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EOS Blockchain development company Services

Enhance the functionality of your platform with the advantages of the EOS blockchain.

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Development of an EOS blockchain

The services of EOS blockchain development by our experts include analyzing the goal and idea of your business. The expert team of developers creates effective smart contracts that automate and manages the entire process of the platform efficiently. Our developers have acquired expertise in the field of blockchain platform development and can provide high-quality solutions as required.

DApp Development Services using EOS blockchain

Smart Contracts development

We offer the services for developing a high-performance smart contract that enables better functionality and automation to the platform being deployed. With an accurate testing system, we make sure a bug-free system.

DApps development

With proficiency in delivering several projects in the EOS blockchain DApp development, we offer development services for a high-quality EOS platform. We ensure security and effectiveness in the decentralized platform.

EOS Blockchain consulting

The expertise of our team makes sure that the strategy or choice of a certain technology is accurate and effective according to the market practices.


After the completion of the development phase, we begin the testing of the platform to ensure security, a bug-free system, and effective performance.

Exchanges DApps

By developing a robust and secured wallet, we offer protection to the assets or tokens stored in the platform. The decentralized platform becomes reliable with the security features and enables the users to enjoy better performance.

Smart Contracts Audit

Smart contract audit helps in achieving effectiveness, automation, and smoothness for the process on the platform. The errors, issues, and security vulnerabilities are detected and rectified with the process.

Contracts for issuance of tokens

We generate unique and innovative ideas for building tokens. We also offer services for creating customized reward-generating techniques for the users of the platform.

Benefits of using the EOS blockchain

Effective use of EOS Tokens

The platform has no expense to be spent on the transactions being done on the platform. The users are required to make the payment with the EOS tokens to be able to use certain functionalities such as data storage or other operations.

Data management

When changing among one-of-a-kind systems, EOS Blockchain enables the usage of plugins to make certain synchronization of data.

Using full benefits of EOS

The unwanted or problematic code of a certain part is easily modified. The bugs and errors are eliminated using proper techniques.

DApp development using the EOS blockchain

EOS blockchain services are able to be used in several businesses and industries including supply chain, finance, gaming, and many others.

Our EOS blockchain development solutions

With our services, you can ensure the conversion of your dream project into reality. The quality and accuracy of our services are unbeatable in the market. We make sure on-time delivery with expertise in the services. To ensure high quality, we adopt several tests to be done after the development phase finishes. We make alterations and updates according to the need of our clients.

Why choose the Zeligz web store?

We are a leading EOS platform development company in the industry. Our considerable amount of experience helps the individuals getting the services that lack nothing to be a front runner in the industry. The flexible support we offer to the individuals helps our clients to resolve their issues on time. Our expert solutions help our clients to get efficiency, good performance, high security, and all the advanced features in their platforms.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years