built on the Binance smart chain, thus, the transactions fee is comparatively less than the platforms using Ethereum blockchain. The users have full control over their funds while trading on the platform.

How does PancakeSwap Platform work?

PancakeSwap works using the Automated Marketing Maker technology. Firstly the user makes the investment, further becoming a liquidity provider in the pool. Afterward, the platform specifies the crypto tokens of the participant. The next step involves the integration of the crypto wallet into the platform. Now the users can store their coins in a secured environment to trade them whenever required. The platform defines the type of cryptocurrency to be traded as the users can trade distinct cryptocurrency tokens. This is a simple way using which the users can trade various cryptocurrencies. The process is validated and trading is initiated by the platform.

Why should you consider PancakeSwap as an ideal choice to develop your exchange platform?

The inappropriate aspects of the Ethereum blockchain such as extremely high transaction fees and slower speed are easily recognized as the technology is being adopted by a large number of platforms. However, these complications can be resolved by using different types of blockchain technologies to build exchange platforms. The PancakeSwap is build using the Binance smart chain, resulting in smoothening of the entire process of transactions by charging lower fees as well as accelerating the process. The crypto audience admires the comfort of quicker processes and less fee, thus, preferring to begin their trading on such platforms.

Advantages you will avail by owning a DEX like PancakeSwap

The platform that is built using the Binance smart chain is considered to be far superior to another exchange platform. Here is the list of benefits one will get:

  • Affordable gas charges
  • Smoother and faster transactions
  • Use of Smart contract
  • Secured swapping and trade of different coins
  • Cross-chain opportunity
  • Super high yields
  • Control over staked assets

Development of the finest Decentralized Exchange platform

Decentralized exchange platforms offer the lacking properties in the centralized finance platforms such as peer-to-peer transactions without the involvement of any authority. Complete control and transparency are provided to the users. Developing a platform like PancakeSwap may provide you an edge over the existing competitors in the market. The Binance smart chain can enhance the user experience of the platform along with offering lower transaction fees which is a significant offering to drive massive traffic. The use of the AMM model can enhance the DEX functionality of the platform with its exceptional services making the platform smoother and uncomplicated. There are certain ways for the users to take an advantage of earning profit with different techniques.

Analysis of the PancakeSwap platform is done in-depth to ensure accuracy in the development process. The requirements of the clients are merged along with the features and functionalities of the PancakeSwap decentralized exchange platform. Alternation or customization of the platform can be done however required by the clients. The development of the swapping procedure is done for the users to exchange their cryptocurrencies. If required, NFTs trading can also be integrated into the platform to make it more desirable. In the prevailing time, Non-fungible tokens are ruling the crypto industry with their interesting services. NFTs can contribute to drastically elevate the revenue generation of the platform. Smart contracts are deployed on the blockchain with accuracy to automate the validation processes.

Launching the DEX platform with the below-mentioned features

Lottery scheme

Just like in the PancakeSwap, we combine the lottery scheme in the DEX platform. It provides an opportunity for the users to win additional tokens by participating in the program.

Transactions Tracking

This feature offers the users the privilege to trace the transaction instantly whenever needed.

Integration of NFT marketplace

As we install the feature to trade NFTs on the platform, it makes the DEX act as an NFT marketplace.


It is a great opportunity for the users to stake their coins and earn a considerable amount of passive money effortlessly.

Automated Market Makers (AMM)

The platform is based on the AMM technique that permits the participants to interact with the liquidity pool without any restrictions.

Initial Farm Offering

The users are allowed to take part in the selling of exclusively developed tokens with Initial farm offering support.

Conveniently Trading

The DEX platform is extremely user-friendly, enabling users to trade their native tokens without hassle.

Wallet Integration

To make the trading experience superior, the DEX platform allows the integration of multiple wallets.

Payment Method

We use the payment gateways in the platform that provide high flexibility to the users.

Using above mentioned functionalities and tools, we develop an outstanding decentralized platform that is superior in every aspect. A high-quality platform is developed by the professional team at Zeligz web store.

  • Conceptualize strategyMetaMask

  • Implement strategy TrustWallet

  • Analyze results Math Wallet

  • Analyze results Binance Chain Wallet

  • Analyze results SafePal Wallet

  • Analyze results Token Pocket

Scope of developing a DEX platform like PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap platform has provided convenience to several individuals seeking a reliable platform to begin trading cryptocurrency. This platform has various superior features that make it outshine other crypto exchanges. pancakeSwap provides better transparency, security, and transaction speed as compared to others. Binance smart chain helps the platform to achieve superiority over other DEX, most of which are using Ethereum blockchain. PancakeSwap platform's current popularity indicates its immense demand in the upcoming time. The tools like Automatic marketing maker, staking protocol, and lottery scheme provide the platform exceptional supremacy.

Why choose Zeligz web store for developing Decentralized Exchange platform?

Get the best in the industry services to develop a flawless Decentralized exchange platform. Zeligz web store provides exceptionally admirable services with an outstanding design, integration of advanced security features, and robust functionality. Our services include:

  • Our experts offer the development of decentralized exchanges using distinct blockchain technologies such as TRON, Binance Smart chain, Ethereum, and many more.
  • The skilled team of developers ensures complete accuracy in the development process of the Decentralized platform like PancakeSwap.
  • The development of smart contracts that are managed by the customization of the users.
  • The marketing strategies we provide can help our clients to beat the competition in the market.
  • Our flexible support to the clients eases the development process as well as the post-development complications.
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years