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Development of an exclusive NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea

Get your OpenSea like NFT marketplace ready with our impeccable services.

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NON-fungible tokens offer

NFTs are the virtual representation of the unique assets that may be artwork, an entertaining video, or anything unique that can be tokenized. Most of the cryptocurrencies are different from other non-fungible cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, due to the unique assets and value of each NFT. That's the reason for their immense success and popularity in the crypto world. NFTs use blockchain technology to achieve tight security that makes it reliable for the users.

NFTs are traded in a similar way to other cryptocurrencies using exchange platforms. However, NFT Marketplace is the platform that is being used widely to trade NFTs. Some exceptional features and services of the NFT marketplace make it the superior option to begin trading NFTs.

The NFT marketplace

NFT Marketplace can be expressed as an exclusive platform that is popular and used by enormous people to trade NFTs. Just like all the cryptocurrencies, it also uses blockchain technology for high-grade security. NFT platforms are developing rapidly and different types of Marketplaces have been already being used widely in the market.

Different types of NFT Marketplaces

Below are some of the types of NFT Marketplaces:

Open Platform

This platform offers an opportunity to trade all the NFTs regardless of their type. The NFTs like audio clips, videos, art, and many more can be traded on it. Rarible and Opensea are a few widely Marketplaces currently.


Rarible is being used extensively to trade the NFTs. It has a token named RARI of its own using which the users can vote on several platforms. The platform was built using blockchain technology to provide a shield of protection to digital assets. The features and services of this platform are user-friendly and attractive that makes it stand out from the rest.

Exclusive Platform

This platform is restricted to the trading of particular types of NFTs. Foundation and SuperRare are two examples of exclusive platforms that are popular in the market.


Foundation is a recently launched platform that allows the trading of art collectibles. It has gain immense popularity soon after it was introduced due to the unique features it has. The creators or artists can invite their fellow artists to join the platform for minting the NFTs. The sellers can begin their auction to sell their items at higher values.

Nifty Gateway

An immense number of artists are following this platform currently. Nifty Gateway intended to make the reach of the trading system of art assets to a large audience. The reason for its massive growth was its collaboration with famous artists.

Open Protocol

It is a marketplace that has been developed to bring more traffic while focusing on network congestion during transactions of NFTs. Zora is one of the Open Protocol Marketplace.


SuperRare, a fusion of a social media platform and an NFT marketplace is a P2P marketplace developed using Ethereum blockchain platform. The significance of the SuperRare platform is the trading it offers for digital artworks.


It is an open Marketplace that provides the privilege to trade all kinds of NFTs. Firstly introduced in 2018, the platform has become one of t commonly used the platform to sell and buy a variety of digital assets. Some of the assets that are traded on the platform are video clips, trading cards, audio files, and much more.


Zora, the decentralized auction portal built on Ethereum blockchain that creates a market as ERC-721. Each portal of media is developed with the feature of a transparent pool of bids.

Creation Your Own OpenSea like NFT Marketplace

Zeligz web store’s professionals in NFT marketplace development have expertise in NFT marketplace development. We have already delivered a range of different NFT development services to our clients. Considering every detail given by the clients, we customize the Marketplace according to their requirements. Our team works with full precision to reflect every change or feature in the platform as required by the customers. While developing an NFT marketplace like OpenSea, we understand and implement every functionality and design with full accuracy.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace

OpenSea is one of the widely used platforms of open market type. This platform can be used to make transactions for entire digital assets. Being one of the most desirable platforms in the crypto market, several industries have already developed a similar marketplace to gain popularity and many are in the queue to build a platform that resembles OpenSea.

How does OpenSea NFT Marketplace work?

It is a simple-to-use platform where an individual is able to buy and sell assets conveniently. Both the selling and purchasing processes vary from each other.


There are two different methods of buying digital assets. With the first one, the users can buy the assets by joining the bidding process and another option is to accept the listed price for the item. The buyer gets an email to confirm their bid.


The selling section is the imitation of a social media platform where the participants can select the account and choose the item they are willing to sell. Afterward, the selection of price and the offer is done. The service fees of the platform are charged when an item is successfully sold.

OpenSea NFT Marketplace’s scope in the market

OpenSea is a significant part of the NFT and crypto world as it is the early adopter of NFTs. OpenSea has always been a preferable platform for the masses to trade their digital assets. No other competitor platform in the market has been able to beat OpenSea marketplace in its services.

The popularity of OpenSea seems to elevate much higher than in the prevailing time. There are certain features and services offered by OpenSea enable it to outshine others. One of the most attractive services is the ability of transactions for approximately 4 million collectibles.

What do we include in the NFT marketplace development?

There are two major techniques that we use in our development cycle of OpenSea like the NFT marketplace.

MetaData API

In order to create, update or customize the provided data, we use MetaData API. We ensure the modification or customization of the platform without interrupting the data. This technique is the simplest one and makes the entire development process of a marketplace similar to the OpenSea, much easier.

Our services for OpenSea like NFT Marketplace

These are the salient features provided by our NFT marketplace development company


Applying filters to find out a particular item or collectible can make it convenient for the users to get what they want easily. The filter can be applied in various things such as on the payment method, category, or price.


This feature is a crucial part of the NFT marketplace as the users can get the desired information regarding a particular item they are interested in. Other data such as the bids, the ownership, or the price can also be accessed using it.


Integration of an auction portal in the marketplace is the trendiest feature in today’s era. It makes it unchallenging for the seller and buyers to use the platform. The seller can get a considerable value for their assets and the buyers can bid as well as track the status of the bid.


The process of adding the digital assets becomes easier when the owner of NFts can list their items effortlessly. The listed collectibles will be managed by the platform to keep them stable.

Digital Wallet

Without a digital wallet, the Marketplace is uncompleted. To make sure that users can send, receive and maintain crypto coins and NFts, digital wallets are integrated.


The Rating option in a platform provides a clear picture of the quality of a product. Users can purchase the best assets by reviewing the rating on the collectibles.

English Auction Listing

This traditional auction type allows the users to place a bid with the lowest price. This structure helps in raising the price of the assets as the new bids are placed and the highest bid wins at the end.


This is a feature through which rewards can be earned. Whenever the marketplace is referred to another listing, the user gets a bounty.

Why Zeligz web store is ideal for Developing an NFT Marketplace like OpenSea?

We, at Zeligz web store, provide the finest NFT development services in the industry. From planning to deliver the platform, we ensure full transparency and involvement of our clients to achieve full accuracy in the work. Our team is dedicated to making use of every advanced feature and technology to develop a user-friendly and highly secured platform. Our professionals have expertise in the development of blockchain-related platforms that make them capable of building distinct types of NFT marketplaces. Integration of certain unique features makes our developed services outshine other service providers. Not only while the development cycle, but we offer support to our clients even when the work has been delivered. We are readily available to customize or alter the features, UI, or functionality of the Marketplace according to the desire of the clients.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years