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Custom EMR and EHR Solution

Adopt the power of digitization for providing EMR and EHR services with the blockchain benefits.

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The Healthcare industry is an essential part of our lives. New inventions, technologies, and computerized platforms help in the enhancement of several services and processes of the industry. The data can be stored effectively and is easier to fetch whenever required.

All the necessary information regarding a patient such as a name, age, illness, previous medical history, and other required data is collected. When this information is stored in a digital form using the electronic medical record or electronic health record, the precision of data is ensured along with convenience in maintaining it. The essential features such as better security, efficiency, and accuracy make these digital solutions an ideal choice for the users.

The services offered by our team of experts are integrated with high-grade security, a user-friendly interface, and advanced features.


These two are the widely used technologies in the current scenario that offers effectiveness in the process of storing and managing the health record, personal data of the patient, and other medication-related information. EMR has a limited functionality of storing a patient’s medical history and the treatment in one place. On the other hand, EHR stores entire data regarding a patient condition and treatment history multiple times.

Information of ailment and treatment from one hospital Records are reserved by one hospital only
Enhances quality of health care within the entity Information on all the ailments and treatments from several hospitals
Records are accessible by different hospitals and physicians Multiple party involvement in the network with complete security
Not Certifiable Certifiable

EMR and EHR assist the physicians or hospitals to have access to the data of a patient. The doctors are able to analyze the conditions and offer adequate treatment for them.

Benefits of using EHR and EMR services

Converting medical data to digital form:

The management of the data from every single patient becomes easier with the help of this advanced technology. From the history of medication to the present condition, everything is stored in the digital form accurately.

Paper records are being eliminated with the rise of EMR and EHR. The maintenance of records becomes easier with digitization.

The appointment scheduling and submitting any sort of data becomes easier with the technology.

Effectiveness in data management

Human errors are eliminated in the process with digital data storage. Access to digital data is easy as well as faster with the digital storage technique.

Economical services

The hospitals and physicians are able to offer services at cheap rates while using the power of digitization. It has been estimated by the experts that the digital transformation of the industry will make the expense much lower.

Better interactions

Scheduling the appointments, calling, or contacting the doctors can be done conveniently. The communication between the doctors and the patients is transparent and simplified with digital platforms.

Better control

The option of monitoring everything digitally gives better control over the management of the interactions between the patients and physicians along with saving time.

The software development services by our experts

Our experts are well versed in the needs of the healthcare industry which let them develop the software that can fulfill all the needs precisely.

Software development

Our EMR and EHR development services are robust for making your solutions exceptionally good. The convenience of accessing data and monitoring it becomes easier with this feature-full platform.

Application development

We offer a smooth performance mobile application with an innovative design and robustness in the back end. Users will get easy access to all the features and services offered by the medical department.

Data management

We offer services for the administrator to effectively handle, store and access the data with ease.

Personal health record solutions

The Personal health record software by our professionals offers the privilege of arranging data of every individual precisely.

Certified System

The payments through our medical software provide a secure environment for the users to use confidently. Our transparent process makes our services reliable for the clients.

The need for blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has served its benefits in numerous industries and the medical field is not an exception. The medical industry is being benefited from several features offered by blockchain. Transparency, security, privacy, and decentralization provide a commendable user experience and can build trust among the users.

The problems in the traditional system such as the duplicity of data, maintenance of paper records, and many others have been resolved with the use of blockchain.

Blockchain technology ensures that the data once stored in the blocks cannot be changed or reversed. This makes the digital platform secure and free from cyberattacks.

Why you must use blockchain technology on EHR and EMR


It is easier to record the information of each patient which helps them in identifying them.

Decentralization of Data

The information once stored in the blocks is duplicated and distributed to the entire network.


Data stored in the blockchain is immutable which makes it available to all the participants.

Secured platform

Blockchain technology is known for its high-grade security that provides a secured platform to the system.

Fetching the data

The community of the blockchain network is able to access the information stored in the database easily.

Economical process

Health care becomes economical with the help of the services offered by the Digital platforms.

Characteristics of EMR and HER Services

HIPAA Compliance
Medical Charts
Health Record Information Exchange
Data Analytics and Reporting
Medical Billing

Why choose the Zeligz web store?

We are a team of experts that offers tremendous services for the medical industry by deeply analyzing the needs or requirements of the project. EMR and EHR help in easing several processes in the healthcare industry.

  • Flexible support

  • On-time delivery of project

  • High Security and quality


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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years