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Gain success with an expert Bounty Marketing campaign

Offering services for a launching successful ICO.

NFT Marketing Agency

About Bounty Marketing

While distributing the coins in the market, a bounty marketing tool is used to make the reach of the campaign to a wide audience in the world. With better information and offering better values such as a chance to earn more tokens and rewards, the campaign gains its success. Other methods such as hiring an influencer to sell your project with his celebrity power, can effortlessly gain traffic towards your campaign.

Building an ICO bounty program

An effective bounty program can be created using the best tricks and planning. Some of the examples may include, attracting people using the forums, Telegram, and many other platforms for marketing.

There are several bounty websites and other mediums available in the market to be used easily.

The programs we use

Content writing

The content marketing technique includes writing blogs, articles, and other kinds of content by collaborating with the influencers. The more the engagement rate of the content, the more reward will be provided.

Social Media

We offer ICO development services by performing marketing on social media platforms. The rewards offered to the participants are dependent on the engagement rate.

Bitcointalk Signature

This trick is a useful and result-driven strategy in the current time. The ranking of the individuals who take part in the program shows the number of stakes they will get.

Other ICO Bounty programs

When the ICO is launched successfully, post-ICO bounty programs begin to enhance the functioning of the project. They are the post-ICO programs:

Error detection

To make sure the best possible effectiveness of the project, bug testing, and reporting are done accurately. The removal of the errors will make sure high quality of the platform.

Translation Campaign

This bounty program includes the translation of the documents and other project-related information to a language of their choice. This helps in understanding all the aspects related to the projects with ease.

Our services

Higher engagement rate

We customize the strategies that can offer an elevation in the engagement rate.

Content Management

According to the needs of the individuals, the content marketing strategies are customized and applied.

Relation with customers

It is essential to have a good bond with the audience to ensure your success. We understand and implement it accordingly.

Target potential audience

We make sure that the strategies attract only the right people to your platform to ensure higher profits.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years