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Defi token development- An integral part of the Crypto industry

We offer Defi token development services that are marvelous in every aspect.

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Significance of tokens

DeFi tokens play a vital role in the Defi world by providing several commendable features. Numerous business opportunities have been introduced by the decentralized platforms with their unique qualities and characteristics. Undeniably, a revolutionary change can be seen clearly in the methods of trading, investing, and trusting the investment platforms. Security and transparency are the two most admirable parts of blockchain technology that attract a global audience towards it. Defi tokens have become a major part of the crypto projects as well as the highly valuable virtual assets. There are multiple features of DeFi tokens that offer considerable value and flexibility. The standard of the token is different on distinct platforms according to the varying smart contracts.

How smart contract works?

Smart contracts are using widely on decentralized platforms. They are programmed with a code that eliminates the interference of third parties. It is an agreement with certain rules coded that exist in the decentralized blockchain network. The control of the transaction and execution is done with the code and makes the transaction trackable as well as irreversible. To complete the process the pre-decided requirements need to be met. In case if the condition does not match, the process is going to be reversed.

Different types of DeFi tokens

Utility tokens

This is a type of token that is used to raise funds instead of serving as a utility. These tokens help raise funds to initiate a new business or project with financial stability. On the other hand, the users or the investors get an opportunity to invest in a project that they find suitable.

Governance token

These types of tokens are made to provide the command to the users of the platform to vote for finalizing the decision for an upgrade in the platform that will enhance its processing. The users get the privilege of less transaction fee, conversion fee, and a chance to get more utility advantages.

Equity tokens

It is a security token that acts as a share and changes its value according to the success or failure of a certain company. The holders of equity tokens may be empowered with a segment of the company’s revenue as well as the authority of contributing to decisions of the company’s future.

Security tokens

These are similar to the digital tokens representing the physical assets. Security tokens, by tokenizing the physical assets into digital tokens, help in building a bridge between the contemporary and traditional finance techniques. The investors are also able to make a partial payment for the physical assets as it is a methodology used in the decentralized system.

Fundraising techniques using DeFi Tokens

Initial Coin Offering

ICO is used widely by several companies to launch an exclusive application, a crypto coin, or another service in the market. It is a fundraising technique that offers the investors a segment of the company’s profit or an asset in form of a token as a guarantee of the investment. This technique is mostly used by startups to get enough funds for the development of the services or a product. These tokens are similar to the share of a company.

Initial Exchange Offering

The Initial Exchange offering is a technique using which the companies can raise the funds by selling the tokens on an exchange platform. This method is considered to be more secured with fewer risks involved as the exchange platforms protect the users and funds. The start-ups get the privilege from the active users of the IEO platform, where the company will be listed.

Initial Dex Offering

IDO, Initial Decentralized Offering is a method of raising funds more accurately compared to the ICO and IEO. In this technique, the individuals get the opportunity to list their tokens immediately on the DEX platform. The presentation of the project is done on the third-party exchange platform and the tokens are listed on the DEX platforms. This makes the entire process more rapid, transparent, and reliable.

Advantages of DeFi tokens

Investment options

Several investment opportunities are being offered by the DeFi tokens. The value of the token is raised with a different type of service.

Multiple Revenues

DeFi tokens encourages the development of several revenue streams having exceptional properties along with the features the token holders.


Staking allows the users to stake their tokens for a particular period to earn interest and other rewards offered to them.

Enhanced Visibility

The services as well as the token support the platform to attract an audience from all across the world.

Other financial solutions

There are services such as loans, insurance, and many other banking services in the decentralized world that are being offered by the tokens.


Security is not compromised by DeFi tokens for the invested funds. Transparency of the transactions makes the entire process trustable.


Cross-border Transactions

To trade and exchange the tokens without a restriction, DeFi tokens permit cross-border transactions.

Our Splendid Blockchain Services

Being a blockchain service provider for several years, our professionals have achieved expertise in the development of such platforms. We assist our clients with the best possible plans for a reliable decentralized platform by merging all the desired features of the clients. The DeFi token developed by the Zeligz web store can stand out in the market by providing great visibility as well as gaining massive traffic. We offer our services using different types of blockchain networks according to the need of every individual. The precision in the delivered results to our clients makes us one of the best DeFi development services providers in the industry. Not only during the development process but we offer flexible assistance and support whenever required by the clients.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years