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NFT Marketplace in Matic - The leading NFT development services

Upgrade the security, flexibility and integration of other networks with the best Matic-based NFT marketplace platform.

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Development services for NFTs based on Matic (Polygon)

Matic brings a huge scope to the Ethereum network through an adjusted variant of Plasma and Proof-of-Stake-based side chains. It is the case that DeFi has started governing the money area nowadays, thus, decentralized applications are en route to make an enormous effect, yet sadly, it turns out to be extremely difficult to the present blockchain climate to scale the emerging requirements. The fastidious methodology in the crypto space directed us to deal with the trouble spots, for example, moderate square exchanges, high gas expenses. Being a solid layer-2 organization, Matic currently clears a way to incorporate NFTs, along these lines making it a productive stage for clients experiencing high gas expenses in all actuality.

Using expert services by our professionals, you can get the desired results for your business needs. We have begun working on the NFT related project since its introduction in the market and have achieved proficiency in offering the services to the industry. Now we are among the best NFT development companies in the industry.

Basics of Matic

To improve the speed of verifying the blocks as well as to reduce the high expense of gas fees, Matic has been developed. It is a Layer 2 solution that is authorized by Ethereum. Matic network achieves its low-priced and faster transactions due to the plasma framework’s adaptable version. It is built to smoothen the complication of the system to simplify the communication among the users and the decentralized world. It uses the PoS checkpoints that are used to send towards the Ethereum mainchain. This entire system helps in increasing the speed of the transactions and hence the system can handle millions of transactions on different chains efficiently.

Why you should create an NFT marketplace in Matic

  • Expandable Environment

    The decentralized plasma mechanism is responsible for the scalability to reinforce the NFT platform to carry out several transactions.

  • Higher Production

    The system can carry out multiple transactions due to its scalable architecture. Approximately 65000 transactions can be performed per second on one Matic chain

  • User-friendly experience

    The NFT platform is built in a way that provides a good user experience by eliminating all the complexities that may occur in connecting with the decentralized environment.

  • Security & Transparency

    The use of essential security features such as Matic’s proof-of-stake mechanism makes all of the transactions on the platform secured.

  • Interoperability

    NFT marketplace is allowed by the Matic network to make a connection with several sidechain networks. This results in effortless trading and buying the NFTs from multiple chains.

Develop your NFT Marketplace in Matic

NFT Marketplace is a platform that allows creating NFTs with the digital version of your unique assets. NFT marketplace allows to create trade and sell unique NFTs across different marketplaces in the side chains.

NFT Based ICO Development

Investors and business owners are striving to build an NFT platform to reap the benefits of NFTs. We understand our customers and offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching ICOs for the startups.

NFT Development: ICO + Marketplace

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for your marketplace development. This offers instant financial support to develop your NFT marketplace.

NFT Development: ICO + MarketPlace + Governance Token

Our development assists your platform’s with the community by offering governance tokens to the community. where the token holders can vote their suggestion for the empowerment of Marketplace

NFT Development: ICO + Exchange Platform

We offer an immediate fundraising opportunity by launching and distributing ICOs as utility tokens for the NFT exchange platform development. The platform offers immediate liquidity for your NFTs.

Custom NFT Development

As the NFTs unlock the possibilities of digital representation of unique assets with crazy innovation, building a customised NFT marketplace for your business requirements is the right choice to adapt the evolution of NFTs in all aspects.

Watch Our NFT Marketplace Demo

Zeligz web stores’ expert NFT marketplace development solutions with Matic chain

Skilled Team

Our team of experts in blockchain technology can develop a user-friendly and secured NFT marketplace using features of Matic.

Security at priority

We ensure the most secure platform by adopting crucial security features from Ethereum. This achieves complete protection to the transactions and other data on the platform.

Advanced technology

We make sure to use every feature and technology that helps in creating a future-oriented platform.

Trustable environment

To ensure a hassle-free trading experience for the users, we develop a robust platform that can handle the issue such as catastrophic failures.

Customizable Infrastructure

We guarantee the desired results by offering the option to customize the services we provide for the NFT marketplace for the growth of your business.

Smooth Performance

We provide solutions that are powerful enough to perform several transactions smoothly. Our platforms can handle millions of transactions per second.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years