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Developing an exclusive NFT Marketplace

Develop a platform that resembles the Nifty Gateway to shine in the crypto market.

NFT Marketing Agency

Role of Non-Fungible Tokens in the Crypto industry

The unstoppable development of Cryptocurrency has changed the way of trading in the finance industry and brought several new opportunities in the market using advanced technologies. As much as the crypto world is getting the attention of the traders, this industry is growing rapidly to offer several other features and services for earning considerable profits. NFTs are one of the most significant technologies being offered by the crypto sphere.

NFTs have a variety of unique assets that can be tokenized. For example a rare video of a celebrity, an artwork, and an audio file. These Assets can acquire a huge value when they are tokenized converted into NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens have been developed using Blockchain technology that assures security to the users or traders. The users can trace the ownership of a certain asset they have bought as the NFT possesses unique values.

Some important features of Non-Fungible Tokens

The major benefits of NFTs are:


The ability to trace the transactions offered by the Blockchain network provides full transparency to the users.


One of the most significant features of the NFTs is the visibility they provide to the business that helps in reaching a large audience.


Recovery of data is quite convenient with the NFTs as they are built using blockchain networks.

Basics of NFT Marketplace

Non-fungible tokens have become an integral part of the crypto industry. The NFT Marketplace is the most common platform where the users can trade, sell, buy or store NFTs in a decentralized environment. However, there are several other exchange platforms where the NFTs can be traded. The platform is secured and transparent due to the use of blockchain technology. Mainly there are two types of NFT Marketplaces with distinct services. Two of them are open type and the other is exclusive type.

Open Marketplaces are those where the tokenization of all types of assets can be done. It may include the assets such as videos, artwork, music, and a lot more. Example of this type of platforms is Rarible and OpenSea.

Another type of platform is an exclusive type where the tokenization can be done only of a certain type of NFTs. SuperRare and Foundation are two platforms that are of exclusive type Marketplace.

Some characteristics of the NFT Marketplace Platform

Below are some essential features of an NFT Marketplace platform.


No third parties can intervene in the trading or the Marketplace since it is decentralized.

Currency Support

The NFT Marketplace is a platform where multiple currencies can be supported to provide the customers the privilege of adopting a currency of their choice.

User-friendly Design

The simple-to-use design of the platform provides a smooth user experience.


Some of the well-designed incentive techniques help in driving more traffic to the Marketplace.

High value

The NFT Marketplace helps buyers to sell their NFTs at high prices among enormous audiences throughout the world.

Development of NFT Marketplace like Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway is a well-known name in the industry of NFT Marketplaces. Developing a platform like Nifty Gateway may help in generating enormous revenue. An Exclusive Marketplace like Nifty Gateway is ruling the crypto world with its amazing features. By analyzing the platform deeply, we implement the functionality and the design by merging it with additional features required by the clients. The exclusive type of NFT Marketplace is centered towards only a certain type of NFTs that makes it easy to target the audience which is interested in buying or selling unique assets.

What Is Nifty Gateway Marketplace?

NFT Gateway is a famous NFT marketplace of an exclusive type developed using blockchain technology. This platform focuses on tokenization and trading virtual artwork assets. The unique assets sold on the platform are named Nifties. Blockchain technology lets the owner of the Nifties enjoy full ownership of the assets without worrying about the loss of the data.

How does the Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace work?

Nifty Gateway collaborates with popular artists and celebrities to collect the unique and valuable assets to be auctioned on the platform. They drop their new collections frequently for a certain period. Unlike other decentralized platforms, Nifty Gateway is centralized that distinguishes it from others. Dropping the assets once in 3 weeks, this platform’s strategy is to attain a high value for its collection. The platform allows the users to display the Nifties, or withdraw and deposit the Nifties from external wallets. This platform is currently popular among people interested in trading NFTs due to the uniqueness in features it offers.

Transaction in the Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace we design

Firstly, the registration process is the same as other online platforms. The users have to create an account by filling in a few details. Then the payment details have to be filled in by the users. Now, they can start trading NFTs.

It’s essential to go through all of the presented NFTs on the platform to find the desired NFTs. After finding the desired NFT, the users can begin their bidding on the portal.

After bidding successfully, the owner of the asset will get a notification with the offered price. If the price is adequate for the creator, the NFT will be sold. Another option is to sell NFTs by using auctions that resemble the real-life traditional auction system.

The structure of the NFT Marketplace is like other marketplaces. After everything is finished, the users can begin the minting of their NFTs. The uploading of the artwork on the platform finishes when the minting process finishes. Now, the asset will be listed after the approval being done by certain authorities.

Our Non-Fungible Tokens Standards

Our development process includes using distinct NFT standards for the development of an NFT Marketplace like Nifty Gateway.

  • ERC-721

  • ERC-1155

  • Neo

  • dGoods

  • TRC-721

Exclusive Features Of Our Nifty Gateway NFT Marketplace

Below are some features that make the Nifty Gateway Marketplace superior

Engaging UI

We design the user interface to be highly engaging as well as convenient for the users. The advanced design makes it attractive.


We develop a design that is responsive and can be accessed on all the devices such as a mobile, Laptop, or Tablet with an adequate user experience.


We provide integration of the auction portals to make it easier for the users to sell their tokens effortlessly.


Every client has his own requirements and specifications. To develop a platform of their choice, we provide customization of the Marketplace as needed.

Secured platform

The platform we develop lacks nothing when it comes to security. We add all necessary features to ensure high quality. The use of DDOS and DOS makes the platform free from any sort of swindles.

Why choose Zeligz web store for the services?

We have been working on the development of several Marketplaces for many years. Our professionals have achieved in developing crypto platforms, NFT Marketplaces, and Blockchain technology by delivering several projects of different types. Most of the platforms developed by the Zeligz web store have helped our clients to attain success in their respective fields. The transparent development process and customization of the platform make it convenient to achieve results that match the client’s expectations. Our 24/7 support gives the clients an opportunity to contact us if they need the assistance of our experts. We provide our services by using different types of blockchain technologies. We are dedicated to using all the advanced and useful tools and technologies being introduced in the market to result in a platform that is technically advanced in all aspects.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years