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DeFi tokenization platform

Development of tokens that represents the project in the blockchain network and providing liquidity for the tokens for the upcoming projects.

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Growth of DeFi tokenization

The introduction of decentralized finance has been a huge turn for the traditional finance methods. By serving its unmatchable services to several businesses and industries, it has become one of the rapidly growing sectors with enormous demand in the market. Blockchain technology, the most essential element of the DeFi sector is helping in more expansion in the services and features of the decentralized platforms.

This intermediary-free service keeps users' and their details private and allows them to join without the need for KYC. Many firms are drawn to the modernization of traditional finance and the start-up of fintech enterprises using effective blockchain technology because of this inherent element of modern finance.

With the arrival of several DeFi platforms, the crypto market rises. Innovative DeFi protocols have exploded onto the market, and each project is fueled by its native coin. Due to the irreplaceable qualities and benefits of tokens, this resulted in token development activities. In a decentralized system like cryptocurrency, token circulation has become a popular investment possibility.

Blockchain technology, a part of Decentralized finance that is providing solutions to several problems present in traditional finance techniques. The system has become more secure, transparent, and faster that helps the users to trade, buy, sell, borrow and do numerous other finance-related tasks effortlessly. Innovation of technology is modernizing the finance industry with its advanced facilities.

Explaining DeFi token

DeFi tokens are the assets that have been tokenized in a decentralized ecosystem to the digital form. The token provides several exclusive benefits to the users of the crypto market contributing to easing every finance-related process. Ethereum blockchain has launched smart contracts and tokens to provide a better user experience, speed, and other advantages to the customers over the DeFi platforms. The concept of using the tokens can be utilized by almost every blockchain-based business to avail the benefits out of it. The smart contracts are a part and parcel of the tokens that generate all the essential features for the DeFi token. There are two types of tokens listed below:

Fungible tokens

These tokens are similar to the ERC-20 token’s standards. The use of these types of tokens is for tangible and non-tangible assets. These tokens can be exchanged with other tokens through the exchange platforms. The main use of fungible tokens is as security tokens, utility tokens, payment tokens, and equity tokens.

Traits of ERC -20

  • These tokens provide the opportunities for raising funds to initiate a new project or business using different techniques such as ICO, IEO, IDO, and others that are used widely to collect the funds for economical support for the new start-up.
  • The tokens are exchangeable using various exchange platforms.
  • Several utilities are provided by this token.
  • These tokens are renowned to offer high-quality performance in the DeFi applications.
  • Makes the process of transactions simpler and secure.
  • Physical assets can be converted into digital ones with this token.
  • It can be used as a governance token for the community-governed environment.

Non-Fungible tokens

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are the virtual representation of the collectibles that are unique and are able to be sold in a considerable amount. These tokens cannot be exchanged with other tokens due to their uniqueness. They are similar to the ERC-21 token standards representing the NFTs.

  • They are the trending tokens having a massive value in the market.
  • The celebrities, artists, and musicians can convert their content or work into the NFTs to gain enormous benefits.
  • NFTs are neither exchangeable nor can be traded like other tokens.
  • Most of the NFTs are being sold at an exceptionally high value.
  • There are several assets that can be tokenized such as music, art, games, and many other collectibles.
  • The unique assets and the scarcity are enough to make the tokens gain super high value in the market.

Stable coins

  • Stable coins as their name suggests are the ERC-20 tokens that are supported by other currencies and assets to keep their value stable.
  • They have further two types, one is fiat collateralized and the other are non-collateralized stable coins.
  • Stablecoins are the assets that are related to the value of centralized currencies.
  • The stable coin keeps its value as stable as possible regardless of the fluctuation of volatility in the market.
  • The stable coins are a profitable investment that eliminates market ups and downs.
  • Stablecoins reduces the risks of volatility by removing central authorities.
  • The crypto collateralized stable coins consist of the crypto assets.
  • The algorithmic stable coins get their value from the conditions defined in an algorithm that worked by considering the fluctuation in the token’s supply.

Adavnatges of the DeFi tokens

Lower transaction fee

Elimination of the intermediates results in a process that is economical due to fewer transaction fees.

More investors

The lucrative investment opportunities allure several potential investors to contribute to the decentralized environment.

No middleman

The decentralized system is free from a middleman responsible for the verification of certain tasks.

Better Interoperability

The users can buy and sell the tokens from various platforms and networks.

Instant liquidity

By selling the tokens on the auctions or other platforms, immediate liquidity is offered. The exchange platforms accept these tokens as collaterals to improve liquidity.

High-grade security

A safe and secure platform is achieved with the use of blockchain technology. No KYC is needed on the platform to be done.

Enhanced infrastructure

A secured environment for trading and swapping of the tokens.

Complete control over assets

The users get full control to manage their funds stored on the decentralized platform. They get complete ownership of the assets.

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