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Security Token Offering Development

Security Tokens in Legally Compliant Framework!

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Security Token Development

Security token development, an exclusive popular token that is used widely for raising funds in the crypto industry. The development of the token is according to federal security law. The system is far more trustable than other fundraising techniques.

Security tokens are the assets that are validated with the Howey test. These tokens are reliable and offer high security to investors. These tokens help in gaining traffic as they are trustable and users will be confident while investing their money.

We are offering leading services in the crypto industry. Our team of developers has delivered several projects that were proved to be lucrative for their business. The tokens are built on the distributed ledger and we are expert blockchain development services providers.

Here are the offerings of STO:

  • Dividends

  • Profit sharing

  • Equity

  • Buy-back rights

Security Token Offering

The technique is being used for raising funds with the help of institutional investors. Blockchain technology offers its benefits such as a transparent and trustable system with automation in transactions and security.

Smart contracts, the pre-determined conditioned programmed on the distributed ledger can make the process smooth and faster. The token holders are privileged with some crucial rights on the platform.

Zeligz web store helps in developing the best in the industry services with hands-on experience in developing tokens.

We are dedicated to making effective development services for our clients. We can help you get the secured STO services from our developers.

Security Token Technology

The Ethereum Blockchain with ERC-20 does not suffice the requirements of the securities backed tokens. The major issues include gas prices, congestion in the networks and protocol issues. To overcome the issues, Zeligz Web Store develops customized scalable blockchain and smart contracts to fit the requirements either on Ethereum or Hyperledger or Stellar.

Here are some amazing features of the Security token technology offered by us:


We offer token development services that are embedded with the features of reissuing the tokens when the investors lose their wallets. The only condition is that the user must be eligible for claiming the wallet that needs to be supported by the legal needs.

Legal precision

The tokens developed are based on smart contracts that include all the conditions and rules that need to be implied. This helps in making a trustable relation with the community.

Global audience

The distributors can make a reach global audience. The token developed by the zeligz web store is built to be transferred to the entire globe.


One of the best features of blockchain technology is the transparency it offers. The users can track the transactions and fetch the required data related to the transactions.

Types of STO(Security Token Offering) Development

Equity Token

Equity Token

When the investors are assigned the equity tokens, they get the right to vote and finalize a decision for the company.

Reserve Assets Token

Reserve Assets Token

Physical assets such as gold or art can be used for offering security tokens to investors. They will be backing up the STO.
Debt Token

Debt Token

Raising funds is easier with the dept token. You can offer the users a security token with an assurance of repayment of the invested funds.

Steps For developing STO

  • Step 1

    Identifying securities for tokenization by the project, such as commercial real estate. At Zeligz Web Store, we offer the most effective services to our clients.

  • Step 2

    We provide the auditing services for the smart contract that helps in removing all the bugs in the system and make the system completely secured and smooth.
  • Step 3

    To distribute the security tokens, we offer an effective strategy to our clients that ensure the success of the project.

  • Step 4

    The advanced technology used in the development makes it easier to offer better services. We make sure to offer the system having lower gas fee and less network congestion.

  • Step 5

    After the development process, the companies may make a strategy to distribute the token efficiently. After-marketing strategies may help ensure the success of the project.

  • Step 6

    When the smart contract is built with all the rules and regulations, a dashboard is offered to the customers for controlling their accounts and the funds in them.

  • Step 7

    STO campaign is used for issuing the tokens to the global audience. There are smart contracts that enable the automation of the process to maintain the regulations on the project. No middlemen are required in the process.

  • Step 8

    When the token is completely ready to be distributed, it is listed on the top exchange platforms in the industry. This helps the token to grab the attention of the investors easily.

Security Token Issuance Platform

Investor Management Dashboards
  • Several tools provided on the platform make it simple for investors to manage their funds.

  • The tools and features available can be used to evaluate the investment and the return made.

  • Dividing the company's information and funds in order to better study and comprehend each part.

  • In a secure environment, a tool is utilized to share data with all investors, such as a paper containing finance-related knowledge.

  • A dashboard gives you access to the data of your investors as well as management tools.

  • Investors are facilitated with voting rights.

Investor Management Dashboards
Investor Management Dashboards
  • The dashboard provides transparency to the Securities Token Ecosystem.

  • Bylaws, Shareholder agreements, SAFT etc. are kept in one safe location allowing consistent view across platforms.

  • Tracking shareholder management with an ability to download and confirm messages, voting items and track responses.

  • Issuance companies can distribute and the investors can track the dividends.

  • Investors can also vote through the dashboard.


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