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DeFi Yield Farming Development Services

Be ready to establish a reliable platform in the decentralized finance industry offering Yield farming services for the crypto optimistic.

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DeFi Yield farming platform development solution

Undoubtedly, the decentralized finance has been offering immense advanced and beneficial services in the finance industry. Enormous people have adopted these services to earn massive profits through several earning opportunities. The innovation and different techniques used in the industry are limitless.

Just like other trending aspects related to decentralized finance, yield farming is growing rapidly to avail the attention of the masses. Launching such a platform in a time when growth and demand of this concept are at peak, the platform can result in a huge success. To step into this industry and establish a robust platform, you can avail high-quality services from the Zeligz web store.

Being an expert in the field of decentralized finance, we offer a range of services to fulfill the need of every individual. The customization option of our services can ensure a platform that satisfies every requirement of the clients.

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DeFi Yield Farming Development Company

Basics of DeFi Yield Farming

Yield farming is a method of earning rewards by utilising cryptocurrency assets.The users are able to lend and stake the crypto assets that help them in gaining profit in form of crypto tokens.

Yield farming has been trending since 2020 due to the immense contribution it made in the decentralized finance sector. It is currently acting as an economy-enhancing factor in the DeFi environment. The basic work of yield farming is to provide an incentive to the users who make a contribution to the liquidity pool based on smart contracts.

The system of yield farming depends on Smart contracts based on blockchain technology that automates the entire process. Investors are getting attracted to avail unbeatable services of this industry to invest and earn profit. Rewards can be earned by the investors using the concept of yield farming.

Workflow of Yield farming

The process of most of the decentralized platforms is super easy to make it easily understandable to the interested individuals. To be clear, the concept of simply investing in crypto assets or tokens is not Yield farming.

In this concept of DeFi, the users lend their existing assets or tokens to contribute to the liquidity pool and thus earn rewards in return. Yield farming acts as a bank in the DeFi sector where it offers the lending option for the users to make use of the coins and tokens they have to earn interest and rewards. Smart contracts are used to handle the process of connecting the lenders and borrowers and the rewards to be paid. Yield farming helps increase the growth and adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Yield farming is undoubtedly accelerating the growth of the DeFi space and making it worth adoption among several individuals. A new hype has been seen in the industry after the launch and success of yield farming.

Yield Farming In DeFi Platform

Use of smart contract and Dapps for the Yield Farming

The smart contract based on blockchain technology makes the entire process of the platform much easier, automatic, and rapid. The smart contract integration on the platform has an inbuilt verification system with pre-determined conditions added as required. This eliminates the interference of any other authority in the process making it simpler for the users. If all the conditions determined in the smart contract are met, the process initiates and completes itself.

DeFi Smart Contract for Yield Farming

DeFi is an open-source decentralized platform providing transparency with better visibility to the users by eliminating third parties.

Zeligz web store, as a market leader, offers a comprehensive development platform for entrepreneurs all over the world. Our DApp creation, which is based on smart contract blockchain technology, gives customers a solid foundation that allows for quick peer-to-peer transactions while maintaining total security and functionality.

We can help you in taking your company to the next level by providing full development services, not only in Yield Farming for DeFi but nearly every element of blockchain technology. To discover more, get in touch with us.

Total Value Locked (TVL)

Yield farming has an essential part of it known as Total value locked. The collection of all the cryptocurrency assets being locked in the DeFi platform is called Total value locked.

This concept provides information to the users regarding the volume of lending assets in the decentralized finance or yield farming sector.

Liquidity Pool in DeFi Yield Farming

A liquidity pool is a smart contract that has access to a specific quantity of funds. Investors can lend their cryptocurrencies to these liquidity pools, which serve as a pool. They are paid in tokens, which represent a piece of their network investment or ownership. Depending on the platform's rules and restrictions, these tokens can be transferred to different liquidity pools.

The reward offered to the users is mostly ERC-20 type and it is build using Ethereum smart contract.

Calculation of the returns In Yield Farming

It is necessary to know how the process happens before actually using the platform for its services. Below is the description of how the calculations are being done on the platform:

Here are the two concepts associated with the calculation of the returns on the yield farming:

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

The returns are measured on basis of the amount that has been invested in the platform. No compounding is considered in this type of calculation of the interest.

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

The Yield from the Annual Percentage refers to a sort of return that incorporates compounding. The recurred interest rate is effectively reinvested into the investment and compounded over time.

Yield farming protocol in the DeFi

The Yield farming protocol works to provide rewards to its users. Here is how the protocol works.

Yield farming offers an opportunity to the users to gain profit in form of interest, tokens, and dividends. Every yield farming platform has its conditions, rules, and process that needs to be studied accurately before initiating the investment. Zeligz web store helps in developing an outstanding DeFi platform that is capable of standing out in the market. We offer customization to deliver a desired platform for the clients. We are open to listen to the unique ideas of our clients and begin working for them to accomplish their goals to establish a growth-oriented platform in the DeFi industry.

Some Yield Finance platforms


It is a decentralized exchange platform built using Ethereum blockchain technology. This platform allows users to swap tokens in a secured environment. This platform offers the facility of yield farming used by a huge audience.


MakerDAO is a decentralized credit platform that allows the building of DAI. A maker wallet can be opened to manage the assets or tokens such as BAT, USDC, ETH, and WBTC.


Synthetix is the method of building synthetic assets. Synthetix Network Tokens can be lent or locked by users (SNX). On the Synthetix DeFi platform, consumers use the assets of their choice according to their preferred lending option.


Another widely used decentralized exchange platform offering opportunities for the users to lend or borrow assets. The most essential feature of this platform is the automation of the assets’ values regardless of the conditions of the market. The smart contract functionality of the platform makes it highly desirable due to the smooth user experience.

Why is the Zeligz web store an ideal choice for developing a DeFi Yield farming platform?

Yield farming is one of the trendiest platforms currently in the DeFi world. Analyzing its current popularity and future growth, we are providing the services that are capable to beat the existing competition in the market with innovation in the design and quality in the development process. We ensure a highly secured platform to help build trust among the customers.

Avail our services to begin your business in the DeFi industry with a robust platform that can offer exceptionally splendid services to the users. Our team of developers has experience of years in developing decentralized platforms of distinct types.

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DeFi Yield Farming Platform Development

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