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Development of the NFT Marketplace like SuperRare

Develop an NFT marketplace such as SuperRare to accomplish your revenue generation goals. .

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Importance of Non-Fungible Token in the crypto world

Non-fungible tokens are being considered as a future of digital art, although there are several other assets such as music clips and videos that are being tokenized enormously. NFTs get their value due to the rarity and uniqueness of a certain asset. The more rare the asset, the more will be its value as people are willing to pay millions to own such tokens. The ownership of digital assets is one of the most admired features of the NFTs. NFTs are considered to be highly secured as they are decentralized and there is no interference of a third party. There are several exchange platforms accessible for the users to trade NFTs. However, NFT Marketplaces are preferred by most people to trade, sell, buy and store their NFTs conveniently. The blockchain technology used in the platform builds an assurance of secured transactions while trading NFTs.

Various types of NFT Marketplaces

Below are different types of the NFT Marketplace

Open Platform

The open platforms as their name suggests are open for the users to trade any type of NFTs. Some of the assets that are being traded on the open platforms are music files, artwork, rare videos, and much more. Rarible and OpenSea are two types of open platforms.


Rarible is being used widely to trade the NFTs. The token with the name RARI is the native token of the platform that can be used to vote on various platforms. Rarible Marketplace is built using blockchain technology that offers complete protection to digital assets. The unique features and services offered by the Marketplace make it one of the most user-friendly and engaging platforms in the industry


This is another open type of NFT Marketplace that is attracting massive people towards the platform currently. It is launched in 2018 and soon after its launch, it was able to grow rapidly. Several digital assets are being traded on the platform that including trading cards, audio files, and other unique assets. It has become a widely used platform for the masses.

Exclusive Platform

This is another type of NFT Marketplaces do not allow trading of all types. The platform focuses on only a certain type of digital assets. Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, and Foundation are exclusive types of Marketplaces currently popular in the industry. Most of them are merely restricted to trading art-related assets.


The exclusive type of NFT Marketplace allows the users of the platform to trade digital art collectibles. Creators are a major part of this platform. This platform offers a special option to the existing creators or the artists to invite their co-artists or other creators to join the community of the creators.


This exclusive type of NFT marketplace has been made up by merging the social media platform and NFT Marketplace features together. This platform also offers services to trade the art-related NFTs. The users of the platform initiate the transaction using the currency Ether as it is the native currency of the platform.

Nifty Gateway

The Nifty platform is a bit different from other exclusive platforms as it is centralized, unlike other decentralized platforms. All the tokens and assets on the platform are known as Nifties. They have collaborated with celebrities and artists to make their platform more profitable. The assets are dropped after every 3 weeks on the platform.

Open Protocol

This protocol is focused on bringing more and more audiences to the platform by reducing the traffic congestion of the NFTs. One example of this Marketplace is, Zora.


This is a decentralized Marketplace that is built using the Ethereum blockchain. It provides a transparent pool to the users for every portal. Everyone is allowed to check the bids on a certain asset if required.

Get yourself an NFT Marketplace like SuperRare

Zeligz web store has a team of experts that has experience in the development of various NFT Marketplaces. We study the requirements of our clients accurately to ensure satisfying results. We have worked on the development of several NFT Marketplaces with the reference of major NFT Marketplaces popular in the market. By properly adding the extra features as specified by the clients, we make sure precision in the result. Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology, thus, they are capable of developing high-quality and fully secured platforms.

What does the SuperRare NFT Marketplace is used for?

SuperRare is an exclusive type of NFT Marketplace that allows its users to trade only the artwork collectibles. This platform has been created using the Ethereum blockchain. SuperRare platform is a mixture of both social media as well as the NFT Marketplace. Just like other social media platforms, the users have the features to comment, like, and share the token they like. In this way, the reach of a certain NFT is reached to several other people. As this platform is created using Ethereum blockchain, the platform uses the native cryptocurrency called Ether in the transactions occurring on the Marketplace.

How does SuperRare Marketplace work?

SuperRare is a leading NFT Marketplace in the industry. Its immense popularity is due to the combined power of two trendy platforms together to engage a wide range of people. The combination of social media platform and an NFT Marketplace, allows the users to trade artwork. The users can share, like, and comment on certain assets just like a social media platform. Top artists, collectors, and largest collections are shown on the feed on the home page of the platform.

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Different parts of SuperRare Marketplace

The SuperRare platform offers the users an opportunity to interact with a creative user interface designed to provide adequate user experience.


This is the page where the creators and artists can publish their unique artworks. They can add their assets in the form of an image or a video to grab the attention of the visitors of the page. This helps the creators to expose their assets to a huge community.

Activities Paortal

This page is the same as the news feed page of social media platforms such as Facebook. It shows all the information of all the NFTs being displayed on the page.


The market page includes most of the essential activities such as the Marketplace. It is the place where the users can find the NFT of their choice among several NFTs available on the platform. There is a feature using which the NFTs can be filtered and the desired NFT can be figured out by the users. The filtered on basis of the creation time of the NFT, preferred price, and date of the auction are displayed can be done.

Information of Community

The community tab lists the SuperRare social media networking platforms. Different types of NFTs by the artists and the updates are published on this page. The users can explore this page to collect data or information regarding the latest artwork being sold on the platform.

Scope of SuperRare NFT Marketplace in the future

In the prevailing time, SuperRare is being used widely by several users to buy, sell and trade art-related NFTs. The combination of social media platforms and NFT Marketplace in this platform makes it unique and interesting for the users. The interaction between the audience and the customers enhances with the interactive UI of the platform. Even though the Marketplace is in its development phase, it can attract people from all across the world. The upcoming time of this platform is going to be even more developed.d

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The process of developing SuperRare like Marketplace

A process we follow while creating a SuperRare-like Marketplace

Choosing the Chain

Firstly, the selection of the right type of chain is done to ensure the perfect development of the Marketplace. The features such as bidding, purchasing, and selling of the digital collectibles are done to trade NFTs.

NFT Minting

It is the process of listing the assets on the platform to make them visible to the users. Through the minting process of the tokens, an authorization is provided to that NFT before officially displaying it on the platform.

Wallet Integration

The wallet has an important role to be played in an NFT marketplace or other finance-related platforms. The wallet integration is essential as there is a need for certain crypto coins on the platform.

Creating NFT

The conversion of certain assets into the NFTs is the most crucial step in the development of an NFT Marketplace. The creativity of the designers or the creators determines the estimation of the price of a certain NFT.


It is the last stage of the process of the development cycle of an NFT Marketplace like SuperRare. When the Marketplace is developed completely this step is involved.

Features of our SupeRare like NFT Marketplace

There are several distinct features involved in our development platform that results in an ideal platform.


The Beta phase helps promote the Marketplace among several users. This phase shows the development phase of the platform to the users. The primary and secondary market users get the benefit through it.


The additional commissions are added to the Marketplace in the trade-off process. This commission is different for primary and secondary users.

Service Fee

There is a participation fee that has to be paid by the users of the platform as the market fee. This helps in enhancing the number of traders to initiate their NFT marketing services.

Other Market Benefits

There are several other benefits included in the NFT Marketplace developed by our experts. The majority of NFT Marketplaces are known to offer profit with the primary market but the revenue of the secondary market adds to provide even more benefits to the users.

Why Zeligz Web Store is best for the Creation of NFT Marketplace like SuperRare?

Zeligz web store’s professionals can develop the best NFT Marketplace by ensuring accuracy in the development process. We assist our developers to attain precision in the final product. Our experts ensure a flawless token development platform that can gain enormous traffic with a robust design. Our services prioritize including all the necessary features to achieve high security. Our team is readily available 24/7 support for our clients. We include some features of blockchain technology in our ecosystem. We give our best to analyze our client's expectations to deliver admirable results with engaging UI and the latest features. The option of customization gives a privilege to alter the features according to the requirements. We plan the project by considering every detail as an important part of it. We provide API as well as integration of wallet features for a better user experience. Our hassle-free and rapid process help you get desired results within the given time.

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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

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