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IoT meter solution for smart homes and Industries

Get your energy consumption to limits by taking the advantage of an IoT meter.

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IoT energy meter to ease management of energy consumption

A range of sectors and industries are taking advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) to enhance several operations and automate some of the functions. Similarly, developing a smart home plays a vital role. The IoT meter indicates the usage of energy in any place that could be analyzed to minimize energy consumption.

The high-quality energy meters developed using the power of IoT can be connected to the electric devices you are using in your home or office. The data analyzed about every electric device is accurate and can be easily viewed on the dashboard of the energy meter. The users can check out the performance of all the devices from wherever they need them.

You can keep an eye on all the devices being operated in your place remotely. You can reduce power consumption by having full control over the usage. To get an energy meter installed at your smart home, avail of our services at the earliest.

Management of Energy

Power consumption management has become a vital part of several companies and businesses offering effective management tricks. Many environmentalists are encouraging the market practices to adopt this commendable technology to reduce power consumption and minimize the effect of electrical devices on the environment.

Get better home management options with our IoT energy meter.

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The energy meters we are offering

Energy meter with the single-channel:

Its features:

  • Multi-level authorization, plugs, and play
  • The data is generated by ML
  • The three or single phase

Energy meter with multiple channels

Its features:

  • Capable to handle 12 parallel connection
  • Multi-level authorization, plugs, and play
  • The data is generated by ML
  • The three or single phase

Multi-sensor system:

Its features:

  • Three data point is supported with single or 3 phase
  • Automatic switch on and off by recognizing an activity
  • Data analysis of temperature, humidity, water flow, and carbon dioxide.

Switching control with switching control:


  • Switching control for single-channel energy meter
  • Multi-level authorization, plugs, and play
  • The data is generated by ML
  • The three or single phase

Dashboard of energy meter

The users can review the data on the energy meter sent after analysis of the required information. The detailed information is listed for the users to analyze.

The users can also have access to the previous month’s data that can be compared to current data to see the difference. Data of any certain time can be fetched and analyzed. Also, the data and power consumption of different devices can be compared.

Characteristics of our IoT energy meter dashboard

Web dashboard

The web dashboard contains detailed information about all the devices connected to the energy meter. The energy consumption along with other analyzed data is displayed there.

Analytics comparison

The availability of the data from the past and present can be compared and the progress or change in consumption can be analyzed.

Cloud storage:

The data is stored in the cloud system is readily accessible whenever required.


Get access to in-depth analyzed data with the reports generated after a frequent time period.


Whenever there is an issue in the operation of a device or any other problem, the user will be informed of the issue in the device.


The reports about the daily data of the machines or devices can be downloaded whenever required by the user.

Ensure better power consumption practices with this superior IoT energy meter.

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How can you be benefitted from our IoT energy meter?

Managing the energy consumption:

The web dashboard displays all the data fetched about the power consumption of several devices being operated. The time when the devices consume the most energy and less energy can be analyzed.

Precision in data gathered

The data analyzed by the energy meter is completely accurate. The data-sharing process is totally transparent.

Optimize the energy

After figuring out the exact consumption of power and the reasons or the time when excessive power is consumed, the users can manage the power consumption to be proper.

Energy productivity

You can make use of the energy being used at your best. When you know everything about the energy consumption at your place, you can ensure less wastage and more productivity of the energy.


Alerts are sent to the users when there is a device that is not working properly or encountering any other problem. This ensures the elimination of an upcoming disaster.

Better energy practices

The wastage of energy can be indicated with the help of IoT based energy meter and ways to enhance the uses can be developed. Better energy uses habits can be developed using this technique.

Eco-friendly habits

When the energy consumption lowers, a number of resources are managed. While adopting eco-friendly habits, some of the environmental degrading factors can be reduced.


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