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Decentralized Finance Dapp Development Services

Offer your users, an easily approachable decentralized application with certain security features, immutability, and transparency.

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DeFi Dapp development services by Zeligz web store

The innovation of the crypto world including blockchain technology and decentralized finance is unstoppable in today’s time. Now the introduction of DeFi applications provides a convenience to the investors to quickly access those services anywhere and anytime using their smartphones. Every business upon expanding its reach offers better and superior options for its users. Dapps are currently being developed by several companies to offer better services to their users.

Decentralized apps have no involvement of third parties thus provide a peer-to-peer process of trading. DeFi applications use smart contracts to provide a rapid process with the automation provided by mostly Ethereum Blockchain. The industry has witnessed numerous types of platforms including exchanges, lending and borrowing, and betting platforms serving commendable services to crypto investors.

You can offer your customers a superior platform with high-quality services from the Zeligz web store. We can help our clients in building an advanced Dapp with the trendiest features available on the platform. Merging the requirements of the clients with our finest services, we ensure the success of the clients in the market.

Decentralized applications

The decentralized applications are based on blockchain technology and do not involve third-party authorities to control them. Unlike a traditional application where there is a certain organization or authority managing and controlling the application, the Dapps are able to run on peer-to-peer networks or blockchain technology without a single entity controlling them.

They have a decentralized environment, thus, the data and information are stored on the public blockchain. These Dapps provide a platform with lesser risks, bugs, and interruptions for the users in the functionality as the apps are built using Ethereum technology. The users can earn rewards while using these apps.

The features and services integrated into the Dapps

Currently, the decentralized finance sector is flooded with different types of protocols that can be used in developing different sorts of Dapps. Below are a few well-known and widely used protocols.

Lending and borrowing platforms

Yield farming

Liquidity mining


Decentralized Finances




Prediction markets

Money legos

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

What makes Dapps different from other Traditional Apps?


The most obvious difference between the Dapp and traditional applications is that Dapps do not have the involvement of a central authority, unlike other applications.


Decentralized applications are built using blockchain technology that makes the data unchangeable after the programming and integration are done.


The development stages of both types of applications are different as for the Dapps, trust and scalability are important aspects. Whereas, traditional apps consider less reliance on third parties as a crucial aspect.


A bug-free and high-quality traditional application have to be ensured with an adequate testing system. Similarly, in the Dapps, testing has to be done accurately as the smart contracts cannot be altered after launching it.


Personal data is required in traditional applications for the registration process. On the other hand, Dapps do not require any ID for the verification.


The Dapps provide more transparency as compared to other traditional apps due to the use of blockchain networks where they can have access to the details of the transactions.

A few popular Dapps in the industry


It is among the most popular Dapps providing loans to users with a certain interest rate. The platform has its stablecoin named DAI.


The platform is being used widely by crypto investors to transform real-life assets into crypto assets.


This is a lending platform that allows users to lend their crypto assets to gain profit with the interest rate on the assets. The borrowers on the platform can borrow assets if required.


It is not a completely decentralized platform offering a platform to lend and borrow at a pre-decided rate of interest.


This platform is also providing the services of lending and borrowing in one place. All the assets are managed securely on the platform.


This platform is quite popular and allows its users to swap the ERC-20 and ETH token using the liquidity pools.



Another widely used platform offering an opportunity for the users to trade, lend and borrow in a decentralized environment.

Benefits offered by Dapps

  • Smart contracts are a crucial part of the Dapps. After the successful integration of the contracts, the Dapp is ready to serve the users its exceptional features. Afterward, it cannot be altered or modified.
  • The Dapps does not require to be given the nation's Id or other personal information.
  • As the data is stored on the algorithms and cryptography, immutable and indisputable properties can be achieved. The data relating to the transactions are secured on blockchain technology.
  • Dapps provides security features and a smooth experience with the use of blockchain and smart contracts.
  • The decentralized applications are open-source. These applications may have a central authority to decide on the changes being done on the platform.
  • The platform provides a high speed due to the elimination of the intermediates.
  • The data of the Dapps are stored on the public ledger due to the decentralization.
  • The Dapps are distributed and it is difficult to close them. Whereas centralized apps can be shut down easily.
  • The platform makes a highly transparent environment for the users. No personal data of the users is accessed by the platform.
  • Anyone can develop and launch their Dapps in the market among several users if required.
  • The decentralized apps are interoperable which enables one Dapp to be created on another Dapp.

Development of an exclusive Dapp with our services at Zeligz web store

The decentralized applications are undoubtedly one of the rapidly growing platforms in the crypto industry. These platforms are not only a wonderful place for the users to earn a huge profit but an opportunity for the owner of the platform to take advantage of the growing popularity. The statistics of the investments being done in the decentralized platforms are a piece of evidence for the immensely rapid development of the platforms. It indicates the individuals of this time to be appropriate for launching your platform to gain instant recognition and success.

We are an expert in Defi application development services. We are offering a variety of services including the platforms such as lending and borrowing platforms, DeFi smart contract development, Yield farming, and many others. Our team of developers is dedicated to achieve full accuracy, high security, innovation in the design, and an overall high-quality platform. We work with different types of blockchain technologies such as Ethereum, TRON, Binance Smart Chain, and many others to get the best functionality for the Dapp. We have already guided our clients towards the path of success with our highly efficient platform development services. Contact us to get the best in the industry services for a desirable platform with a super high engagement rate.

Get in touch with us soon to learn more about designing and launching your own DeFi Dapp with our prolific Dapp Development Company.

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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years