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NFT marketplace like foundation

Avail our services to launch an NFT marketplace integrated with the Auction to generate traffic for your platform.

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We are providing services for NFTs by adding an Auction portal similar to Foundation

NFT industry has utilized the decentralized environment precisely to make it suitable for several businesses while delivering superior quality services. Some of the commonly used blockchain technologies such as Ethereum can help in making the NFTs valuable and extremely secured. Currently, a huge rise can be been in the number of NFTs available on the platform. This results in the loss of the liquidity of the NFTs. To solve this issue of the NFT market, The Foundation introduced the solution by offering a commendable auction platform where creators can display their NFTs to gain visibility for it. This platform makes it possible for your NFTs to gain recognition among an international audience. Enormous benefits can be earned by selling the NFTs through the auction platforms at higher values to gain massive revenue.

Need of Auction Platform for NFTs

Mostly the NFTs of popular creators or celebrities can get recognition due to their existing followers. There are several NFTs in the market that is not even visible to the audience in the market. This directly impacts the liquidity of the NFT market negatively. This issue can be solved by integrating an auction portal to your NFT marketplace that will allow mint and lists the NFTs. This method increases the value of the assets as the audience bids on the assets they are interested in. Great visibility can be gained due to the immense popularity of the auction portals. When the NFT marketplace emerges with the auction portals just as the platform Foundation, enormous traffic can be gained with the bidding system either the English structure or the Dutch structure.

Dutch Auction

This type of bidding structure decides the final bid or price of an item by taking all the bids firstly and choosing the highest one. Firstly, the bidders analyze the quality and price of the item they are interested in and then bid accordingly.

English Auction

This is the most popular method to bid in an auction. The bidding starts with the lowest price and then other bids with a value higher than the previous one. This scenario keeps going until the highest price is reached or nobody is willing to bid more than the last bid. The item is transferred to the person who bids with the highest amount.

Significance of Foundation based NFT Marketplace

Additional value for NFTs

An NFT marketplace with an auction portal adds value to the NFTs with the bidding system. The interested customers can be willing to pay a huge sum of money for your NFTs while bidding on them.

Global visibility

The community of the auction platform will bring massive traffic to the NFTs to make its reach to the audience all across the world.

Massive Revenue

Balanced revenue can be generated through a marketplace such as Foundation with a huge audience. The gas fee of the transactions and other charges for the service are the two methods of making a profit.


The auction portal in the NFT marketplace helps in boosting the liquidity of the NFTs by making the reach of your NFT global customers.

Audience traction

Auction portals are being used widely that increases their popularity. Thus, big investors are showing their interest in such platforms.

Step 1

when registered successfully, the users need to add their wallet to the platform.

Step 2

After connecting the wallet, your account will be activated. The users have the option to customize the account by adding social media accounts to it.

Step 3

Create button enables the users to choose if they want to publish their image in JPG format or PNG. The users are allowed to upload the video clips if they want to.

Step 4

Now, you can upload your asset as required.

Step 5

The users can add a description, title, or other details of the NFT. Recheck the details and then sign your NFT.

Step 6

To mint, press the Mint NFT option.

Step 7

When you sign your NFT, the users can verify your work.

Step 8

Confirm the gas fee that will be charged for creating NFT in Ethereum.

Step 9

Your minting process will be finished after some time. There is an option to trace the status of the process and know the exact time of completion.

Step 10

Do not press the Mint NFT button multiple times to avoid double minting.

Step 11

After approval of the transaction, the minted NFT will be displayed in the dashboard.

The auction portal we offer:

Zeligz web store provides its development services for the NFT marketplace by integrating auction portals to it. A platform like Foundation can help your business to grow rapidly.

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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years