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Smart pole services for modernization in urban lifestyle

Establish a smart residential area by installing highly effective smart poles. Get customized services from our experts for satisfactory results.

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Smart poles for a smart environment

The formation of smart cities is on the rise at the prevailing time. Using advanced technology and smart solutions, several tasks of managing the city have been modified to achieve efficiency. Smart poles and the lighting structure facilitates communication among different parties in an area. The entities such as educational institutes, hospitals, law enforcement, and many others are regulated using these smart poles. Traffic monitoring, smart hospitals and schooling, emergency control, and other city management and regulations are done using these smart poles. These smart solutions do not only offer the solution for the regulation of a city but also offer a comfortable and hassle-free environment to the citizens. The advanced solutions offered by the smart poles are being considered the future technology for the development of urban areas. Some recorded reports have suggested a considerable growth in the development using these smart solutions. Better connectivity and communication among different parts of the city can facilitate a well-organized environment. The need while establishing the smart poles is, to choose the right technology and solutions to get the best possible results.

Benefits offered by the smart poles

Parking and Charging of Drone

A charging point is built on the upper part of the smart poles that can be utilized to easily charge the drones that are being used to monitor activities of the city. Moreover, the superior design of the smart poles can also be used as parking spaces for drones.

5G compatible

The smart tower is 5G ready using the small cell for building a smooth connection in the network. The highly effective digital structure of the smart poles uses the power of the smart poles.

Smart Street Lightning

Street lights include sensors that detect weather conditions and natural light. They can be merged with solar panels to make sure the saving of energy.


The smart poles are embedded with the cameras used for monitoring traffic or other activities in the city. The cameras offer the privilege to analyze the flow of vehicles, detecting violations of rules and others.

Digital Signage

The potential of AI helps in offering solutions for installing digital signs using attractive displays. Relevancy of the content is ensured by analyzing the viewer’s choices.

Environmental sensors

The sensors are used to analyze environmental attributes such as temperature, noise pollution, air quality, and many others. This helps in maintaining and resolving environmental issues.

Guidance Kiosk

This may help especially the tourists to find out the maps, weather conditions, famous locations, contacts for emergency and others. This technology makes provides the convenience of moving around the city easily.

Panic point or alarm

The smart poles contain a button that can be used in the situation of an emergency of any kind. The users can raise a concern simply by using a phone call.

Electric vehicle Charging Point

Electric vehicles such as electric cars, rickshaws, and other vehicles can be charged using the integrated charging points on the smart poles.

USB Charging

The smart towers have the USB charging option where individuals can charge their respective devices.

Solar Panels

The solar panel of the smart poles is an essential part that generates electric power with a certain process to be used for the fulfillment of the power consumption of the smart pole.

WiFi Hotspot

The smart poles enable individuals to have access to Wifi through an internet access point. They can enjoy a smooth and limitless internet facility. It is one of the most admired features of the smart poles.

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What are the benefits of opting for our smart poles services?

Environmental conditions analysis

The sensors integrated into the smart poles help in assessing the weather conditions, pollution, and other environmental factors precisely. After finding all the issues, an appropriate solution can be created accordingly. The problems such as noise pollution, poor air quality, and higher emission rates can be reduced with suitable solutions.

A robust city management

The smart poles help in the regulation and management of the city effortlessly with their amazing features. The services such as smart parking management, traffic control, surveillance, and many other tasks are done with ease with the benefits of the smart poles. Monitoring and keeping the rules and regulations in the city becomes a simplified task.

Smart pole for smart cities

A smart pole is not just a simple pole but it is integrated with various features to be used for several purposes. The AI and IoT devices are enabled to enhance functionality and offer advanced features. These features can modify the towers to make them multi-functional which will provide several benefits to the residents of the city.

Quick Emergency response

The smart poles have the features such as a panic button that can be used in the situation of an emergency. The situation will be handled effectively by the authorities and responded to with rapid action. This can reduce the amount of negative impact caused by unfavorable conditions.

Revenue generation

The smart poles do not only offer countless features and facilities for the smart city but they can be utilized to earn a considerable amount of revenue. The options such as the digital signages can be used to show an advertisement of a company that will pay for displaying it. Moreover, the 5G internet facility may also be an effective way to earn some funds.


Different areas that can get benefitted from the smart poles

The smart poles can facilitate offering a smart environment and management in numerous places such as the cities, hospitals, educational organizations, offices, and many others. The internet facilities and charging points enable individuals to have effortless access to digital platforms which has become a need of the hour.

Urban cities
Corporate offices
Educational institutions
Railway/ Metro stations
Crowded public places

Why you must trust Zeligz web store services for smart poles development?

Saves energy

The smart poles have their own solar panels that generate the electric power required to run different functions of the poles. The street lights use the energy appropriately, thus resulting in less consumption of electricity.


The smart contracts consist of numerous functionalities to be used in creating smart poles. The power of AI and IoT helps in effectively developing solutions that work perfectly.

Modular design

The smart poles offered by us are can be upgraded or altered easily. Therefore, whenever a new technology or functionality is introduced, it can be integrated effortlessly without a hassle.

Faster and simple deployment

The smart poles can be installed in a small period. The easy installment of the smart poles makes it easy to deploy various smart poles at a time. Converting an area to a smart one, only a small period is required.


The smart poles are able to be customized according to the requirement of an individual. The AI and IoT capabilities can be customized to alter or modify the features installed in the smart poles. The appearance of the poles can also be changed as preferred such as modifying the color, height, or style of the tower.


The smart poles are scalable which means they can be modified easily if required in the future. The adoption of new technologies and features is easier to be installed in the smart poles.

Smart poles, offering a reliable way to modify your city

We offer high-quality smart poles development services that lack nothing to provide a smart and secure environment for the residents of the area. Get ready to gain the services within a small period.

Services at Zeligz web store

We are among the best smart poles development service providers across the world. The innovation and creativity of the team make it easy to come up with suitable solutions. We analyze and consider the main problems in the city management and other problems and offer the appropriate solutions that can be resolved easily. Our skilled team is experienced and has considerable knowledge about the advanced technologies, AI, and IoT tools that can be utilized to provide the smart poles that are ideal in appearance as well as functionality.

Flexible customer support


Transparent development procedure

Expertise in development

Easy and faster installment

Economical service charges


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