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Services for Smart Contract Development

World-class smart contract development solutions by our expert team of developers.

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Smart Contract Development

Smart contracts are another commendable invention in the crypto industry, serving its superior services to enhance the functionality and performance of digital platforms. It has become an integral part of every industry or company using blockchain technology. Certain processes and transactions are automated using smart contracts that directly contribute to lowering the service charges and eliminating human errors. The automatic agreement execution makes the entire process simpler and faster by removing third-party interference.

According to the need of a certain industry, smart contracts can be customized to make them suitable for different sectors. Smart contracts automate the process by pre-determining all the conditions and rules in the contract. The process will be executed only when the conditions will be met.

To stay ahead in this competitive era, digital businesses must adopt this advanced technology. You can get one of the finest smart contract development services from the Zeligz web store. Our team ensures the use of the latest technologies considering trends in the digital market.

Development of the smart contract

Blockchain technology has witnessed more admiration in the digital world with the integration of smart contracts. It has effectively automated the process of executing transactions and other processes. Below are some amazing services offered by us in smart contract development:

  • Designing and development process

    The innovation in designing, customization, and quality of the development process results in a superior solution.

  • Auditing

    To make sure full accuracy and error-free development, we provide superior smart contract auditing.

  • Digital contract architecture

    Meticulous The computer-based protocol needs to have a super smooth workflow.

  • Smart contract management

    To reduce the gas fee on the platform, optimization of a smart contract is essential.

  • Development of Dapps

    With Using the potential of decentralization as well as the smart contract, an outstanding performance can be achieved by an application.

Development of an Ethereum based smart contract

Ethereum’s blockchain is one of the widely used blockchain technology in the crypto sphere. It is serving its tremendous services to the industry contribution in the overall growth of blockchain-based platforms.

ERC-20 Token Contracts

To transfer the tokens from one another wallets smoothly, our team can provide solutions for developing blockchain-based smart contracts efficiently.

Stable Coins

We offer the facility of a smart contract that will be able to be used for issuing stable coins.

Health Wallet

The healthcare system including the service provider and the customers that pay the bills works efficiently with the help of blockchain technology.

ERC-721 Smart Contracts

Our superior smart contract development supports the use of ERC-721. The contracts can be used for the copyright purpose of a certain piece of work.

Token Redemption

We use the protocols for developing the tokens and a strategy for distributing them with ease.

Benefits of a TRON smart contract

The speed of the TRON technology is what it is being admired for the most. The acceleration of the transactions with the help of the TRON blockchain enables the platform to experience the best user experience. The cost of the transactions is lower than the Ethereum blockchain and the speed is higher.

The superior features of the TRON technology make it one of the widely adopted technologies currently. The Crypto industry can develop several commendable solutions using the TRON technology.

The systems such as an MLM system gain certain features and offer better services to the users. The wallet integration, removing the third parties, and many other features make the system more effective.

TRON can facilitate the industry individuals with the benefits of adequate performance as well as economic services.

Characteristics of the smart contract development

Smart contracts are the agreement conditions that have been programmed to automate the process. The conditions written or described in the smart contract have to be true for the execution of the transaction or the process. The verification of the conditions is self-executing, thus, requires no third party to be involved for manually verifying them.

Lower fee

The transaction or the processing fee is reduced to a lower level as there is no involvement of the human to process it manually.

The decentralization in the process removes the risks involved due to the interference of humans in the process.

More Accuracy & Immutable System

There are no chances of human errors as there is no involvement of humans in the self-executing process.

The code of smart contracts cannot be changed after the successful integration of the contract on the blockchain.

New Models introduction

The protocols are built to be compatible with most of the business models. The tracking of the date, time, weights, and many other parameters are possible with this technology.

An Autonomous Agents

The technology provides the privilege to the business owners make automatic process access it whenever required.

Smart contract services offered by zeligz web store

Smart Contracts on TRON

The automatic contracts provide a smooth process of transactions that contributes to enhancing the performance of the platform. TRON has served the decentralized and blockchain-based platforms with its admirable services.

Smart Contract-Based MLM

The useful features of the smart contracts in MLM software make sure rapid development of your business effectively. The users of the platform gain attractive incentives and rewards. The system resolves the problems such as mutability and errors interrupting the current platform.

Smart Contract for Dapp

Decentralized applications are already serving the industry with effective solutions. Smart contracts add on other services to make the platform reliable.

Smart Contract for Digital Wallet

The rise of digitization in this modern world needs innovations and inventions to keep its constant growth. A high-quality and secured digital wallet ensures the elimination of human errors. The features of this technology are incomparable to other obsolete techniques.

Smart Contract for DEX

We offer services in the development of a robust decentralized exchange platform. Smart contracts improve the workflow and transactions process of the platform drastically due to the automation it provides.

Smart Contracts on Ethereum

The industries like healthcare, finance, supply chain, and many others are using the power of TRON technology.

Smart Contract management

Smart contracts can be deployed in centralized as well as decentralized platforms to achieve automation for several processes. Overall performance of a system can be enhanced using smart contracts.

Smart Contract for DEFI

For automation in the process, smart contracts have been built using Solidity technology.

Smart contract development

The development of the smart contracts is discussed below:

Settlement of automated Claim

We enable the deployment of smart contracts on the blockchain technology that will work to process the settlements, faster transactions, and many other features.

Smart Contract for transparency

Transparency is achieved with the help of smart contracts. The payments, sending of invoices and other processes are eased with the smart contracts.

Smart Contract Payment

The smart contracts development in the process enables the payments to transact faster and with security.

Asset Traceability

Tracing of the assets is possible when the system has been developed using the power of blockchain and smart contracts.


We help you get a process with the deployment of policies that are easily readable as they are transparent.


Several industries take advantage of smart contracts to make easy, smooth, and trustable transactions.

Digital Certificates

Our expert team offers the solutions considering all the legal requirements, following laws and regulations to eliminate any legal issues in the future.


Several transactions can be handled easily with the high-quality services we offer.

Benefits of Smart Contracts

Pinpoint Accuracy
Pinpoint Accuracy

With its automated coding, Smart Contracts offer error-free functioning.

Data Backup
Pinpoint Accuracy

Blockchain technology makes sure all the data is recorded in numerous tamper-proof blocks.

Complete Autonomy
Pinpoint Accuracy

Smart Contract has a self-executing nature that eliminates the need of a third-party

Trust via Encryption
Pinpoint Accuracy

User’s crucial documents are secured on a shared ledger via encryption

Safety via Cryptography
Pinpoint Accuracy

Smart Contracts are highly secured through cryptography technology

More Savings
Pinpoint Accuracy

Since intermediary presence is eliminated, Smart Contract will save you money.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Manual paperwork is eliminated and the smart-contract code will speed up the tasks.

Uses of the smart contracts

Smart contracts are used for several purposes. Some of them are listed below:

  • Banking industry
  • Medical solutions
  • Supply chain
  • Accounting
  • Finance industry
  • Retail
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years