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STO Smart Contract Development

Get a risk-free environment with the help of our flawless smart contract development services.

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STO smart contract

Ethereum has been a big player in the crypto industry as it is one of the widely used technologies offering tremendous features such as smart contract services to the users.

Smart contracts allow the automation of a process in a system. Security, transparency, and reliability are offered by smart contracts. The overall performance and user experience are enhanced with smart contracts.

About the security token

Security tokens are used for offering values to the assets that are traded. The tokens build qualifies the Howay test that shows their accuracy and high quality. The tokens are building to be secure and trustable to confidently make massive investments. Ethereum tokens are used in the majority of the projects as they offer better features.

Smart contract development

Smart Contract Audit

To ensure smooth performance with a bug-free system, we perform auditing of the smart contracts before deploying them. The auditing process makes sure a bug-free system with high security to protect from cyber-attacks. The issues and errors are detected in the system and resolved to make sure a high-quality service for our clients.

Authentication of data

We test the data and its storage effectively to make sure safety of the data.

Performance testing

We evaluate and suggest the best possible features or methods that can enhance the platform.

Model confirmation

The security model validation confirms the high performance of all the functionalities and features.

Taint Analysis

The external code of the platform is audited and errors are detected and resolved.

Fall Back Mechanisms

To make sure the stability of the platform, the worst-case scenarios are considered and a solution is provided.

Data of Auditing

We provide the data collected through auditing that makes sure that the system is secured and bug-free.

Our Development Process

Requirement Analysis We Serve
Understanding the requirements for New and Existing Application NDA
Identify business logic to be migrated to Smart Contracts. Use Cases
Roadmap of the product Proposal for Technical Design
Technical Design We Serve
Smart Contracts Definition Document Flow diagram
Design technical Architecture System blueprint
Document technical GDPR compliance requirement Epics and User stories
Create sprints and delivery milestones Document scalability and security requirements
Development We Serve
Alpha Source code
Beta Smart Contracts
Release Candidate Builds
Production Test Blockchain Deployment
Deployment We Serve
Provisioning Main Network Release
Deploy on Main Network Rollout execution
Upgrades We Serve
Requirements gathering Smart Contracts upgrades
Backlog prioritization New contract Deployment

Why choose Zeligz web store for your services?

As the Industries are moving towards the decentralized environment and blockchain technology, STO smart contracts are being used widely as well. Thus, the requirement for auditing and ensuring quality and security has become a need for organizations. We understand the requirement and provide superior results to our clients that are secured, faster, and bug-free.

To stay ahead in this competitive era, it is mandatory for digital businesses to adopt this advanced technology. You can get one of the finest smart contract development services from the Zeligz web store. Our team ensures the use of the latest technologies considering trends in the digital market.