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Offer a high-quality blockchain-based Remittance service platform

Get a highly secure and smooth trading platform with our cross-border blockchain-based remittance system.

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Take advantage of the remittance services built using the blockchain technology

Offer a remittance services platform with the benefits of blockchain technology. Give your users a platform that has high-grade security with ease of trading. These exceptional services can help you to stand out in the market and grab the attention of several users.

Making use of splendid features of the Blockchain technology

Provide convenience for the process of transferring the funds through blockchain technology’s secure environment. Blockchain technology is serving its benefits to several industries making digital transactions secure and rapid. With these exceptionally useful features, a reliable platform can be developed.

We provide the services of developing a platform that allows the exchange of crypto to fiat money. Along with providing several payment choices, we prefer building a platform that is decentralized to make it more efficient.

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Why use of blockchain technology is being admired?

Due to the lack of some of the features in the traditional remittance system, the users have to face some issues such as low-speed transactions and high expenses. Blockchain technology helps in resolving these issues with its effectiveness.

The remittance systems being developed with advanced technology still are not able to make the platform with the ability to transfer the cryptocurrency as fiat money. The use of Ethereum in the platform helps in offering the options like local cash payout, SWIFT, and mobile top-up. We build a platform that can easily access smart contracts.

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The working or functioning of the remittance services based on the blockchain technology

Our blockchain-based platform offers the services of transferring the money and storing it in highly protective wallets. The users can earn interest on the stored funds.

Adding funds

Using either the P2P or bank service, the users are able to add currencies such as EUC, DAI, USDC, and more to the wallet.

Transferring money

The easy-to-follow process of sending money makes it convenient to transfer digital money all across the world.

Receive currency

With the P2P system, the users can receive the money in their wallets.


The users can withdraw the money whenever needed. Most of the widely used currencies are supported by the platform.

Our method of converting cryptocurrency for remittance

The finest platform supporting the most popular cryptocurrencies such as DAI and EUC is developed, making sure the high-speed transactions and adequate security for the stored money.

Our facilities include
  • Transfer of money using a peer to peer system.
  • Seamless allowance of deposits and withdrawals via a reliable blockchain Payment Platform.
  • Instant settlements permitted through domestic payments.
  • Our flexible decentralized financing protocols enable our clients to maximize their income by earning interest.
  • Our Blockchain Payment Platform facilitates the quick conversion of fiat to cryptocurrency.

Users can handle their private key with ease without the need for advanced knowledge. We allow the use of a simple PIN code instead. Our range of asset exposure allows $1000 in the market price for the basic level and $20000 digital assets backed up by high-level security.


Our contribution in providing a quality cross-border payment system based on blockchain.

We are offering services for an advanced system to manage the transfer of digital assets on a secured cross-border payment system.

Below are the benefits you will get with our services:

No Permissions

No permission is required to take a part in the platform’s services.

Easily accessible

The users can withdraw their money using ATMs.


The process is super fast providing the privilege of settlement among the sender and receiver quickly.


We provide the opportunity to have the services at economical rates, unlike others.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years