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DeFi Exchange Platform Development Services

Develop a high-quality DeFi exchange platform to get success in the DeFi industry. Provide an engaging and secure platform to the users to fulfill their exchange-related requirements.

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Services for a Decentralized Finance exchange platform

The trends in cryptocurrency and blockchain have modified the way of finance in this digital era. The methods of savings, trading, loans, and exchanges have become decentralized and are serving the global audience with their effective features. The automation in the transaction process has made the process smoother for the users.

The use of smart contracts in the system makes the system automatic by eliminating the need of matching the sellers and the buyers. Thus the transactions become much faster than the traditional platforms. The accessibility of the platforms becomes much straightforward and transparent using this platform and thus a better user experience is provided to the users of the platform.

Zeligz web store offers expert services for the clients by providing a cutting-edge solution. We provide a platform that can outshine the existing competition in the market. The platforms developed by our experts are integrated with essential features required for a secured and innovative design. The marketing services we offer help boost the outcome of the business.

Fundamentals of Decentralized Finance

Decentralized Finance is gaining an immense popularity. The main reason for its growth, increased use, and popularity are the tremendous features it offers to the users such as the privilege to have complete control over the assets and independence to trade assets. DeFi has burst the boundaries of innovation to provide several commendable features to the users of the crypto world. The platforms are accessible from anywhere in the world just with a smartphone and an internet connection. DeFi being flexible, transparent and uses smart contracts that are supported by blockchain technology.

Various applications have been developed to provide various financial services not available on traditional centralized platforms. Few examples of the DeFi platforms are, Stablecoin, decentralized exchange platforms, wrapped Bitcoin, lending platforms, and many more. Apart from these, DeFi has other aspects such as liquidity mining, composability, yield farming, and many others.

Difference between Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

Before the introduction of the DeFi, centralized platforms were used widely to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrency. Certain rules and regulations were aligned with the platforms. Use and interference of third parties for security purposes or to supervise the transactions and other data was normal and used widely by the centralized platforms. Other factors such as transaction verification, personal data, and other information are needed for the process.

Talking about the advantages, the users were able to retrieve their passwords conveniently with the help of the support team. A few examples of famous centralized cryptocurrency exchange platforms are Binance, LocalBitcoin, and Coinbase. Centralized platforms were facing several issues that were solved when the decentralized platforms were introduced.

The most significant difference between both the centralized and decentralized platforms is that decentralized platforms do not have the involvement of a third party. Blockchain technology is used to store the data associated with the transactions. The users of the platforms get the advantage of having complete control over their funds in the platform. Apart from being more secured and less risky, the service fee of the platform is much lower than that of centralized platforms. Automation is the process of transactions is achieved by using smart contracts. The private keys in the decentralized platforms offer high security to the crypto assets. These security features provide confidence to the users to invest or trade without the risk of losing money.

Both platforms have certain benefits and drawbacks for some reason. However, the superior advantages such as better security, quicker process, and automation of the decentralized platform make it stand out.

Workflow the DeFi Exchange platform

DeFi exchange platform offers an uncomplicated process for the users to access its services without a hassle. Below is the workflow of the platform:

  • The wallet address is used to log in to the decentralized exchange platform.
  • Upon successful login, the users can begin their trading process by making a buy or sell order.
  • Some aspects such as the number of units, the cost, and the validity period of the asset have to be determined when selling the assets.
  • The set of rules are added to the smart contract.
  • Users who are interested in the assets can place a buy order on them.
  • After the expiry time, the bids are analyzed.
  • The transfer begins after the assets are executed using smart contracts.
  • Successful completion of the exchange process allows the users to disconnect from the platform.

Significant merits offered by Decentralized Exchange Platform

  • It is simple and convenient to avail of finance-related services.
  • No involvement of third parties makes the entire process more secure and the users have complete control over the money.
  • There is no need to provide confidential information such as a national ID, on the decentralized platforms, unlike the centralized ones.
  • It is easier to achieve liquidity in the DEX.
  • DEX uses blockchain technology and data stored is distributed globally which makes it super difficult for hackers to steal the data.
  • The updates or rules determined by the centralized authorities cannot affect the DEX since they are not under influence of the government or any other authority.
  • The process of transactions is automated with the use of smart contracts.
  • A smooth and frictionless finance system is offered by the DEX.
  • Digital assets can be used for trading and transactions.
  • The trading of cryptocurrencies can be done from anywhere in the world.
  • More flexibility and fewer infrastructural risks are involved in the DEX platform.

Ensure your success with A DeFi exchange platform developed by Zeligz web store

DeFi exchange platforms outshine the centralized platforms in terms of security and privacy. Thus, the DEX platforms are trending and in-demand in the prevailing time. New technologies and features such as AMM, Yield framing, and more are contributing to the growth of the DEX platforms and resulting in more traffic to the exchange platforms. In such as scenario, launching your DEX platform makes complete sense to earn considerable profit. Hire the best software development company and get yourself an innovative DEX platform to step into the DeFi industry.

We at Zeligz web store have already developed several high-quality platforms for numerous clients. Using different blockchain technologies, we have served individuals with ingenious results that helped them grow in their industries. Our experts provide customization of every part of the software to make it desirable for the clients. Considering the trends and advanced features in the market, we ensure developing a futuristic DEX platform. Get in touch with us and get your exclusive DEX platform ready within a short time and at affordable prices.

Schedule a call with us now to know more about how we can work together and make your vision for a DeFi exchange come to life!