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Offering the best ICO community marketing services

Boost your growth with the foolproof community marketing services from the zeligz web store.

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ICO Community Marketing service providers

Grow your business and platform with the effectiveness of our marketing services. We have helped numerous businesses to grow and rank top in the market with our commendable services. ICO is launched by an increasing number of businesses, thus, effective marketing services are required to meet the goal of the campaign.

Zeligz web store can help you get the desirable services for your campaign. We do not only promote your business or project but also help you create a trustable relationship with your clients.

The strategies we use

We have expert services to offer to our clients. Here are a few of them:

Reaching the community

We help you reach your target audience with the help of our services. From the development of the ICO to make it reach the customers, our services will ensure your success in the industry.

Trust building

We help you get potential customers by making a reliable relationship with the audience.

Social-Media marketing

Social media is a big platform for building trust and getting the desired results. Get our services and grow your business.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a well-known and effective technique for creating spreading information about the project to a large group of people.

Offering Rewards

Giving rewards to individuals is one of the best methods to attract people to your business.

Group Activities/Competitions

The group participation of the users is an immensely effective technique to make the customers get an interest in your project. More customers can be connecting with this trick.

Why do you need to build the community?

Certainly, your community is the reason for your success. The more individuals you connect with, the more will be your growth.

Getting the feedback

Feedback can surely help any business, project, or product to make the changes or enhancements that will help you in the betterment of your services. Your success can only be ensured when your products or services have been made according to the demand of the market. You can ask your community to suggest the alternations to be made in the system or services. You can read and analyze the feedback to grow better.

An idea of your audience

You must know what type of audience you are looking to target. This will help you in customizing your marketing strategy accordingly that will only target the audience that will be beneficial for your product. For example, you would like to target the audience that is technically involved or perhaps interested in your services.

You can effectively gain growth when you put all the effort to attract the audience that will benefit you.

Economical promotion

You can utilize your community to be a part of the PR campaign. The publicity can be done with ease and at reasonable charges when you include your community to take charge of it. We can use the techniques such as posting articles, blogs, videos, and other content. This strategy is most economical along with being effective.

Working on ICO marketing

The proven methodology we use offers our clients the best results. Here is what we do:

We offer the best strategies that will make the reach of your business to several community members.

You will get robust customer traffic for your campaign.

We will use several techniques to drive the result we desire.

Our experts will suggest the proven techniques that will help you achieve the goal of your business or project.

By spreading the information and details of the project to several individuals, we will engage an increasing number of customers for you.

To enhance the investor’s base, we will market your project on different platforms such as social media.

By creating profiles on different platforms, we will step into social groups to promote your idea or the project.

The experts always suggest the development of networks having various people already connected. This will eliminate the struggle to engage more people in the network.

The experts in our company are experienced enough to get customized solutions for every project to make it work effectively.

We ensure that you can interact and make a strong bond with your community.

Asking for feedback will help in engaging the audience as well as enhancing the services according to their requirements.

Our experts are willing to get feedback and add or remove the aspects that are required by the community.

Building the community

Your success relies only on the fact that how many people are connected with your campaign. You grow when you encounter a growth in the number of customers. The loyal community you will build is going to be the reason you grow.

It has become super crucial to make huge efforts to attract people to your project when numerous projects are being launched in the market. Strategies, knowledge, implementation, and many other aspects need to be fulfilled to ensure that your project grows rapidly among the global audience.


Benefits of ICO marketing

Market rivalry is at an all-time high, extraordinary efforts are required to outperform competitors in the market. The crypto sector is seeing an increase in the number of initial coin offerings (ICOs). As a result, the appropriate plan is a must-have.

  • An engaging environment where you can interact with your audience easily.
  • Delivering your idea precisely to make sure everyone gets the details.
  • Get more investors to ensure the growth of your campaign
  • Reliable token distribution systems that will help you gain your goal.

These ICO marketing will help generate the best possible results for you.


Benefits of ICO Community Marketing

Zeligz web store help in offering expert services as we have experience in the field for years.


We spread awareness about your project using different techniques.


We ensure accuracy and offer solutions that are already tested and proven to be effective.


Our experts help you to follow the path that will show you the door to success.


We have worked on a large number of projects that ensure our expertise in the field.


We make a connection with the influencers to promote your project rapidly and easily among a diverse audience.

What we include in our services

We adopt several strategies that will help you to grow and gain profit.

  • Making the strategy
  • Make sure that your campaign makes an impact in the market.
  • Write the details and requirements on a whitepaper
  • Make reach to a wide audience
  • Generate traffic of potential audience
  • Expanding the community
  • Engagement with the customers
  • Get access to the potential market
  • Improve services using the feedback
  • Security for funds
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Promotion with content creation

Why choose our services

Our strategies

After working on an immense number of projects, we have achieved expertise in offering strategies that work precisely.

Privacy & Security

We consider the essence of security in today’s era, therefore, make sure that accurate results are provided when it comes to the protection of funds.

The expert team

As our team has worked on different projects, the knowledge and innovation offered in the projects are commendable.

Flexible Support

Our team is readily available for every error, bug, or any other issue to be resolved anytime.

Project management

To ensure a smooth process of building the project, we assign a manager that can handle the work and make sure on-time delivery of the project.


We ensure offering strategies and work with a transparent process that helps in building trust with the customers.