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White Label Crowdfunding Platform Development

Get a result driving crowdfunding platform with expert services from the Zeligz web store.

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Development services for Crowdfunding Platform

Crowdfunding platforms are a blessing for entrepreneurs or businessmen to launch their new projects or business without worrying about the investment of funds. Several useful crowdfunding techniques such as STO, ICO, IEO, and many others are available to take advantage of getting funds from investors all across the world. To fulfill the requirement of a certain business, crowdfunding platforms can be altered.

Get a platform customized for your business

Zeligz web store offers customized solutions for developing a crowdfunding platform that can fulfill every need according to your business requirements. By considering the legal compliances, we develop the solutions that are ready to lead the market. We have already worked on several projects based on crowdfunding and helped individuals raise a considerable amount with ease.

Different Crowdfunding Platform

Here are different crowdfunding platforms we work on:

Asset Type

  • Real Estate Investment Management Software
  • White-labelled Private Equity Platforms
  • Debt Crowdfunding
  • White Label Crowdfunding Platform for Infrastructure

Investment Type

  • LP Shares
  • General Shares
  • Alternative Assets
  • Venture Capital
  • Multi-manager Investment

The Projects we work on

  • Fundraising
  • Deal Flow
  • Portfolio and Investment
    Monitoring Software
  • Alternative
    Investment Software
  • Crowdfunding
    Administration Software

What does the real estate fundraising platform offer

Investment Management

The funds of the investors are managed easily by using several tools available on the platform.

Analytical Tools

The investment and the profit gained can be evaluated with the help of the tools and features available.

Evaluation of Portfolio

Dividing the information and funds of the company to analyze and understand every aspect better.

Interactions among Investor

A tool is used to share the data to all the investors such as a document including finance-related knowledge in a secured environment.

Deal Flow

Get access to the investors’ data along with the management facility through a dashboard.

Why Blockchain App Factory

Benefits of Crowdfunding platform:

Attract new investors

You can attract more investors with an expert strategy.

Growth of business

Your business gets recognition in the market, gaining better growth.

Increase efficiency

The efficiency of the business elevates by fundraising.

Automatic payment

The automatic payments offer an enhanced user experience.

Get funds easily

You get the chance to collect funds from the global audience.

Why Blockchain App Factory

Characteristics of Debt software

Managing prices

The rate of interest can be decided according to the industry norms with the centralized authorities.

General Ledger

The investors’ information or data can be accessed with mobile assets.

Cash Flow Forecasting

You may watch cash flow forecasts and make adjustments to LIBOR rates, changing conditions, or the risk of non-payment using our analytics tool.

The Deal

In a user-friendly screen, track the portfolio of loans, bonds, and other debentures before buying and visualize the expected performance, market effect, and other risks involved.

Investor interactions

Monitoring and accessing the records of the investors that have participated in the campaign.


The automation of the payments according to the preference makes it easier to manage the extra cost.

Debt arrangements

Get access to the data such as loans, bonds, and others along with considering the debt regulations of the system.

Services for developing a crowdfunding management software

Gathering information

The data relating to the supervisors and other partners must be collected and analyzed. The data may contain information of asset level or about funds.

Data of Investor

The availability of finance-related reports is in a protected environment.

Investment Management

Fund management assistance for investments, divestments, capital calls, and other needed information is automated with workflow optimization through fund management support for investments, divestments, capital calls, and other required information.

Centralized Management

All infrastructure investments are centralized on a single, efficient, and seamless platform for portfolio analysis.

Investment Optimization

Benchmarking results for the characteristic and performance for all risk variables to efficiently analyze performance and improve risk/return profile.

Investor Portals

Investor data regarding important reports and fact sheets should be centralized and streamlined to increase openness with investors.

Pipeline Management

Get the data and information on possible investors so that deal flow control may be handled with care.