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Blockchain development services for Pharma Industry

An advanced system to enhance the services of the healthcare sector

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Blockchain, the exclusive trend in the market is serving its fabulous to different sectors. As several industries have already used and taken advantage of this spectacular technology, the healthcare industry cannot be an exception. The payment section or the transactions become easier, secure, and faster. The elimination of the third parties in the system has enhanced the performance of the digital platforms. Moreover, no interference from a central authority also reduced the chances of errors being made by humans. This technology is being a blessing to improve the systems such as drug supply and data management in the healthcare industry. The heavy records of all the patients in a center can be stored conveniently using the power of blockchain. Some issues being faced by the industry like less transparency, multiple stakeholders, and many others can be resolved with advancement done by the blockchain. Several other features of the blockchain industry are revolutionizing the operations of the industry.

Zeligz web store is the leading blockchain services provider company that can deliver leading solutions. From designing to testing, every step is innovative and transparent to the clients. With years of experience in the industry, we can provide high-quality solutions with full precision.

Issues faced by the Pharma sector

The Healthcare industry is expanding rapidly as the health issues are rising equally especially after the current situation of the Covid pandemic. From consuming healthy food to regular health check-ups, people are highly conscious to be fit and healthy. Undoubtedly, modernization in technology can bless us with thousands of healthcare tools and treatments. However, healthcare industry has been encountering several problems till today.

Counterfeit Medicines

It has become a quite common practice to produce copied or fake drugs by using the name of a reputed company. Not only this can be dangerous for the patients but it can also make a bad impact on the company’s name.

Production Management

It is essential for the pharma industry to accurately analyze the requirement and the demand for a certain type of medicine in the market. It will help in the production of the right medicine and selling them easily. A lack of desired medicine can cause a terrible situation in the industry.


Transparency has been a huge problem in the pharma sector. The patients or the consumer has no idea about the originality and use of the medicines. They have to trust their doctors blindly that the prescribed medicine is correct to recover their disease.

Record management

The health record or the medical history of a patient is necessary to prescribe medicines in the future for the same or other ailments. This will help in reducing the chances of reactions to the medicines. Blockchain technology can help in storage and access that data easily.


The middleman and the distributors can interfere in the way of selling the medicine to the consumers. There are chances of the original medicine getting replaced by the fake one which can result in loss of the consumer as well as the company.

Offerings of blockchain to different parts of the healthcare sector

Management of Inventory

Due to the enormous variety of incompatible computers that provide manufacturers with no access to data linked to consumer purchases, there is no obvious relationship between manufacturers and pharmacies. Manufacturers would have improved insight into wholesale inventory using blockchain-based solutions. The product flow is managed effectively with the help of this technology. It will alleviate a substantial financial load in the inventory supply chain by removing the presence of undesired third parties that are well compensated.

Safety of Drugs

Ensuring the safety and traceability of the medicine is essential as well as difficult at the same time. Tracking the originality, ingredients, and suppliers of the medicine is hard in this sophisticated industry having a range of enormous drugs and consumers. Blockchain technology makes it convenient to trace the details of a certain medicine including the suppliers, manufacturers, ingredients, and many more.

Relationship with Customers

The relationship among the pharmacies, manufacturers, and suppliers should be clear enough to maintain the discount, price, and supplies of the products or the drugs. Blockchain technology will help in eliminating waste, promoting perfection in pricing, and many others.

Why choose the Zeligz web store?

Zeligz web store being a leading blockchain services provider in the industry, serve immense services to the industry. This will contribute to the betterment of the patients and the overall industry. Consumers are going to get an exact idea about the medicines they are taking for an ailment.

The team of developers at Zeligz web store can provide you assistance and show our clients the right path for the development of a platform for healthcare management. Blockchain’s features enhance the important parts of the pharmacy industry such as the quality of medicines and medical history.

We consider every requirement of the clients essential for achieving precision. We are dedicated to completing the project on time with superior quality at the same time. The innovative and engaging design is the best part that makes us different from others.

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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years