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Development of an NFT Marketplace like Gods Unchained

Get an outstanding virtual trading card series with our high quality services.

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The Non-Fungible Token’s development

NFTs has grown rapidly in the crypto world by grabbing attention of numerous investors. Being one of the most desirable aspects currently, NFTs are growing rapidly. By offering several exclusive services to the masses, NFTs are enjoying the success for a long time and its popularity seems to increase at even higher levels. The collectibles like art, music, cards, and games have become a part of this industry by offering a chance to tokenize these assets.

Nfts differs a lot from other cryptocurrencies as they are unique and non-exchangeable. Most commonly they are traded on the platforms known as NFT Marketplaces. The platform extracts certain security features from the Blockchain technology on which they are built. After popularity of the NFTs, several people have invested in developing and launching their platforms. Some of the examples of the NFT platforms are the Decentraland, Polkacity and Gods Unchained. We use the best tools and technology that ensure superior quality for the platform. The game lovers are also attracted towards such platform to earn rewards in form of NFTs while having a fabulous gaming experience. Having experience in developing a platform like the Gods Unchained, we can provide an ideal service for developing a similar NFT marketplace.

About God's Unchained

Gods Unchained is a gaming platform developed using Ethereum Blockchain. It is a digital card trading game that was initially developed by a company named Immutable. The trading cards in this platform are in form of NFTs. On this platform, the trading cards can be minted, sold or bought. The best part about the platform is that users can use this platform without any registration as well as cost for using it. There are some assets that can be bought in the platform.

The digital assets gain popularity soon after they have been launched on the platform. It has been recorded that more than 7 million USD of revenue has been generated till now. The users are able to collect the rare assets such as cards and other sports related assets. The transactions on the platform are secure and smooth ensuring a reliable platform for the users.

Gameplay Of Gods Unchained

It is a popular NFT Marketplace that is offering the opportunity of collecting thirty cards and after choosing the preferred god, the game begins. When the other player’s health is completely vanished, you win the game. The platform is easy-to-use and requires to sign up on the platform to begin experiencing the game. They need to submit an ID proof to register successfully. There are different categories of cards that can be used by the players.

When initiating the game on the platform, the users are required to select the deck of cards and then they can decide to confirm the participation by choosing the trinkets and board. The users can begin with a game that is played against the machine to have enough knowledge about it. After learning the basics and the techniques of playing, the users are able to step into a real game with real competitors. As much as the users play the game, they improve their skills and the cards collection they have.

Scope of Gods Unchained Marketplace

The Gods Unchained NFT Martketplace, a platform for trading the virtual cards in a gaming experience is one of the trendiest gaming platforms. The features of the decentralization offer the users with transparency, fast transactions, and security. The future scope of the platform can be clearly seen by the experts of the industry. The gaming industry is being revolutionized with such amazing platform.

Characteristics of Ethereum based Netwrok

Ethereum technology

The platform built using the Ethereum technology offers the ability to tokenize the cards of the users.

Robust functionality

The platform developed by us offers the ability to perform multiple transactions at a time with robust functionality.

Superior output

The platform can handle transactions in bulk on sidechain tree architecture. The system has the capacity of accelerating the transactional speed to 65k tps.

Better user experience

Matic network allows the network to be designed for offering sufficient user experience with no obstacles in the Decentralized sphere.


The transactions are completely secured and can be traced if required. Transparency is achieved by the users.


Using the matic network, the NFT marketplace can be integrated with several other networks to offer better trading opportunities.



Our platform is admiringly transparent with the use of blockchain technology.

Our services for developing a robust Marketplace

We have worked on several NFT Marketplace projects. We make sure success of our clients with the effectiveness of the features and functionalities we are providing. With experience in blockchain technology, we provide a quality NFT Whitelabel solution for your business. We deeply understand the requirements of our clients to ensure expected results. Better UX is one of the best admirable parts of our platform. Customize your platform from our company to ensure the desired outcome and a successful initiative of your business.

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years

  • Total Blockchain Experience 4+ Years