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Fleet Management with IoT

Offering the secured and smooth fleet management with the potential of IoT

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STRATIM for Fleets

The drawbacks resolved by the IoT asset tracking system


The Zeligz web store makes sure the development of the solutions that can solve some considerable problems being faced in the process of fleet management. Below are the problems that are being rectified with our services:

  • Ensuring an economical way of fleet management.
  • The management of the software for a reliable network to all across the community.
  • The technology that will be updated according to the new development and introduction of the innovations.
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>Fleet Telematics System


We are solving the issues of fleet management with the power of the IoT. We ask the owner of the vehicles to get connect with the cloud that will provide safety, less expense, and smoothness in the functionalities.

We make sure to offer economical solutions for the owners using the Telematics solutions. Some of them are listed below:

  • Consumption of energy
  • Control over routes
  • Performance of the driver
  • Regular maintenance of the vehicle
STRATIM for Vendors



Our experienced professionals have expertise in providing Telematics services for creating an appropriate network of fleet management.

We offer expert solutions that are easy to use, scalable, easily updated with the help of device-cloud IoT spaces.

Easy integration and updates make our services admirable that can work perfectly over different devices.

GPS Tracking
Management of routes
Keeping rules and regulations
Different records
Driver’s skill management
Information about the engines
Fuel consumption control
Ensuring safety
Use of virtual maps
Eco-friendly driving practices
Tracking the assets
Communication maintenance


The information and data collected from different techniques such as GPS tracking along with the benefits of the pre-existing cameras in managing the city appropriately. The modern fleet management solutions offer the privilege to the business owners to supervise and maintain different functions effectively.

Industries Covered

Supply chain and data management

We offer services that can make the entire process economical and easily usable for all.

The users get benefited from several features that ease the management of the overall project.

Cold Chain Supply

With the need for greater control over the cold chain with end-to-end transparency of perishable products like food and medicines, IoT-based Fleet management solutions are critical.

It is vital to track pallets or crates with various parameters such as temperature, humidity, vibrations, etc. during the shipping process to enhance visibility and transparency.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services like Fire and EMT will benefit from IoT and GPS-based Telematics solution to improve their response strategy.

The sensors and databases provide advance information on the emergency situation, thereby ensuring that the right personnel and equipment are ready to tend to the situation.


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