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TRON Dapp development solutions

Step into the trendy world of cryptocurrency exchanges with a powerful platform developed by us.

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Services for TRON DApp Development

TRON is a decentralized network with its own native cryptocurrency named Tronix and blockchain technology. Just like the Ethereum blockchain technology and EOS, TRON blockchain is rapidly growing for the development of decentralized platforms with outstanding performance. The technology is widely being used for the development of peer-to-peer systems. The platforms built using TRON technology offer a reliable user experience with several other features. TRON is known for its features that offer high performance and resolve many issues being faced by other technologies.

Zeligz web store is among the leading software development companies in the world. We have worked on several projects based on TRON technology. The expertise we offer to our clients is unbeatable in the market. The superiority offered by our team in the quality of development and the innovation in the features and design let us deliver the results that are ready to attain success in the market. The TRON-based platforms developed by our professionals is highly secured and provide a superior user experience.

Services provided by Zeligz web store

TRC-10 Token Development services

We offer commendable services for the development of the TRC-10 tokens for our clients. The TRC10 token is integrated with the smart contract along with other features such as easy transfer and easy alternatives.

TRC-20 Token Development

The team at Zeligz web store offers customization in the development process as demanded by the customers. The TRC-20 tokens with our expertise are compatible with the ERC-20 tokens.

TRON Wallet Development

We offer services for developing a secure wallet in decentralized applications that are compatible with the TRX. We have delivered wallet development services to a large number of organizations.

TRON DApp Development

We are currently offering solutions that are suitable for a range of different industries such as Logistics, Finance, and many others. We add advanced features to develop a modern platform that makes every process smooth and convenient for the users.

Node SetUp

WE are readily available for the companies that want to set up their nodes. We have experts with considerable experience in setting up the nodes.

API Integration

We use different APIs to enhance the functionality and integrate additional features into the platforms. It helps in creating an effortless connection with the blockchain.

Smart Contracts Development

Smart contracts make the process on a Dapp or the transactions automatic with the pre-determined conditions in the contract. All the public and private networks can be integrated with smart contracts.

Decentralized Exchange platform

Our robust decentralized exchange platform development services based on TRON blockchain technology can help you to outshine the competition in the market.

Remarkable features of TRON Dapps

Use of Multiple Languages

The TRON platform being following the Google protocol buffer that helps in making use of different languages such as Java, Python, and many others compatible.

Faster TPS

Our high-performance TRON Dapp is able to process the transactions on the platform at a high speed. The speed of transactions could rise to 2000 TPS which is far better than most of the popular blockchains.

Robust Storage ability

There are two different types of storage in the TRON Dapps. The first one is Level1D and the other is KhaosDB.

Compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine

The TRON virtual machine and Ethereum virtual machine are compatible with each other. Thus, the smart contracts are able to be used on the both Ethereum virtual machine and TRON virtual machine.

Proof Of Stake

The proof of the stake of the TRON makes it complex for the hackers to steal or alter the stored data, contributing to safeguarding the entire system with its features.


The TRON Dapps are highly scalable as well as flexible to be used for business development.

Why is the Zeligz web store the best choice for TRON Dapp development

Below are some of the exceptional features offered by the Zeligz web store.

  • Considerable experience in the development of TRON-based applications.
  • Expert solutions from our experienced team.
  • Suitable services by creating the finest strategies by considering all the aspects such as trends in the market, security features, innovative design, and much more.
  • A transparent process of development.
  • Unbeatable services in the market.
  • Customization option to add or alter the features as per the requirements.
  • Development of high quality as well as security features.
  • A rapid development process that ensures on-time delivery.
  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years