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Step into Industry 4.0 with our superior solutions using IoT.

Modify and automate your production process with the trend of smart factories by the installment of IoT-based solutions.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 includes the modification of the manufacturing industry with smart solutions to achieve digitization and automation in the factories. This revolution in the industry enhances and smoothens the production process by achieving automation, effective functioning, and accuracy. The combination of the IoT, Cybersecurity, cloud computing, Augmented reality, cloud computing, and other technologies merge and achieve effectiveness in smart factories.

The production, efficiency, and profit will be elevated as the production system gets advanced with high precision.

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Utilizing the potential of IoT to enhance the manufacturing systems

IoT is showing several industries the path to growth and success with its modern solutions. Smart IoT gadgets help to ease different processes on the platform. The owners are able to go through every part of the factory to ensure the optimization of the process. We at Zeligz web store provide effective and advanced solutions for the automation and modernization of certain processes.

We offer solutions for different types of devices to be used in various parts of the industry. With the installment of these devices, you can ensure a hassle-free and smooth process. A Cloud database is used to store the data precisely and securely. This data can be accessed conveniently whenever required. The failures and malfunctioning can be identified easily using this technology. Also, the prior maintenance notification reminds of maintenance to be done on time to eliminate the additional expense.

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Offerings of the IoT applications to the industries

  • Operational Effectiveness

    The IoT offers solutions that automate the process of the industry making it highly effective and accurate. The operations of different segments of the industry can be modified according to the need which results in better efficiency. All the functions become faster and smooth to a large extent.

  • Ease of supervision

    You are able to monitor the work and operations, anytime with the sensors used in the gadgets. In this way, precise details regarding every part can be accessed effortlessly. This will make the supervision simple thus reducing the chances of malfunctioning and maintenance convenient.

  • Maintenance

    The issue with one machinery or part of the factory can impact the entire production process adversely. The maintenance of all the pieces of equipment is a crucial part to be done on time to keep the workflow smooth. However, these issues can be neglected by scheduling the time of maintenance for the respective types of machinery.

  • Digital records

    A Cloud database is used to store the essential data regarding the process. You will be able to access the data flexibly from the web dashboard. The complication of the paperwork and storage of the data eliminates by adopting a cloud database. The reports and data can be downloaded easily.

  • Better production and profit

    With the modification, automation, and adoption of different advanced methods, the process of manufacturing will become more productive, thus generating more profit. The features such as prior maintenance scheduling, ease of monitoring, and maintenance do not only cuts down the expense to be spent but also save and time, thus making the entire process effective and productive.

Move towards adoption of smart solutions for achieving effectiveness and accuracy in the production using the power of IoT.

Popular companies using IoT in

  • 1. Amazon

    Who does not know the name of Amazon, one of the biggest eCommerce companies using the power of IoT for its warehouses? They are dedicated to achieving the most possible automation for the entire process of their business. They have already cut down 20% of the production cost using the robots.

  • 2.John Deere

    Another company is aiming to achieve automation in the agriculture field with self-driving tractors. They want to use the power of IoT for accuracy and effectiveness in the work.
  • 3.AirBus

    This Company is the manufacturer of aircraft. The process of manufacturing the entire jet or craft is complex and a minor mistake can cost a considerable amount. Thus they are moving towards automating the process using the power of digitization.


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