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Step into the crypto world using the potential of Ethereum Smart Contracts

Avail of the benefits of Ethereum smart contract development for developing a robust platform in the crypto industry. Get guidance and solutions from our experts to achieve success.

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Solutions for Ethereum Smart Contracts development

Smart contracts have become a considerable invention in the digital era. They are deployed to blockchain technology and play a vital role in automating and accelerating the process. Smart contracts are basically the programmed conditions and rules that need to be satisfied in order to complete a transaction. As the smart contracts quicken the process along with making it automatic, several industries, individuals, and businesses are adopting this commendable technology to offer better services to their customers or users.

Ethereum blockchain is currently one of the widely used blockchain technologies in the industry. The security and transparency it provides make a platform offer faster and reliable services. Our team of experts offers admirable services due to the considerable knowledge and experience they have. We offer different services for developing Dapps, Digital wallets, and Decentralized exchange platforms using the advantages of Blockchain and smart contracts. The robust platform developed by our experts can help you lead the market and avail success with ease.

Developing a flawless platform using Ethereum technology

Ethereum blockchain is undeniably the most powerful and popular technology being used in the current scenario. The blockchain is flexible enough to be used for different types of services. The developers are offered the privilege to alter and integrate smart contracts easily. Below is the list of services that can be developed using the Ethereum technology:

  • Fundraising platforms
  • Dapp development
  • Virtual organization
  • Building and launching of the cryptocurrency

Below are some of the essential aspects of the smart contracts everyone must be aware of:

  • Charges: A fee called gas fee is charged by the platform from the users. The gas fee is majorly dependent on the complexity of the smart contracts used on the platform.
  • Coding precisely: Smart contracts must be programmed with full accuracy as they are not able to be altered once integrated into the blockchain. The conditions must be specified perfectly.
  • Automation: Smart contracts analyze the conditions when an individual request for a transaction to be done. This results in automation of the process.

Usage of smart contracts

Smart contracts are being adopted by several industries and sectors. Below is the list of the business using smart contracts:


Media and entertainment



Identity management

Supply chain management

Commodity trading


Banking and security

Accounting for remittances

Cryptocurrency exchange

Retail industry

Offerings of smart contracts

Smart contracts are used widely only due to the bundle of benefits they offer. Let’s go through those benefits:


They automate the process by eliminating the middleman.

Offers security

Smart contracts make the system completely secured and offer protection from cyberattacks.


The users are enabled to go through the conditions and rules determined in the smart contracts that make the process transparent.


The transparency and security offered by smart contracts make them reliable.


Smart contracts are immune to tampering due to their immutability.


High accuracy is ensured in the smart contracts to reduce the errors in the transaction.

Quick process

Smart contracts accelerate the transactions on the platform.

Data management

The data and information are stored in the blockchain securely that can be accessed easily.

Multi-Signature Support

When more than one party is involved in a contract, the money is divided as soon as the agreement is reached.

P2P process

There is no need for an intermediate in the process as it is automated.

Some major uses of smart contracts


The banking sector is immensely availing benefits of smart contracts. Security and transparency help the finance operations to be reliable and free from fraud.


This is another industry using the potential of smart contracts widely and accurately. The gaming sector is growing rapidly with smart contracts.

Supply chain

The supply chain industry has eased the process of delivering the products to the consumers with full security and accuracy. The manufacturing process and distribution have become less complicated.

Workflow of the transactions through a smart contract

The transactions and the functionality of a platform enhance with the use of smart contracts. Here is how the process works:

  • Smart contracts are dependent on the “if, when, and then” statements to be used while execution of the transaction.
  • The determining conditions are checked before executing the transaction.
  • Upon the confirmation of all the conditions, the action is taken and the funds are released to be transferred.
  • The blockchain registers the updated data when the transaction succeeded.
  • Now the transaction cannot be changed or reversed.
  • The individuals having permission can view the details.

The workflow that smart contracts on Ethereum equip the user with is quicker and autonomous than any other traditional financial system.

How our process of development works?

We strategize and offer a transparent and rapid process of development by our expert team.

  • Firstly, we analyze the requirements of the business as well as the goal and expectations of the clients.
  • We provide a blueprint to the client to discuss the design, the development technology, and other essential aspects.
  • Now, after confirmation with the client, we begin the development of the smart contracts by programming the conditions preferred by the clients.
  • After the development process, we deeply assess the quality of the smart contracts to ensure a bug-free system.
  • At last, the integration of the smart contracts on the blockchain technology is processed.

Why choose Zeligz web store?

We are a leading software development company ensuring offering high-quality smart contract and blockchain development services all across the world. We have experience working on several projects based on smart contracts. Our team has achieved expertise in the field with a considerable amount of experience.

We ensure precision in the result along with the on-time delivery. The quality of our services is unmatchable to other competitors in the industry. We ensure flexible support for our clients throughout and after the development and deployment phases are completed.

Get in touch with us for our unbeatable services.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years