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1inch DEX Aggregator Development

Step into the DeFi world with the exceptionally commendable DEX platform like 1inch. Offer your customers a smooth and inexpensive experience of swapping tokens with our powerful platform.

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Developing a 1inch exchange platform

The DeFi industry is being admired massively by a large group of individuals due to the wonderful features they are being offered by the platforms such as a decentralized exchange. With the removal of the third parties or central authorities, the platform offered more control to the users and a secured platform to rely on. Smart contracts make the process of transactions much faster and economical. Afterward, an exclusive and better protocol rises named, 1inch DEX aggregator.

To make the swapping better and more economical, different exchanges are combined in one place. The users can save their time to be consumed by checking out different exchanges to figure out the best price.

The protocol has several features and advanced functionalities to build a dynamic DEX aggregator.

Decentralized Exchanges and DEX aggregators

The decentralized exchange has revolutionized the crypto industry with its superior features. Eliminating the third parties, the platform offers a peer-to-peer trading opportunity for the users. The platform has a negligible risk of fraud or loss of the funds on the platform even in case of system failures. The users of the platform are permitted to access their funds however required. The popularity of the platform touches new heights with such incredible features.

DEX aggregation is a new concept that brought several features to the existing system. To make it effortless for the users to find the best exchange platform with a lower fee and high performance, this idea was proposed. Now, the users can get the desired platform conveniently without spending enormous time figuring it out manually. With DEX aggregate, the users got additional functionalities such as they can managing the slippage, getting the coin at good prices, swapping tokens, reducing the number of failures in transactions, and a few others. 1inch is an exchange platform that offers all of these exceptional features to its users.

Significance of 1inch in the DeFi world

1inch is an exchange platform that offers all the features associated with a DEX aggregator. It combines several exchange platforms in one place and makes it simple for the users to get the best among those. The 1inch platform gets the liquidity among various exchange platforms and breaks the trade transaction among different decentralized platforms. The volume and funding of the platform are growing rapidly to new heights.

The list of extraordinary features of 1inch includes another appreciable aspect that the process is non-custodial and the entire set of transactions being occurred is merged into a single transaction on the user’s Ethereum wallet. A reduced level of slippage on the platform makes it user-friendly. Offering a wide range of features, this platform has become the most desired platform in the industry. The developers at Zeligz web store, being an expert in the field can help you achieve accuracy and quality in such a platform.

What makes the 1inch platform gain exceptional features than other DEXs

Liquidity Pools

The users of the 1inch platform can build and run the liquidity pools to gain profit for it. The entire process is super convenient for the users. The platform allows its users to contribute to the liquidity of the pools. Whenever the transactions are carried out, the owner of the pool as well as the liquidity providers get a certain amount of benefits from it. Several liquidity protocol formulas are used to supervise and adjust the pool's parameters.


The users or the members of the 1inch, who own the 1inch token, get some rights to decide the alterations or modifications of the 1inch protocol. The token holders get the right to take a part in voting in the 1inch network for either the 1inch liquidity protocol or the 1inch governance aggregation. The users in the platform are given different rights to perform various tasks related to the platform.


Several crypto users have taken notice of yield farming thanks to the 1inch protocol. The users who are contributing to the liquidity of several pools are rewarded with Governance tokens. Several exclusive yield farming programs have been introduced by the 1inch network to enhance the governance process. Given that 1inch farming programs produced an average annual yield of 300 percent for farmers, farming in the 1inch protocol might be considered a profitable decision for your users.

About the 1INCH token

1INCH is the native governance token of the 1inch DEX aggregator. The main objective for the launch of this token is to govern all of the 1inch protocols as well as be an exclusive process of governance in the DeFi industry. 1inch network realized that the governance tokens are not built to fulfill the only requirement that is making a decision regarding an upgrade in the protocol. The 1inch protocol spread the information of different uses of holding the 1INCH protocol. Some of the advantages offered by the token are listed below:

  • The aggregation protocol governance permits the owners of the tokens to vote for deciding on the settings of the platform.
  • The liquidity protocol governance benefits the users or the liquidity providers with bonus points on achieving volatility in the pool.
  • Certain alterations under the DAO model to make the process more user-friendly are done using instant governance.
  • The token holders and liquidity providers are given the opportunity to finalize the reward, commissions and many other crucial aspects.
  • The liquidity providers associated with different pools can be rewarded with 1INCH tokens.

A smooth experience while trading on 1inch protocol

The unusual features of the 1inch platform make it an outstanding choice to trade cryptocurrencies in the current scenario to gain a commendable user experience and several other benefits. The development of such a platform can ensure your success in this competitive world. The process of the 1inch platform is described below:

  • Soon after connecting the wallet to the platform, the users can initiate the trading. It is up to the users which wallet they would prefer to connect to the platform to access its services. One of the examples of MetaMask wallet.
  • The transaction details, Ethereum address, and the option to disconnect the wallet are available for the users upon successful connection of the wallet.
  • The users select the coin they want to trade and the coin they would exchange it for, then the trading begins.
  • The users get an option to apply a filter for choosing a platform with the topmost returns and fewer gas fees. After choosing this option, the platform with the same features will be displayed to the user.
  • There are a few splendid features that allow the users to change the settings for the slippage tolerance, view comparison tables among different decentralized exchange platforms.
  • After choosing the setting of the user’s choice, the swapping process is initiated with the highest possible benefits.

We ensure that the users of the platforms have the best experience of availing of your services. We include several crucial features to attain this functionality.

Why 1inch DEX aggregator progress in DeFi.

The 1inch protocol is popular due to immense features that are not being offered by most other DEX platforms in the DeFi world. Below are the significant features:

  • 1inch has an innovative user interface that improves the engagement rate.
  • The non-custodial exchange ensures the trading of cryptocurrencies freely.
  • The liquidity is offered by the 1inch exchange as well as the cost of using different decentralized exchange platforms.
  • The funds of the users are not held by the protocol itself but the wallet connected to the platform is responsible to hold the funds. Users have full control over their funds and they can decide when to begin trading.
  • There is no need for a KYC regulation to be used on the platform.
  • There is a negligible risk for the hackers to successfully attack the platform as the data and funds are not stored in the protocol.
  • The users have to only pay the gas fees while using the platform. Other expenses such as withdrawal payments are present on the platform.
  • It is a perfect place for the people who are just beginning their journey in the DeFi.
  • The platform can be accessed by users all across the world as several ERC-20 wallets such as Metamask and Trust wallet can be integrated with the 1inch.

1inch DEX aggregator protocol development by Zeligz web store

Lack of liquidity is one of the biggest concerns in the DeFi industry currently. However, the 1inch protocol is being a savior by providing the solution by splitting the orders through different exchange platforms. Our team at Zeligz web store provides advanced solutions to develop a precise platform that rectifies the existing problems being faced by the users of other platforms.

We have been working on several distinct DeFi projects for years. We help our clients to gain recognition in the market with a platform that can attract immense traffic. We offer full customization of the platform according to the needs of the clients. The innovation of our creative team can help in designing and developing an advanced and trend-setting platform in the market. Get in contact with our team to avail the best services in the market and ensure your success.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years