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ETO (Equity Token Offering) Development Services

Avail expert services for professionals offer expert services for Equity token offering.

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Equity Token Platform Development Services

The Equity Financing of the latest groups is not an unusual place exercise to dilute stocks to elevate capital. The conventional approach includes the present shareholders diluting the business enterprise for brand spanking new traders to elevate capital in numerous rounds. There are tiers in fairness token primarily based finance; Private Locked up Stage and Public Liquidity Stage. You can maintain the shares as non-dilutable in the course of the lock-in period. The tokens are to be had for traders thru Equity Token Offering(ETOs).

ETO improvement is commonly executed to elevate capital thru percentage dilution. Current shareholders in a corporation dilute their holdings so that sparkling buyer can infuse new capital thru more than one round of funding. There are stages in equity-primarily based financing — public liquidity level and personal locked upstage. Over the lock-in period, the inventory may be retained as non-dilutable. The tokens are allotted to buyers through Equity Token Offerings (ETOs).

Here are the benefits for the investors:

  • Voting for the crucial platforms
  • Automatic distribution,
  • Repayment for the investors,
  • Share of the company,
  • Getting other funds,
  • Cash flow.

Types of Equity Tokens

Dilutable Tokens

You can authorize to create a variety of stock, however, launch on part of it to the traders and shareholders. The ultimate unissued shares may be used for later sale. Only whilst all unissued stocks are bought is whilst the prevailing shareholders have diluted their stocks. The quantity of tokens represents the number of stocks withinside the employer that is etched on a clever contract. As the employer grows the stakeholders with the aid of using the investor reduces, however, the stake is greater valuable.

Non-Dilutable Tokens

The Non-dilutable tokens are the shares of the company in form of a token. The individuals have the shares of the companies as long as there are the assigned tokens in their wallets. The non-dilutable tokens offer the users to have a part of the company without diluting the tokens.

Equity token’s characteristics


The liquidity of the tokens is elevated using the dilutable equity tokens. For a year, the equity offering can be reserved by the investors.

Stable Wallet

The wallet is developed with essential security tolls to ensure high-grade security for the wallet.

Risk-free Investment

The institutions or organizations can trust and rely on the equity tokens to step into the community of the crypto traders.

Coding the Equity

The tokens allow the users to manage the assets using the programming tools.

Better Efficiency

It offers a reliable place for the widely popular investor. The use of modern solutions makes it reliable.

Eliminates third parties

The middlemen are eliminated in the process providing transparency and security to the process.

Blockchain technology

The use of blockchain technology while building the equity tokens, give the users better control and access.

Legally reliable

Considering all the legal aspects, we develop according to those rules to eliminate legal complications.

Backend Dashboard

The admin of the platform gets a panel where he can manage and control all the statistics and data effectively.


Self-acting Dividends

The Profit gained by the users will be sent to the investors through their wallets. The wallet is secured with certain security features.

Voting opportunities

The investors are going to get the chance to vote and participate in different crucial decisions to be made.


The organizations will be purchasing the shares from the investors at the market rate.

Cash Flow

The cash flow of the company is stored on immutable smart contracts. It makes the profits, tokens transparent for the investors.

Taking the funds

The equity tokens are stored and handled the funds with ease.

Revenue Shares

The investors can share the company’s revenue using the token and directly depositing it.