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Blockchain for Cyberseurity

Building a protective shield to get eliminate cyber attacks.

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Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Even after imposing different security features on the digital platforms, there are still chances of cyber-attacks and frauds in the system. As much as the security features are being developed, the hacking system is growing strong equally. Therefore, it is essential to strengthen the security of the system to reduce and eliminate future breaches in the system.

Fraudulent activities on the system can be recognized easily with the help of Blockchain technology. Blockchain technology provides the confidence to store and access data freely. The strength of blockchain in achieving a highly secured system is unmatchable to any other technology. Our team at Zeligz web store has experience in developing a robust system that lacks nothing to protect the data effectively.

Problems faced by the cybersecurity

There are new cybercrime cases that are being recorded frequently, some of them are making millions of losses for some companies.


Cybercriminals are putting huge efforts to get a chance to successfully hack a system to get a profit or steal the data for any reason. Cybercrimes are of different types such as freezing the computer and demanding money from others. Apart from that, the hackers can also be selling some criminals' tools to others. This community is growing rapidly and so are their techniques.

Expansion in the usage of technology

As the number of users of mobile devices is growing rapidly, so does the chances of cybercrimes are growing. The mobile payment options are contributing even more to fueling these crimes to the next level.

Development in the IoT network

The massive growth of web-based devices contributes to the growth of crimes. Several manufacturers are avoiding the need for higher security that directly raises the cyber attacks.

Using third parties

Third parties are being integrated and used widely in several applications to provide a better user experience. However, this scenario results in loss of data when the third-party app gets hacked.

For all of the above-mentioned problems, blockchain technology is the solution. Blockchain technology offers a storage area that is near to impossible to be hacked.

Offerings of Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency

The IPFS makes it convenient to store the data on the blockchain in a decentralized environment. A company can be assured of the security of the data with blockchain technology.

Fiat-backed Cryptocurrency
IoT Decentralization

Decentralization is growing at a rapid pace and does not require the interference of a third party. This direct system makes it possible to make interaction among two devices with no third parties involved. High security is achieved with this type of system.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

There are no chances of the system getting shut down. The system will be able to perform security when there will be a cyber attack.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

The system has no restrictions to operate it even when some of the nodes are not working normally due to an attack.

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency
Secured Network Access

The network consists of authentication including two steps that eliminate easy hacking of the system. The removal of human error makes a secure system.

Fiat-backed Cryptocurrency
Upgraded Smart Contracts

Another blockchain-related feature that helps in achieving automation in the process eliminates the third parties and results in a direct process.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

One user cannot take place of the existing user as the system is unable to verify the signature by any other person.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency
Customer Trust

The customers can trust the platform with full confidence as the transparency of the system makes it trustable for the users.

The capability of blockchain for cyber security

Any type of record, data or information is being used on enormous digital platforms. We provide data every time we begin using a new application or website.

Gold-backed Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry is one of the rapidly growing sectors of the current era that has stored massive data on the blockchain technology.

Fiat-backed Cryptocurrency

The finance sector is in dire need of developing a system that can offer high-grade protection to the transactions and sensitive data. A multi-layered security protocol can decentralize risk, therefore resolving global cybersecurity concerns.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

Hospitals may utilize the decentralized ledger to counter assaults aimed at one of the world's most important sectors. It permits the release of a limited quantity of data to healthcare authorities, who guarantee that cybercriminals are denied access to patients' health records.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency

Government agencies might quickly spot potential assaults and trace information back to its source by placing a barrier between available data and hackers. The decentralized storing of encrypted data will undoubtedly achieve the securely established cybersecurity goals.

Precious Stones Backed Cryptocurrency
Defence & Military

With its sensitive data connected to missions, new technology, and the navy, the Department of the Armed Forces sees blockchain as viable information protection. Its deployment ensures the secrecy of military data, allowing for improved performance and state effect.

Development of Blockchain for Cybersecurity

Even when the development of more and more security features is being done, the strengthening of the cyber attack tools is being done at the same time. Getting a highly secured environment for the digital platform has become the necessity of the time. A decentralized ledger is making a huge contribution in achieving high security by removing interference from third parties.

  • We at Zeligz web store ensure high security with the development of a robust system. We use superior tools that help in attaining high-grade security.
  • Moreover, using blockchain technology with complete precision, we help our clients to offer a reliable platform to their customers.
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  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years